Best 9 Presentation Design Services to Use [+25 Templates to Choose From]

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Selecting the best presentation design service may be more complicated than it first appears. Given the abundance of possibilities available, it’s understandable if you don’t know where to begin or how to choose the best presentation design agency for you.

A simple Google search for “presentation design services” returns more than 200 million results. And let’s face it—all of them make a claim to provide what you require. But do they?

In this article, we’ll provide you with three simple steps to follow while you look for your ideal presentation design agency. You’ll first discover the benefits of working with a presentation design company. Then, we will demonstrate the top PowerPoint design services available and discuss the factors to consider while looking for a company to handle your presentation design outsourcing. Finally, you’ll eventually identify the best one for you!

No more spending hours contrasting choices on a screen covered in tabs. Instead, everything you need to know can be found here.

What is Presentation Design?

powerpoint presentation design services

Every element of a digital presentation must be planned, implemented, and coordinated as part of the presentation design. Typically, it is presented in slide deck format using Keynote or PowerPoint. Text, images, pictures, graphics, animations, video, and sound are all combined in presentation design. Presentation design affects all presentation aspects, from the opening to the last slide.

What Makes a Good Presentation Design?

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Depending on the information being provided, a compelling presentation design will change. However, an effective presentation will keep the audience interested and involved and use a variety of approaches to impart information (audio, video, text, etc.). It needs to be brief and straightforward to comprehend.

What Does a Presentation Design Service Do?

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Presentation design firms offer specialist design services to help businesses and professionals improve the look of their presentations. Or help bring your ideas to life. These services range from organizing the information and visuals you already have in your presentation to starting from scratch completely. Additionally, they can typically create your slides in PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, Keynote, or other presentation software of your choosing.

Simply put, presentation design firms enable you to share your best work through an engaging presentation customized to your requirements.

Is it Worth Hiring a Presentation Design Agency?

Whether you like it or not, outsourcing presentation design is getting more frequent with clients and can benefit your company.

Let us explain: Making a PowerPoint presentation is a little activity anyone in the office can perform. After all, the program is easy to use, and your team appears to be at ease creating a PowerPoint presentation. But when you stop to think about it, these experts in sales, marketing, IT, and finance are tinkering with PowerPoint shapes rather than applying their knowledge and abilities to the things they are best at.

Compare the images below to see what boring and professional slides look like:

ppt presentation design services

But suppose your team gets to create quality slides. Then, when there are several presentations to make, what happens? Can you or your team produce designs of the same caliber as a qualified designer? How many hours does it take to complete?

Research shows workers in all industries spend close to 5 hours per week creating presentations. Two hundred and thirty-five hours a year, then! Can you picture spending all that time modifying PowerPoint slides?

powerpoint business presentation design services

You’re spending tons of money and time on boring presentations! It is now apparent how a presentation design agency may help any business. It influences the productivity of your team and also saves time and money.

professional presentation design services

We’ll look at some of the most significant possibilities for outsourcing your presentation design now that you know a new technique to work more efficiently.

Best Presentation Design Agencies for Outsourcing PowerPoint Presentations

Having gone through lots of presentation providers, we have gathered top nine presentation design agencies to outsource the design of your slides:

1. All Time Design

powerpoint presentation design services uk

A team of in-house designers at All Time Design is always available to polish your presentation, give your pitch deck a total makeover, or convert your concept sketches and image files into editable slides.

The Pro and Premium packages offer a quick turnaround time of fewer than 24 hours. Standard packages get your designs in 2 days turnaround. With its 24-hour turnaround time, ATD ensures you make outstanding presentations under a tight deadline.

All Time Design’s unlimited designs and requests possibilities make it the most preferred. In addition, there’s no fee per slide or project. It’s unlimited! The business allows you to build from scratch and is a solution for start-ups. It offers additional services and is the best presentation design agency for large companies, having created corporate presentations.

2. Ethos


Nashville, Tennessee, in the US, is home to Ethos3, a presentation design company. Your brand’s story can be told with a straightforward but elegant presentation with the assistance of their team with over ten years of experience and curious minds. Professionals in sales and marketing, as well as keynote presentations and conference speakers, can achieve fantastic outcomes with Ethos3.

  • Pricing: Starting at $2000 per project
  • Turnaround timing: 4 – 6 weeks

They use a three-step presentation design process that entails the creation of a compelling narrative, captivating slide design, and presentation delivery techniques for optimum effect. You must fill out a contact form on their website and request a consultation to begin working with them.

