10+ Poster Design Ideas for Design Inspiration

Poster design ideas

Posters are a great promotional medium. They help promote a business, product, service, or event across all spectrums. In addition, a poster with all its graphic elements helps convey the message with much ease. After all, posters are one of the evergreen marketing and advertising tools. They grab people’s attention and convey information in a look.

What is a Poster? 

A poster is usually a large printed sheet (ideally in the sizes – 11×17, 18×24, 19×27, 24×36, 27×39, and 27×40)that contains an assortment of images, graphics, fonts, and logos. It is usually posted in a public place to promote a business, product, service, or event. 

Not just for marketing and advertisement, posters are also used for entertainment purposes such as wall decorations of movies, music, and other entertainment material. 

Purpose of a Poster

The purpose of a poster, just like its marketing counterparts, is to convey a message and promote a product, service, or brand to the target audience.

Posters are also a great example of a designer’s creativity. Also, unlike other creatives, a poster has not just to be eye-catching but also to have the message presented such that it is easily understood. Plus, a poster has infinite design possibilities. Check out the cool wallpapers and make your device more fun.

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Though all these are important, the most crucial requirement is knowing your audience and how your product/service/event poster will benefit them. After that, you can choose the right colours, fonts, and graphics based on mood, emotion, or reaction. Below are 15+ poster ideas and design tip suggestions for finding the perfect design theme for creating a poster.

Design Tips To Create The Best Creative Poster

It is a great idea to use a poster to promote a business, its products, service, or event. Also, posters work across the board; you need not worry about who you are, what you do, or what you are promoting? Because a poster with its graphic elements is visually impactful and get’s the word out to your audience, informing them what is coming.

Then how do you design a memorable poster to make your message pop with the right design elements? Fret not. This blog aims to help you decide on the right path for your poster design ideas. Also, note that each of these suggestions works only when aligned together. Let’s start off with the basics,

The Poster Design Idea 

To create an attractive poster, you need to first decide on the design and finalize the overall outlook, the message, and the intent of the poster.

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An Eye-Catching Background Image 

For all the information in your poster to be readable and understood easily by your audience, you need to have an attractive poster background.

A poster’s background image or graphic will usually dominate the design. But, as we all know, a picture speaks louder than words. And the average Time a prospective customer will spend on your poster is less than 5 seconds. Thus it would be best to make a first impression that grabs their attention right away.

Your poster background image can be plain color or a photograph depending on the poster’s design requirements.

Usage of Color 

Use contrasting color overlays to grasp your reader’s attention faster. For a poster design to be super attractive to the audience, there has to be a color scheme that will emphasize elements, promote the brand colors, and the right message. The best option would be to use a bold color palette to enhance the creative poster template.

Also, you cannot have your poster design in a single color.

If you are promoting a business, product, or service, you should place more emphasis on them and have a color overlay with subtle colors, or you can also opt for a much bolder approach by using contrasting colors.

For entertainment posters like event posters, movie posters, and music festival posters, you can opt to use a bold color scheme or even neon colors to make a bold statement.

Design Layout 

The design layout is the most crucial element for any sort of graphic design that concerns the arrangement of texts and visuals. Be it for posters, banners, flyers, or social media posts.

A proper design layout of a great poster consists of a consistent page margin width, within which you can place your graphic design icons, color schemes, and typography. This simple creative poster example from Vogue has a minimalist approach yet conveys the exact message.

The effectiveness of any type of design, from print to web, is primarily influenced by layout. A practical design layout looks attractive and helps the viewer understand the design’s message.

A design layout helps you decide where you want to put what type of content. It will help you lead your reader and enable them to understand your design’s context.

Clever Product Placement 

If you are creating a creative poster design to promote a product, then the product should be the focal point of your poster’s design. For example, take this poster designed for Toblerone. Toblerone is a famous chocolate brand known by one and all.

The minimalist design poster has much white space, complimenting color scheme that associates with the brand colors, and a clean custom font.

Design Upgrade Using Shapes and Patterns 

There are many times when designers use shapes and patterns to add depth to the overall approach of the poster design. These shapes and patterns allow them to focus on the important details and the call to action that the brand, business, or service aims to gain.

The designs become a simple yet striking work of art by using shapes with influences from various objects of use.

Experiment with Typography

Typography is the art of arranging, creating and modifying the font to be in alignment with the overall design. A well-designed typography poster requires patience and Time to create.

In typography poster designs, the main element of focus is typography. Thus, the designer has to carefully design to make sure that the font choices are both legible and artistic at the same time. Also, when designing typography posters, a designer should pay attention to the color scheme and negative or white space since it would be tough to catch the reader’s attention without the right spacing and colors.

Ideally, while designing typography poster designs, it is best to have a primary font in bold text that focuses on the tagline of your product, business, or service and a secondary font in a smaller size explaining the information.

Inventive Design Elements 

As stated before, the attention span of a normal human being is less than 5 seconds. Thus, if you want to grab their attention, you need to have innovative designs that will match well with the context of your poster.

A good example is this poster design for Autism by the Autism Society of Pakistan. Firstly, the leading lines of the text pop out, minimal colors, the design matches the idea, and there is enough open space for the attention to go to the information directly. Check out the essential elements of graphic design poster.

Conscious Use of Negative Space 

A negative or white space – is the area of the design layout that is left empty. It may be not only around the elements you place in the poster design layout but also between and inside them. Thus it is considered a breathing room for all the design elements in a creative poster.

How A Creative Poster Can Boost Your Business

Nowadays, with so much emphasis on digital marketing, it is easy to overlook the promotional value of old-fashioned, printed offline materials.

When it comes to marketing your business, a careful blend of online and print media is ideal. For example, Placing posters in high-traffic areas where people are more likely to see them, such as commercial centers, airports, and travel routes, can increase visibility.

