PowerPoint Design Ideas

powerpoint design ideas

You already have all the data you need to include in your presentation. Furthermore, you are equipped to respond to any queries posed because of your superior understanding of the subject.

But your presentation appears lifeless and uninspired, and you have no design ideas.

This widespread issue prevents many presented jobs from performing to their fullest potential. Your uninteresting PowerPoint design and shoddy slide layouts cause the audience to grow disinterested and bored.

 design ideas powerpoint

However, this scenario is not required to happen. You may make a presentation jam-packed with design ideas and captivating slide layouts that grab your target’s attention.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to use the PowerPoint design ideas function to become a master PowerPoint designer. Of course, these recommendations apply to PowerPoint online as well.

We will also cover how to present your content and offer great slides and PowerPoint Design Ideas.

Why PowerPoint Design is so Important

Visually Engaging

For starters, a well-designed PowerPoint presentation can make your information more engaging. Microsoft Office design ideas tool for PowerPoint is helpful, but you should consider getting a beautiful PowerPoint template for the most outstanding results.

Even if your PowerPoint contains the most excellent material, if your audience doesn’t glance at each slide and interact with the content, your entire presentation loses value.

 powerpoint design ideas not working

Shows Your Effort

Your audience will know that you care when you make an effort to employ PowerPoint design ideas to liven up your presentation.

A portion of your mark for a college assignment might be determined by your presentation’s designs and slide layouts.

Or maybe you’re giving a presentation to earn a job promotion or a new position, and you want to demonstrate to the interviewers that you put some thought and care into your presentation?

The PowerPoint design ideas option to obtain the most excellent slide layout will benefit your cause.

Supports Your Content

Another fantastic technique to complement your material is putting PowerPoint design ideas into practice. You can receive design recommendations based on the content of your presentation by clicking the PowerPoint design ideas button.

Algorithms are used in the PowerPoint designer section to find the best PowerPoint options, which are then displayed to you in the designer pane.

Therefore, you can be sure that the PowerPoint design ideas will work with any unique slide layouts you have chosen.

Tells a Story

The right PowerPoint designer should be chosen from the design tab to help your material tell a tale. If you use PowerPoint design ideas, your words will come to life on the page and provide a visual narrative to accompany your content.

One of the simplest methods to improve your demonstration is using the PowerPoint Designer feature. Just make sure your internet connection is steady for it to function!

The designer enhances slides by automatically generating design ideas for subscribers of Microsoft office 365.

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How to Become a Top-Level PowerPoint Designer

Choose a theme, and make sure that each slide refers to the theme if you want to be a master PowerPoint designer. Getting a template to work with and adding your design ideas from there is the simplest method to achieve this.

How to Make PowerPoint Templates

1. Open a new presentation in PowerPoint on your PC or Mac.

2. Select a theme and slide size by clicking “Design” at the top of the window. You can personalize it by clicking the Format Background option on the right-hand side.

 how to get design ideas on powerpoint

3. Go to the “View” tab > Slide Master next. By doing this, you can create other slides using your slide master as a template.

 powerpoint slide design ideas

Several elements of your presentation can now be edited. Don’t be afraid to experiment with various settings, buttons, etc., until you find the specific theme you like.

Creating PowerPoint templates is incredibly easy if you carefully follow the instructions above.

Getting PowerPoint Design Ideas

There are various ways to get design ideas for your PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint offers you ideas via its “Design Ideas” tool, or you can get your ideas from external sources and templates.

There is, indeed “design ideas” feature within PowerPoint! To rapidly spruce up a blank presentation, a function in PowerPoint provides you with design inspiration choices.

Let’s explain both the in-built design ideas and the externally sourced ideas.

How to Get Design Ideas “In” PowerPoint

Select Design, then the Design Ideas button from the Ribbon to review the design tab and see design ideas. PowerPoint will display design elements for your consideration once the design ideas tool is configured.

You can search and check out some of the great PowerPoint templates online for the most excellent PowerPoint design. Having prepared unique PowerPoint templates at your disposal will allow you to produce distinctive PowerPoint presentations that grab your audience’s attention, even though the designer feature is handy.

 powerpoint slides design ideas

How to Find Design Ideas in PowerPoint

Select Design, then the Design Ideas button from the Ribbon to review the design tab and see design ideas. PowerPoint will display design elements for your consideration once the design ideas tool is configured.

You can search and check out some of the great PowerPoint templates online for the most excellent PowerPoint design. Having prepared unique PowerPoint templates at your disposal will allow you to produce distinctive PowerPoint presentations that grab your audience’s attention, even though the designer feature is handy.

How to Enable Design Ideas in PowerPoint?

  • Open PowerPoint presentation.
  • Access the File Menu.
  • Choose Options.
  • Switch to the General tab.
  • From the Design Ideas tab, enable design suggestions.
 powerpoint design ideas missing

How to disable PowerPoint Design Ideas

We are aware that the Design Ideas function isn’t popular with everyone. You might be obliged to refrain from using this feature, particularly in a professional setting. On the other hand, perhaps you don’t want it to clutter your screen as you don’t intend to use it. Can you, therefore, turn off PowerPoint Design Ideas?

