7 Examples of Packaging Designs for Inspiration

product packaging designs

Is your product packaging worth your time and effort? In a competitive culture, packaging designs are underrated. How does it feel when customers lash at you with a review? Your years of reputation are in mud in a blink of the eye. Mistakes make you awkward, aren’t they?

Such mistakes are so common among all brands. You’ll be surprised to know that even top-notch brands also make silly mistakes. You’re not the only one. Don’t hold on to mistakes for a long time. So, flip to the other side. See your mistakes as a stepping stone for the comeback.

Learn and look forward!

The bottom line of good packaging is that it speaks for itself. It can make your customers drool or troll. To create an impression, you must follow a few things.

Give your customers a pleasant, unboxing experience. It can be through an eye-catchy design that hits their sweet spot. If there’s no attraction, It’s time to change the makeover. Tons of companies have rebranded themselves to wipe out the bad reputation.

Perks of product packaging

Product packing is the first thing customers will see. The packaging gives a sneak peek of you and the product itself. From arresting the attention to convincing the customers, packaging has a lot to offer. It’s high time, and you should consider packaging.

  • It protects your product
  • It increases the shelf life
  • It lowers the cost
  • It educates the customers
  • It ensures hyensuresIt takes care of the economy
  • It makes you stand out
  • It conveys the brand story
  • It piques customers’ emotions

Designing good packaging is a meticulous process. There’s a lot that goes behind making an irresistible design. The more time you spend with packaging, the less time it takes to pop. Here are 7 product packaging that jumps off the shelf:

Made Coffee

This US-based cafe has typography that takes the limelight. They are dead-drop gorgeous. The word ‘Made’ makes a statement that demands immediate attention. From taking center stage, it inspires customers to keep reading. The other phrase ‘Nitro Brew’ in cursive has a calming effect on the customers. You can see how the two texts juxtapose effortlessly.

It’s engaging elements strike a balance. The amount of emotions needed to play with users’ mind is on point. It’s calm and composed color palette is one of a kind.

At the top center is the quirky logo. ‘M’ in a bold letter with a coffee droplet falling captures the essence of the brand itself. With a lucrative logo, bold font, intricate illustrations, and fun-loving flair Made Coffee is ahead of the pack.

Green Gate London

product packaging ideas - Green Gate London

England based health and beauty products have a fireplace mantel like the decor. Not literally behind the store. Their dark and sleek color of the packaging is something you can’t contain. It comes in a shimmering cylindrical tube that draws customers closer**.**

The logo of the brand stands out because of the background. Funky fonts are an add-on to a brand’s royalty.

Product packaging goes a step further. If you see the bottom half, it has delicate floral designs. The colorful design speaks of the organic quality of the product.

By looking at it, customers get a sense of what’s inside. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The brand uses gold foil outlines and flawless symmetry to be cohesive.

Woolf Sung Scotch

product packaging ideas - Woolf sung scotch

The packaging of Woolf Sung Scotch is dark and mysterious. It has the true essence of whiskey. The smart packaging of glass bottles says the brand story. The logo illustrates a man, wolf with a map’s backdrop—all of these in a miniature form.

The label around the neck of the bottle briefs customers. It contains enough information to make you long for more. The nozzle of the whiskey bottle is easy to open. There are no complaints of wrap rage (injury caused while unboxing) from customers.

The packaging holds the product tight and prevents scratches. At outermost is a matte black box with a metal-plated etching of the brand name. It contains the splendor of dark whiskey.

Overall, the design is mysterious in the right way. As customers unbox, they unfold stories worth remembering. Stranger & Stranger is behind the success of packaging design.

Seed And Bean

It’s a sophisticated and straightforward US brand. Seed and Bean chocolate bars are organic. Its quality justifies itself.

The chocolates have a matte paper covering. These covers vary based on the color of the chocolate. For example, the packet of the lavender, dark chocolate, is lavender.

When customers look at the product, the logo written in cursive fonts pops up. Underneath the emblem, i.e., the brand name is a collection of multi-colored circles. These circles of complementary colors go inline with the background.

Also, beneath the logo, there is some more information. They are on top of each other in alternate colors. In a nutshell, the packaging design is bold and balanced.

Public House Wine

Well, it comes with playful packaging. This boxed wine’s package design allures you to pour yourself a glass of wine. The brand started with the aim to be less intimidating. Their product packaging is proof they nailed it.

You can carry the boxes easily. So, if it’s a red wine, the box color is burgundy. If it’s white wine, the color of the package is blue. The bright colors are powerful in seeking attention.

Their packaging is full of life. They utilize shapes to organize their information. You can see for yourself how catchy they look. The font types used are bold and well-aligned. The package promotes a community spirit and a more profound friendship by sharing a glass with friends.


This brand gives a tough competition to other brands. In all its delicacy, it embodies the natural elements in its packaging. The elegant artwork of natural formations shift and split the white labels.

Overall, they follow minimalism. The color palette includes black, white, and grey. The brand uses simple typography to depict Nordic. The selection of the san-serif font is to foster simplicity and purity. You can also see the contrast as there are elements of modernity. But, both of them are in perfect peace.

Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka is a soaring high brand. In its niche, it’s a game-changer. With its latest gift pack design, it has become sleek, vibrant, and fun.

The new boxes mix a bunch of elements for the design to engage with the customers. With every sip, it sparks conversation. Each box has a bottle-shaped nozzle. You can preview what’s inside just from outside. Its matte black box of multi-colored shapes depends on the flavor.

The typography is conspicuous and concise. The signature Absolut Vodka logo in the san-serif font is loud and clear. Without much to say, the bottle is classy enough to take the spotlight. The packaging is such that it glam up the party.

Here’s why you shouldn’t stop trying. If these brands can do it, you can do it too. Mistakes are turning points. Move forward with inspiring examples of product packaging.

February 27, 2021
10 min read
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