PowerPoint Presentation Tips: Advantages And Ideas

powerpoint presentation tips

Was there a time when you dozed off during a meeting that had long boring slides? Hastily made presentations interest none. You aren’t the only one. To get your audience’s rapt attention, you need to carefully design your PowerPoint presentation with the essential elements placed aesthetically. This blog will help you with a few design tips which you can incorporate in your next presentation to make it eye-catchy and engaging.

Advantages of PowerPoint Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is a user-friendly program and a powerful tool for creating presentations. Whether you need a visual appeal or a tool for collaboration, easy access, or the ability to share the information after a meeting, PowerPoint is the best option. It also has the power to reduce your speaking anxiety by drawing your eyes away from the speaker and towards the screen.

Visual appeal

If you make your presentation visually engaging by using various multimedia, it can easily boost your audience’s focus. PowerPoint lets you add everything from images to videos to gifs, helping you achieve the visual impact. These visual elements help the presenter to be more interactive with the audience. But don’t overuse any of these as it may sometimes cause visual clutter, killing your message.

advantages of powerpoint presentation


The Collaboration feature in Powerpoint lets you work with others in a collaborative manner. This is absolutely an essential feature in office environments where teamwork is the key. This lets multiple people work and collaborate together for a presentation. Click on the “Review Tab,” where there is a “New Comment” option, and leave notes that you can let your teammates view. Comments are the most useful tool for clarification.


Content Sharing

Did someone miss your presentation? Get them to view it at the time it’s convenient for them. Sites like YouTube allow you to upload your presentation with all the slides, commentary, and transitions. All you’ve got to try to to is navigate to the File menu, click save and send and make a video. This will be saved in WMV format, which can be played on Windows Media Player.


If you are looking for the best tool to communicate with your audience, then there is PowerPoint for you. PowerPoint has easily customizable slides, which you can change to fit your requirements. Depending on that, you can either have a text-heavy or image-heavy or just a combination of both. Text-heavy presentations are the best if you are delivering a lecture. Image heavy presentations are generally suited for conversational purposes. Combining both of them gives the audience visual cues and notes.

So, what is that which differentiates a good presentation from a poorly made one? It is the content and design. Though your speech is maybe flawless, the visuals you show in your presentation is what makes or breaks it.

These tips will help you create perfect presentation slides that effectively take your point to your audience.

Avoid the stock template

While you are looking for templates to use for your presentation, skip the software’s templates, and use creative templates that match with your topic. The stock templates are often overused, boring, and sometimes vague. If you are good at designing one, you can develop some great templates that could make your presentation look clean and new.

Avoid lines and lines of text

Packing too much textual content into each slide will completely ruin its purpose. Remember, you are making this presentation for your audience to understand your speech or explanation without hassle. Too much text becomes dull and boring, spoiling the entire presentation. Your audience can’t process in such a short span.

Avoid Bullet Points

There are too many presentations nowadays, which are bullet point crazy. Even the one who created the presentation might forget the bullet points while presenting, so its practically impossible for the audience to even completely process it. So instead of coming up with ten bullet points, come up with 10 compelling slides. Use each slide effectively to tell your story. Consider the slides to be the increment of whatever you are trying to convey. Try to give your audience one idea per slide.

Use SansSerif Fonts

Use SansSerif Fonts

Reference Image

When it comes to typography, it is best to focus on the legibility factor over playing with fonts. If you intend to use a creative font, use it for the title slide alone and not for the body text. Instead, stick to the clean traditional ones like Times New Roman or Arial. If you are using a darker background, make your text bolder for easy readability.

Use appropriate font sizes

Usually, you would design your presentation on your laptop or a desktop. So, while designing, keep in mind how your final presentation should look on the big screen. While sizing your fonts, remember that it should be large enough to be read by the person seated in the back of the room.

Incorporate contrast between the text and background

For making your message pop, you need to play with the contrast between your text and the background. If your background image has a lot of variation, your textual content may not be legible and hinders the audience. In such cases, using a stylish bar of colors behind the images can bring back clarity while boosting the visual interest of the audience.

Avoid More Than 5 colors

Avoid More Than 5 colors

Using a harmonious color palette can make your whole presentation visually appealing. Do not use any complex gradients or textures here. The right colors alone can bring you some excellent results, making your presentation a hit among your audience. For assistance, you can use tools like Adobe’s Color or sites like ColourLovers to choose the right blend of colors.

Use Contrasting Text Colors To Draw Attention

Contrasting Text Colors To Draw Attention

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Using contrast in the text colors is like bold and italic but better, much better when it comes to drawing attention. Use a single color from your palette to highlight the important points from your presentation’s text. However, make sure never to overdo it.

Use Visuals to boost emotional appeal

PowerPoint visuals ATD

When you are making your presentation, make sure to add enough visuals. Visuals are what support your message. They can complement your comprehension, retention, and evoke an emotional impact that increases impact. Try to incorporate a powerful visual that takes your point across to the audience within seconds, that you don’t need to keep reiterating.

Freeze The Transitions

The software has cool transitions to make your presentation visually-stunning for your audience. But there are times when these transitions have become a reason for distraction. So, to prevent such distractions, either avoid fancy transitions or use those that don’t distract.

Whatever be your topic, with great designs and creative templates, you are sure to grab your audience’s attention. These are some basic tips to help you start over and come up with some cool presentation slides for your business or for your individual purposes. Play with colors, explore new fonts, keep your images clutter-free, and you are all set to ace your Presentations.

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