Compared to online marketing, posters offer a credible advertising solution. As a matter of fact, eye-catching posters can sometimes make it easier to reach your target audience. In addition, QR codes allow you to combine print and digital marketing for more effective results. You can also check out the best dynamic QR code Generator.

The poster has remained a popular marketing medium since the early 19th century for several reasons. In that light, here are a few ways creative posters can help you grow your business.

  1. Brand yourself and your products 
  2. Entice your audience with exciting offers 
  3. Share important information about the product and your company.
  4. Seek out advertising spaces to promote to a larger group of audience
  5. Share copies of your poster design with your retailers 
  6. Take to social media and share your creative posters to gain more reach and let customers know your location.
  7. And finally, take a gamble and share a creative poster that plays with different types of design ideas.
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Different types of Poster design ideas

1. Minimalist Posters

A minimalist poster can be termed a visually impressive poster, unusual and striking with minimalist designs yet attracting attention and staying in the viewer’s mind. Due to the minimalist designs, the poster is devoid of many elements of design, with just the necessary information because the fewest details are easier to remember because they take up less brain space.

Check out these simple and minimalist designs for Tabasco, Alferd Hitchcok’s popular movie Psycho, and Lays. These poster design ideas have bright colors that state the function of the product or event, draw inspiration from the tagline or context, and have a simple text pop that complements the overall design and gets equal attention as the design idea. Explore some ideas about birthday card ideas and flyers.

2. Event Poster

Most often, an event poster is the first media piece created for the event. After all, posters can effectively create excitement & interest for your event if done correctly. Thus, if you look around, there are many different elements incorporated in event posters as per the event flow. For example, some event posters focus on the text, while others focus on imagery.

Take, for example, these event poster ideas from Cannes Film Festival, Tribecca Film Festival, and a live performance event poster. The film festival posters have a consistent margin width within which the text, design, and event context are included. In contrast, the live event poster has an appeal to tickets with all the information contained in the poster design yet making it clear for the audience to understand. Check out graphic design rules and keep them on your mind while designing a poster.

3. Informative Poster

An informative poster is one that informs the audience of something they don’t already know. After all, a simple fact that is more interesting and presented attractively is accepted readily. Some of the essential takeaways for an Informative poster are, 

  • The text should be visible at a distance of 10 feet.
  • The title should be short and attracts interest instantly.
  • The word count should be about 300 to 800 words.
  • The text should be clear and to the point.
  • The bullets, numbering, and headings make it easy to read.
  • Effective use of graphics, bold colors, and fonts.

4. Motivational Poster

Motivational posters, or inspirational posters, are a type of poster commonly used in schools, community centers, and offices. These creative posters aim to support and motivate people with the use of bold text, a super attractive design, and a call to action that invoke inspiration.

For example, the first poster design idea is a quote by the late president Abraham Lincon that has been designed such that the quote evokes a sense of want and aim to grow. The poster design has used bold neon colors and larger text, with enough negative space for the viewers to understand easily. Here, you can learn how to create a poster one step at a time.

For the second poster design idea, a lot is going on. Yet, in this creative poster idea, the designer has used an image over which, with semi-transparent effects, they have added fonts and design.

5. Advertising Poster

Advertising posters are one of the most common marketing techniques used by businesses. Each poster features an image, color scheme, and copy that align to convey the business’s message to its audiences. An Advertising poster intends to raise brand awareness and draw attention to a company event.

For example, be it the Vaseline ad above or the ‘Time out’ ad, or the restaurant poster advertisement, the one thing common in all of them is the amount of negative or white space that allows the

6. Fashion Poster

While other genres tend to create more wild advertisements, fashion posters follow a specific structure. A fashion poster aims to attract and entice customers to buy their products or visit a fashion event with catchy taglines.

7. Music Festival Poster

Music festival posters are ultimately large-sized flyers that convey who is doing what at which palace and when — all the while using artful imagery and text that can also be converted into hangable art advertisements.

8. Party Poster

Like a music festival poster, a party poster is a large flyer that is used to send out invitations – with information on who is performing what at which palace and when. A party poster template is one of the easiest poster designs. Apart from the information, the main element of a party poster is the design. Most party posters contain a bold color palette with fancy fonts. Download your free banner templates and get started your creative designs. Find the evolution of graphic design developed.

9. Movie Poster

A movie poster is used to promote and advertise a film primarily to persuade paying customers into a theater to see it. Studios often print several versions of a movie poster with different types of graphic design that differ in size and content for various domestic and international markets. Explore some amazing horror movie posters.

10. Restaurant Poster

A restaurant poster is used to promote and advertise your restaurant. You can add photos of your restaurant that reflect the ambience of your restaurant or showcases your compelling dishes. Your restaurant poster should bring in customers, then arouse interest, and finally ignite a desire in them.

Key takeaways before you start your poster designs

  • The power of posters lies in their inherent ability to enhance a brand’s image and effectively communicate its message.
  • Posters are available in numerous formats and serve a variety of purposes. They are customized to maximize the effectiveness of the brand’s message. 
  • Design two complementary creative posters
  • Use hand-drawn illustrations in your poster design.
  • Group important information together to help it stand out
  • Pick creative poster designs that fit the theme of your brand or event.
  • You can also choose free poster templates from free design sites like Canva or Pickmaker from their extensive library of templates and customize them based on your requirements.
  • Don’t hesitate to experiment with high-contrast colors in your poster design since they help grab the reader’s attention. But ensure your color theme is on-brand.
  • Include photos in your poster (if necessary) to add credibility and make your design professional.
  • And if you think that you’re unable to bring out an effective poster, then Book a demo or Sign Up today to All Time Design to acquire the help of professional designers to design posters and add life to your creative design idea.

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