Ethos3 is an excellent firm to start building your slides from scratch

3. Eyeful Presentations

eyeful presentations

Eyeful Presentations is a UK-based presentation design company that offers a wide range of solutions ranging from presentation storytelling to design services and presentation training, and they specialize in making business presentations stand out. Their main objective is to make a connection between you and your audience.

  • Pricing: On request
  • Timing: Depends on the project’s complexity

They have created a four-stage framework for their storytelling service that centers your target audience to provide an engaging and compelling message. Be sure to have this material on hand because they will ask you about your goals, the ideas you want to portray, and your intended audience. Whether it’s an internal comms presentation, sales presentation, or an investor pitch deck, they will help you create powerful storytelling. Then, the Eyeful team will move on to the design phase to put everything together and provide you with a visually appealing deck.

4. Bright Carbon

bright carbon

A PowerPoint presentation design company, Bright Carbon, pays great attention to the message you want to convey. Their communication experts and presentation designers will work on your content creation to make it as robust as possible and will aid you in graphically articulating your ideas.

  • Pricing: Starting at $4500 for ten slides
  • Timing: Around four weeks

Presentation creation is a complete service offered by Bright Carbon. Briefing sessions are the first step in creating an understandable and persuasive message. Then, their design team transforms your written material into a highly visual presentation that will help your target audience recall all of your key ideas.

5. Mr.Prezident


High-end presentation design business Mr. Prezident has locations in New York and Amsterdam. They have worked with the most outstanding companies in the world and identify themselves as “the presenting partner of ambitious enterprises.” While creating presentations, their team uses Prezi (for which they have won accolades), PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, and other presentation software.

  • Timing: Depends on your project’s complexity.
  • Pricing: $6000 for ten slides (est.)

Three stages—”Story,” “Design,” and “Development”—cover the entire process in Mr. President’s design service. The team first works with you in a workshop to develop the ideal plot for your presentation. The design team then incorporates your brand guidelines or a corporate style guide that fits into the presentations. The next step is to polish transitions, add animations, and add other technical elements needed for effective delivery.

6. Fully Decked Up

fully decked up

Rich media PowerPoint presentations are made for sales, reports, conferences, and any fundraising project by Fully Decked Up a PowerPoint design company. They can take complex data you offer them and turn it into engaging slides that effectively convey your point.

  • Timing: They can deliver your new presentation in 48 hours
  • Pricing: $38-86 for one slide (estimate)

There are three design levels in Fully Decked Up: “Touch Up,” “Visual MakeOver,” and “Re-packaging.” The final one is the most comprehensive of their services and includes a presentation redesign, checking for consistency, and adhering to the brand guidelines, animations, and bespoke symbols. After selecting your preferred design level, you need to upload your slides to the Fully Decked Up website, and they’ll provide you with an estimated price for you to accept.

Fully Decked Up help make one of the best presentation design under Tight Deadlines

7. Slides Wizard

slides wizard

Slides Wizard is a custom presentation design business that focuses on pitch decks. Slides Wizard provides custom templates, data visualizations, rapid slide cleanup, graphic enhancements, and handwritten conversions to assist executives and consultants in selling their main ideas.

  • Timing: 24 – 48 hours
  • Pricing: Starting at $18 per slide

Fill out the contact form on the Slides Wizard website with the details of your design needs. Upload your existing presentation and any other items you deem necessary, such as brand guidelines or visual references. Within the following 24 to 48 hours, your updated presentation will be ready.

8. Slidebean


Many people are unaware that Slidebean designs presentations, despite the business becoming well-known as an AI-powered presentation maker. Slidebean, based in New York, can restyle your existing slides and give them a modern, polished appearance. In addition, Slidebean, a venture-funded business, can create a pitch deck that will impress investors.

  • Timing: 4 business days
  • Pricing: Starting at $29 per slide

Depending on how many slides you want to redesign and the delivery timeframe you require, the Slidebean team will provide you with approximate pricing. After completing the purchasing procedure, you will schedule a briefing call to go over your project’s goals and aesthetic requirements. After that, the redesign process begins, and they may get in touch with you once more if there are any questions. Finally, you get up to two rounds of modifications after receiving your initial drafts before receiving the final product.

9. SlideRabbit


SlideRabbit has provided extremely graphic slides to professionals and businesses across all industries since 2012. Their main area of expertise is presentation services like design, but they also provide presentation training to help you learn how to express your ideas graphically.