The quick response is no. Although PowerPoint Design Ideas can’t be turned off, you may easily disable the automated design suggestions.

Disable automatic Design Ideas on Windows

  • Open PowerPoint, then choose Options from the File menu.
  • The PowerPoint Designer component is located on the General tab, which you can access by switching.
  • Ensure that you have disabled both of these choices:
    1. Automatically show me design ideas.
    2. Automatically show me suggestions when I create a new presentation.
  • To finish the adjustments, press the OK button. You should now turn off automated PowerPoint design ideas on your PC.

Disable automatic Design Ideas on Mac

  • Navigate to your PowerPoint Preferences after starting PowerPoint. You can use the menu bar at the top of your screen or simultaneously hit the command and comma keys (command +).
  • Click on General under Authoring and Proofing Tools.
  • Ensure that you have disabled both of these choices:
    1. Automatically show me design ideas.
    2. Automatically show me suggestions when I create a new presentation.
  • To finish the adjustments, press the OK button. Automated PowerPoint Design Ideas on your Mac should now be disabled.

Unable to Utilize Design Ideas?

You do not need access to a reliable internet connection if the Design Ideas tool button in Microsoft PowerPoint is visible but greyed out. Another scenario is that you might not have a single slide selected. You can’t use PowerPoint designer if you have several slides chosen from the slide thumbnail pane in normal view.

 how to turn on design ideas in powerpoint

How to Use PowerPoint Design Ideas

Step One: Go PowerPoint Design Ideas

Ensure PowerPoint Design Ideas are turned on in your PowerPoint preferences before you do anything else. Then, choose Design from the ribbon’s drop-down menu to enable the design ideas tool.

 design ideas in powerpoint

Step Two: Turn on PowerPoint Designer

If this is your first time attempting to use the PowerPoint design ideas feature, you will be prompted for authorization before turning on design ideas once you have identified them. Choose Turn on.

Since office “connected experiences” is now enabled, PowerPoint will provide you with design suggestions while you create your presentations. As time passes, PowerPoint keeps track of your preferences and presents you with various new design ideas for the same slide.

 design ideas powerpoint not working

Step Three: Selecting the Perfect Design

Look over the design trends and ideas you have been given on the right side.

Select the ideal design you desire, ignore the available possibilities, and start your design process. Even though it is a new blank document, all the slides will change if you select one of the designs.

 microsoft powerpoint design ideas

Step Four: Changing Designs

Don’t worry if you decide to alter your PowerPoint template. There’s no need to begin a new presentation! Instead, choose another from the other design ideas from the list, or go back to your blank slide.

 creative powerpoint design ideas

10 Pro Tips to Get PowerPoint Design Ideas

Creating a PowerPoint presentation is simple. But creating a presentation that works is a different matter.

Studies reveal that when presenting a slideshow with a superb design, 91% of presenters feel more secure. However, the issue is that 45% of professionals report having trouble coming up with original layouts.

It takes more than just designing a few slides with vibrant colors and images to make a presentation. It primarily needs to communicate your message better, keep your audience’s interest, and persuade and convince them.

Making such a slide show is not an impossible feat. All you need to do is know the appropriate techniques.

NOTE: Having looked at the in-built “Design Ideas” that comes with PowerPoint, let us look at ideas and tips if you want to build from scratch or use slide designs downloaded from external sources or designers.

Also, check out some useful tips to make attractive presentation designs.

1. Utilize pre-existing Microsoft PowerPoint themes

You can choose from a variety of themes that are already included in your copy of Microsoft PowerPoint. You will save time selecting PowerPoint slide ideas as a result. The next step is to update and modify a presentation template to suit your needs. This can be a good beginning, even though they do not include the details you need to lead you through the editing process.

 powerpoint table design ideas

2. Get a Professional Template

A superb slide layout design requires a lot of responsibility. And that’s probably why it takes the majority of pros more than 8 hours to create a presentation.

Using a custom PowerPoint template is the simplest method to save hours and create a slideshow that looks professional. You can obtain pre-made templates from third-party markets and edit them with your information. The color, font, shape, and the addition of your images are all editable. It is significantly simpler than building original slide layouts on your own.

 turn off design ideas powerpoint

3. Pick the Right Color Scheme

According to color psychology, some hues can influence people’s emotions and behavior.

For instance, stop signs and for-sale signs utilize the color red for a reason. Our brains are programmed to stop and look when anything is presented in this color.

 how to edit design ideas in powerpoint

To create more successful PowerPoint slides, you can also use color psychology. For example, you can choose colors based on the subject to arouse the appropriate feelings in your audience.

You must choose a color scheme for your slideshow design to accomplish this and maintain this format throughout the presentation.

4. Add Custom Fonts

The text you use in all the slides is the key to teaching and persuading the audience. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure your titles and descriptions are legible and easy to read on each slide.

powerpoint turn off design ideas

Avoid using standard system fonts and choose an excellent font family for your presentations. This will give your slideshow a distinctive and expert appearance.

