10 Great Examples of Real Estate Billboards Advertising Ideas for 2024

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The past few years have seen a progressive transition from traditional ads to digital ads. Nowadays, you will mostly find businesses running various kinds of digital ads to boost their brand awareness, promote their products or services and build sustainable relationships with their customers.

With the mass popularity of online listings and advanced immersive features, one would naturally expect that traditional forms of advertising such as billboards and broadcast media ads have fallen out and become obsolete. How would anyone think the old-fashioned, static billboard could ever stand a chance with the all-techy, interactive, and cool features of digital ads? But as they say, never underestimate the power and charm of a classic.

The reality of advertising practice is that you need both traditional and digital methods to get results. As digital advertising proliferates, traditional forms like billboards remain a trusted and effective channel for building local awareness and brand recognition by constantly putting your brand in their faces.

The use of billboard advertising in the real estate industry dates back to the early 20th century and for several years, real estate billboards remain a powerful and reliable option for real estate agents to increase their brand awareness and reach new customers.

If you are currently in the real estate business and wondering how billboard advertising can help you achieve your business goals. Keep reading to learn more about real estate billboard advertising, its benefits, and some amazing examples to look out for.

What is real estate billboard advertising?

Billboard advertising is the process of using a large-scale print advertisement (billboards) to promote a company, product, service, or campaign. In this case, real estate billboard advertising is the use of billboards to market a real estate business, properties, or new listings.

Billboards are typically placed in strategic places in the city such as the high traffic areas, highways, local roads, and other highly populated parts of the city. They are immensely large advertisements that are easily recognizable visible, and attention-grabbing, and are usually, more trusted by a potential client than some online ads with unverified sources.

Billboard advertising is effective in building brand awareness and broadcasting your properties or new listings to as many people as possible. Since they are usually placed in busy areas with the highest numbers of pedestrians and drivers, billboards reportedly have the highest number of views and impressions compared to other marketing methods.

Here are some statistics on the effectiveness of billboard advertising as reported by the Arbitron National In-Car Study:

71% of Americans consciously look at billboard messages while driving,

37% report looking at an outdoor ad each or most time they pass one.

26% noted a phone number written on a billboard and 28% noted a website address written on a billboard.

Benefits of Real Estate Billboard Advertising

Here are some of the unique benefits that billboard ads offer that other advertising solutions don’t.

1. They are highly visible

Billboards are large print advertising that offers real estate businesses and agents much-needed visibility. Their physical attributes and size make them stand out in the landscape and help grab people’s attention.

2. They build brand awareness on a large-scale

Looking to increase your brand awareness on a large scale? There’s no better medium to do this than with a billboard. Due to their strategic placement, they are mostly seen multiple times by everyone who sees them.

They are extremely helpful for businesses looking to expand their customer base and increase brand recognition. The more people see your business name, property listings, and deals, the more it sticks to their minds and comes in handy when they need to buy or sell a property.

3. They run continuously

Unlike TV, radio, and online ads that run for a specific period, billboards are mostly always there for the eyes and constantly doing the work of registering the brand or business in the minds of the people. When you run online ads, people can choose to decline the ads or cancel them, but with billboard ads, there’s no escape, you would still see it and remember it.

4. They are placed where you need them to be

Billboards are a popular form of advertising used by many real estate agencies to promote their agency and properties. If you are planning to expand your business to a new location or get new customers, you can stay in control of that by making sure that your billboard is placed in the right location.

5. They offer wide appeal

Most billboards are usually visually appealing and have eye-catching aesthetic elements that get people to notice them. Since they are mostly located or placed on highways, high-traffic areas, and other highly populated areas in the city, they tend to reach a wider audience. This enables advertisers to target a broad, diverse audience in their campaigns.

Important Factors to Consider for Successful Real Estate Billboard Campaigns

Though billboards are effective forms of advertising, the following are the important factors that a real estate agent must put in place to achieve its ad goals.

1. Placement is key

real estate billboards funny

A crucial factor for the success of many real estate billboard campaigns is billboard location. To increase your chances of success, you must ensure that your billboard is placed in a strategic location where it’s most likely to be seen by the home buyers and home sellers you’re looking for. 

2. Less is more

When it comes to real estate billboard advertising, you must take extra care in the amount of information you put on your billboard. For the best result, ensure that you only include the most vital information such as the name of your reals estate agency, contact info, and a brief message to your customers.

3. Clarity is important

Unlike other forms of advertising where people can watch or view from their comfort zone, billboards are usually on the highway or other busy outdoor locations where people mostly just look and pass.

They only see your billboards for a few seconds, hence, take extra care to ensure that it is easy to read and understand. consider using clear, bold, and eye-catching fonts to make the message simple and effective.