  • Pricing: On request

The presentation workshops offered by SlideRabbit teach entire teams how to create powerful slides without outside assistance. Three different workshop kinds are available: “SlideDiets” to get rid of content-heavy slides, “PowerPoint 101” to refresh your memory on PowerPoint tips and tricks, and “Template Training” to get the most out of your company’s templates.

How to Pick The Right Presentation Design Agency for You?

It’s acceptable if you still need to give your choice of the finest location for your presentation design outsourcing some attention. After all, if those slides wind up looking sloppy, others will condemn your name and your effort. But in addition to having a solid portfolio—which is a must—you need to consider other aspects to improve your chances of having a positive experience with your new supplier. So when selecting a presentation design business, keep the following four criteria in mind:

1. Turnaround Time

The design is frequently put last in the realm of presentations. You pay attention to the text you want to display first, followed by how your slides look. However, what happens if you have a tight timeline or a last-minute project? Things start to get complicated at that point, but a PowerPoint design business with a quick turnaround can save you. Turnaround time is another essential factor when looking for your perfect presentation design business.

presentation design services london

The companies that gain the most from a quick turnaround are consulting businesses and marketing agencies. Anyone can appreciate receiving their presents orders quickly, though. In addition, it allows clients to request modifications if necessary and receive the presentation they want on schedule. Furthermore, this aspect can be crucial as “time is money” in business.

2. Customer Support

Excellent customer service is essential to getting presentations on how clients want them. A good presentation design business will have communication channels that allow you to share your vision clearly and simply because design depends greatly on your tastes. Sometimes you can speak with the designers directly; other times, you have to go via an intermediary like a project manager. In any case, you must confirm you’ll have someone on hand to address any issues with your order.

powerpoint presentation design services ny

3. Confidentiality

This point ought to be noticeable. Clients should only work with a supplier who can demonstrate that their data is secure with them in the age of cyberattacks and data breaches, mainly if their presentations include private or sensitive information from their firm. Therefore, we advise clients to inquire about your provider’s security policy so you can be confident that their files and data are secure.

product presentation design services

4. Pricing

Many people prioritize cost when selecting a presentation design firm. Yes, it’s essential to keep within your budget but to be fair, it shouldn’t be the only thing that matters. Most of the time, rather than the cost, what sets one PowerPoint design firm apart is their service level. Therefore, it would be wiser to consider the big picture and choose the best value for money alternative rather than the cheapest service.

You now have all the knowledge necessary to make that last decision after updating the list of the most well-known presentation design firms and some critical considerations.

5. Lasting Impression

The way you present reflects on your brand. Giving your potential clients a wow experience with a presentation that is expertly created will raise their opinion of your company’s professionalism considerably. Depending on the information given, professional designers consider various factors, such as fonts and color schemes, and incorporate them to match your company’s preferred color scheme.

For example, you may reduce the quantity of text and include more icons, photos, bullet points, and other visuals to keep the presentation from becoming “boring” so that your audience remembers the information you’re trying to convey.

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Begin Your Custom Presentation Designs With Us

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All Time Design is a global leader in design. PowerPoint design is not exclusive to what its professional team can do. As stated earlier, its presentation services offer key factors that ensure designers work alongside clients, such as:

  • Continual workflow on a project irrespective of time zones,
  • 24-hour delivery timeline on a project, even on short notice
  • Personal designer and project manager from All Time Design
  • Delivery on any data-heavy presentation

The best images and pertinent material are created by All Time Design designers to draw attention to the key points of your speech. With qualified presentation design services, get the perfect balance of text and visuals created for you as soon as possible.

With high-quality, inventive custom-made presentations created in PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides, All Time Design, a professional presentation design agency, assists business owners, marketers, educators, and individuals in conducting a project, research, structuring, and illuminating their ideas, and visualizing data.

While All Time Design can undoubtedly assist you in creating amazing presentations, such as PowerPoint presentations, the company offers more than simply presentation design services. We have the custom presentation handouts you could need. Maybe it has nothing to do with the presentation? That’s not at all a problem. Beyond creating world-class presentations, our graphic design professionals provide a wide range of services.

At All Time Design provides stunning PowerPoint and Prezi presentations and other original content. In addition, our designers have received specialized training that enables them to comprehend corporate branding and create presentations that naturally fit into the spirit of your company.

ATD only works with designers that have received the best possible training in graphic design. But it doesn’t stop there. A committed project manager oversees each project to ensure it meets or exceeds expectations.

ATD provides every presentation with utmost care and covers any subject or field. So, are you looking to start your next presentation in days and need to engage your audience? Then, book a demo here and let our presentation services do the rest. We guarantee you will want to do more business with All Time Design.

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