Also, ensure to be cautious of the font size you use. Using a tiny font size for the title of the presentation could be costly.

5. Use Master Slides Properly

You can master the skill of modifying your slide layouts with PowerPoint’s aptly named Master Slides.

The Slide Master option to launch the editor can be found on the View tab. In addition, the slide theme you currently use has pre-built layouts that you may customize here.

All the master slides in the theme will be automatically updated when you change the colors, fonts, or styles. To easily add slides to your future presentations, you can even create a new layout.

Your presentation creation process will be significantly simplified after learning to use Master Slides. Check out the master guide for how to create an attractive presentation design.

 how to turn off design ideas in powerpoint

6. Adopt Design Trends

Another excellent technique to make your presentations appear original and current is incorporating design trends into your PPT slide layouts.

For instance, a current trend in PowerPoint slide design is the use of pastel colors. You can leverage these trends to give your presentations distinctive and customized layouts.

Other PPT design trends you can use include vintage, Art Deco, dark color schemes, and geometric.

powerpoint design ideas change color

7. Include Infographics & Charts

An essential component of a presentation is the presentation of figures and data. It is far more challenging to persuade your audience without evidence to support your arguments.

In a presentation, how you present the data is as crucial. Because it will be challenging to communicate with the audience if you display the numbers.

 powerpoint design ideas templates

Instead, present your data in a more eye-catching manner. Infographics, charts, timelines, and graphs can all be used to accomplish this.

These images don’t have to be made by hand. Instead, you can use a presentation template pre-loaded with editable infographics and charts.

8. Follow the 10/20/30 Rule

The 10/20/30 rule was developed by well-known author, speaker, and entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki and is a relatively straightforward guideline for producing a powerful presentation. It goes as follows:

 how to change color of design ideas in powerpoint
  • There should only be 10 slides.
  • Deliver the slides in less than 20 minutes.
  • Use a 30-Point font for text.

This is easy and clear. The fundamental objective of this method is to provide concise and compelling presentations devoid of filler material.

Even though these principles are too severe for some instances, you may still use them as a guide to making more effective slideshows.

9. Use Illustrations Instead of Stock Images

Remember that your audience is equally as tired as you are of seeing the same photos in every presentation, blog article and social media post if you’re sick of seeing them.

There are a lot of excellent free stock photo websites with a wide variety of pictures. The unfortunate thing is that thousands of individuals use these pictures online. Therefore, your audience will probably identify the same photos if you employ them.

 how to open design ideas in powerpoint

You might utilize graphics as a good substitute. Using the appropriate illustrations, you may give each presentation a distinctive look and feel. Additionally, give your presentation some personality.

10. Never Forget the KISS Principle

 design ideas not working on powerpoint

The design tenet KISS, made famous by the US Navy in 1960, is still valid today. The Keep It Simple, Stupid philosophy aims to promote designs that are straightforward to comprehend.

Use concise sentences rather than huge paragraphs of content to fill each slide. Use just one or two photographs per slide rather than including several. Keep Things Simple and Clear. Check out what is infographics, and types and how they can help to deliver great content.

PowerPoint Design Templates Examples

Best Business PowerPoint Template

The master slide system used by the Blesi creative template allows for simple editing of its around 30 lovely slides. Additionally, it contains vector icons and adjustable shapes so that your corporate presentation may have the impact you want.

 powerpoint presentation design ideas

Klai Business for PowerPoint

This template features more than 30 full HD definition slides for stunning visuals and innovative design concepts. In addition, it can be fully customized and edited to match your demands for a business proposal.

 how to enable design ideas in powerpoint

Social Media Template

This template includes more than 30 full HD definition slides for stunning visuals and innovative design concepts. In addition, it can be fully customized and edited to match your demands for a business proposal.

 how to get the design ideas on powerpoint

Minimalist Business Strategy Template

This gorgeous minimalist business template has 50 distinct slides in superb full HD. It also includes transitions, animations, and a free font. As a result, it is simple to adapt to your requirements and realize your PowerPoint design concepts.

 how to use design ideas in powerpoint

Eleska Sales and Marketing Pitch Template

This template is relatively big, with 30 different slides in 4 different color schemes. However, it is customizable, has a gorgeous full HD resolution, and is ideal for corporate applications. Additionally, it includes useable vector shape illustrations. Also, check out the ultimate guide to creating a digital design portfolio.

powerpoint design ideas apply to all slides

Getting Premium Designs for Your PowerPoint Presentation

You will have a more attentive audience who will pay close attention to your every word once you put these PowerPoint slides design ideas into practice. These suggestions are the precise approach you should take to polish your proposition.

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You gain access to finely developed styling when you use premium templates from All Time Design. In addition, you get to save time. Its premium layouts feature placeholders for content rather than being completely blank slides. You can add your own words to existing text, convert text, drag and drop images onto slides, and more.

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