4. Messaging matters

The message in your billboard matters as much as the way you put it. To make your message relevant to your target audience, ensure that it is clear and concise using leading, suggestive phrases, and terminologies that tell your potential customers what exactly you are selling or buying

5. Make it easy for them to contact you

As stated earlier, people only have a few seconds to see and interact with your billboard, making it easy for them to follow up with you after seeing the billboard. Make sure that your contact information is written legibly and clearly so that your potential customer can remember or simply write it down.

For the best result, only include a phone number instead of an email address or website, as this contains too many characters that can be hard to memorize quickly.

6. Remember that your customers come first

Like every other form of advertising, the most successful billboard advertising is the customer-focused one. You must ensure that your real estate billboards are relevant and relatable to your customers and tell them how you can help them meet their needs. For example, selling the message of a dream home.

7. Creativity is crucial

Billboards like every other form of advertising need visual appeal and creative aesthetics to help you achieve your desired goals. Be creative and make your billboard design and messaging captivating and effective to stand out from the crowd.

8. Make your branding consistent

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Branding is crucial for your business’s success. To boost your brand recognition, make your branding on all your billboards uniform with consistent colors, fonts, and messaging. Since people are most likely going to see your billboard multiple times and in different parts of the city, consistent branding makes it easy for people to remember your brand and ad.

9. It should create a positive emotion

Ensure that your billboard creates positive emotions that can help you connect your business with your customer. Include high-quality images and quotes to create an impact.

10. Avoid too many numbers

As you may already guess, most people have no time to read through your billboard while driving or just walking by it. To make the experience a bit better for your audience, keep the number on your billboard very minimal. Except for your phone number, avoid adding other numbers to prevent confusion.

10 Great Examples of Real Estate Billboards Advertising Ideas for 2024

Below are some of the most effective examples of real estate billboard ads that you should consider for your 2024 campaigns.

1. Edina Realty

Instead of conforming to the conventional designs of billboards, this billboard ad by Edina reality uses cut-outs with detailed realistic imagery that can grab people’s attention by making them think they are looking at a real pile of boxes on top.

Another interesting thing about this ad is that it has a sweet, personal message that promises a helping hand for people looking to get into their new homes. Instead of selling a property, this ad sells a need to its audience.

2. Amber R. Johnston’s “Little Mama Sell Big Houses” Ad

This ad is another humorous, straight-to-the-point real estate billboard that sends a clear message at a fun and relatable rate. Real estate agent, Amber R Johnston, puts her small stature into use by telling them how she can help them secure a house when in need. If you are having a bad day, this kind of ad helps you have a good laugh and is memorable.

3. Real Estate Features

Talking about a colorful and visually appealing billboard ad, the Real Estate Features uses cloud-like imagery or a vibrant house design on a white background to draw people’s attention.

Similarly, if you are looking to create billboard ads with information that doesn’t look cluttered, this is a good example to use. The image of beauty and a colorful house makes you want a house like that.

4. We Buy Ugly Houses

As the name implies, this ad passes a simple and interesting message – We buy ugly houses – for people having issues selling their not-so-beautiful properties. The memorable phrase makes it easy for everyone who comes across it to remember.

5. Rental Made Easy!

As the name also suggests, this ad uses some fun-looking typography, formatting, and background design to pass a simple and clear message across – rental service for modern homes. The simple and short texts enhance memorability and brand recognition.

6. SOLD!

I believe we can all agree that no one can see this billboard and easily forget its message and design. The smooth blend of colorful colors easily catches the eye of anyone and passes the message that they sell, rent, or buy properties.

7. Prime Crest

Talk about elegance, visual appeal, and clarity, this billboard ad by Prime Crest checks it all. The large high-quality image of the gorgeous building and the message of affordability catches the eye and passes the message without confusion.

8. Jeff Cook Real Estate

Looking to pass your message in a simple and straight-to-the-point format? This billboard as by Jeff Cook Real Estate provides a call to action by displaying a phone number in a large text and also includes the company name and logo at the bottom to generate brand awareness.

9. Great Angles

This real estate billboard plays around with sharp angles shapes and different elements like color, text, and image that catch the eye.

10. Realtor Awareness

This billboard ad includes important vital details and a relator’s image in the design to get her name, brand, contact, and agency information in front of motorists who are looking for a realtor to buy or sell a home.

Ready to Create Stunning Billboard Designs for Your Real Estate Agency?

Billboards may be an old-school form of advertising but they remain relevant and effective in improving brand awareness, fostering brand recognition, and generating sales. The key to the success of a billboard ad is creative design elements and its placement. If you are looking to create a stunning and effective billboard design, get in touch with our creative design experts at All Time Design today.

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