How to Highlight Your Product Features Through Sales Sheets Templates

sales sheets templates

Every salesperson goes through the normal seven to eight-step process to connect with prospects and close the deal. In a normal situation, you’d have ample time and a conducive, relaxing environment to pitch your products to your prospects.

However, in most situations, sales tend to happen anywhere from train stations, to networking events, company events, and other places you might not be afforded the time and comfort to highlight the most important benefits of your products or services to prospects who are losing interest. This is one of the many reasons why creating a solid sell sheet – a written version of the elevator pitch – is a must.

Being an important document that can help you capture your viewer’s attention within a limited time, it can be very tricky to come up with a good one. In this article, you will learn the easy steps to create sales sheet templates that will help you close deals faster.

What is a Sell Sheet?

A sell-sheet also known as a sales sheet or sales slick is a one-page summary of how your product or service solves a particular problem. In essence, it serves as a one-page advertisement or brochure that should be eye-catching, well-organized, and persuasively written with a clear call to action for potential customers.

A sell-sheet is the first thing people see. It encapsulates the essence of your brand’s personality and the goal of your offering. Prospects frequently receive it via email, or at in-person meetings.

It serves as a display of the talents of your items and the competence of your business. Distributing well-written, engrossing sell sheets demonstrates your company’s expertise and reliability.

Therefore, having a blueprint on how to create one is in the best interest of any company. Here, with the aid of various sell sheet examples, we’ll study the principles of sell sheet design.

Product Sell Sheet vs. Company Sell Sheet

There are two primary categories of sell sheets that your company would want to produce:

  • Product sell sheet
  • Company sell sheet

The two have very similar goals (simplicity, clarity, and reward), but their focuses are different.

1. Product sell sheet

Product sheets emphasize a particular, unique good or service.

Although they make reference to the business providing the product or service, they don’t concentrate on it. For newer or more established businesses that offer just one good or service, product sheets are appropriate. Additionally, they can anticipate frequent sales objections.

2. Company sell sheet

With some mention of the goods or services it offers, a company’s sell sheet primarily focuses on the firm itself. These sheets make great introductions, and they can include details about the company’s figures, mission, and executives.

Sell Sheet Design

A sell sheet can be designed in countless ways, but a great one will almost always have three key components: compelling images, convincing language, and a clear call to action.

Before moving on to an example, let’s take a closer look at each component.

1. Eye-catching imagery

If there are text blocks longer than 600 words, audiences today only read roughly 20% of the material presented to them.

Therefore, rather than using a large amount of text to promote your product or business, consider using an appealing image instead.

All sell papers will require some sort of illustration, but your marketing team should pay particular attention to the following graphics:


Although it’s important for branding, your company’s logo may not be your best representation. When your logo is well-known, logo prominence is important, but if your business is still young, keep your logo tiny. It doesn’t have to be the primary focus to be present.

Product photo(s) or illustration(s)

If you’re developing a product sheet, a photograph of your product should be the most noticeable element on your page.

A picture of your product in use, whether it’s a photograph or a design, will always be the main selling point for a consumer. Use an image to demonstrate what your product accomplishes for your customers rather than describing it in writing.

2. Well-written copy

Every word on your sell sheet needs to be carefully chosen because of the word limit. Remember that your potential customers want to know why they should buy your product, not just information about it.

Consider the case where you’re promoting a new kind of heavy-duty backpack and want to highlight its strength, lightweight, and comfy straps.

Two strategies exist for doing this:

Copy 1

Our heavy-duty backpack is strong, lightweight, and equipped with cutting-edge, comfortable straps. For all of its clients, Backpack Company is committed to producing the greatest and most durable backpacks.

Copy 2

With our new sturdy backpack, hikers and students can wave goodbye to back aches. You can feel confident in a long-term purchase because of the robust pockets and lightweight materials that assist keep your back straight.

Your sell sheet needs concise, customer-focused text to be effective.

Copy 1 emphasizes the product. Although it is accurate, it does not explain to potential customers why they need the backpack in their lives.

No matter how many positive attributes a product has, merely listing them doesn’t convince a customer to buy it because trust me, your competitors’ product capabilities are just the same.

The customer is the main focus of copy 2

The prospect is pulled to the backpack this time because its features solve two concerns for them: back pain and replacement expense, even if all the same product points are included.

3. Clear call to action

Without a call to action, even the most captivating images and language would be meaningless. Without some sort of encouragement, most individuals won’t go looking for your website, purchasing page, or retail location.

Your CTA acts as a beacon for customers by offering that prompt. Additionally, it doesn’t have to be difficult, which is fantastic news.

A straightforward QR code or website link with a description “Start your free trial” or “Get your copy” download button will greatly increase the likelihood that your prospects will become tentative clients.

Sell Sheets Examples

After going over the key components, let’s look at an effective sell sheet to see how each one uses them.

sales sheets examples
Dole Food Service

This Dole sales sheet key features a number of vibrant, appealing photographs of the product it is marketing. It includes several images of the various packaging styles and other pertinent goods that Dole sells for its sliced peaches.

what is a sell sheet
Cat Dancer Products Inc

This is a Cat Dancer Products Inc. product sell sheet for a brand-new wall scratcher. This sell sheet is effective for a number of reasons:

  • The pictures are entertaining, and show how the product should be used.
  • The copy is understandable and bolsters the imagery. Because you don’t want important information to get buried in the text, this is crucial.
  • The writing is client-oriented. The prospect may quickly understand how the solution addresses some of the specific problems associated with owning a cat that enjoys scratching by simply reading the sales sheet.
  • There are several ways to get into the sales team of the business or buy the product. A QR code, an address, a phone number, the company’s website, and a call to action to follow them on Facebook can all be found at the bottom of the sheet. Although there is a lot of sales enablement condensed into a little area, it is still simple to understand.
  • The sell sheet includes all the essential details you would discover in a sample in-person sales pitch for this product. This exhibits distinct branding and uniformity throughout the company’s marketing.

Sell Sheet Templates

Although there isn’t one structure that works best for sell sheets, there are some templates that can be very helpful.

You can hire a company like All Time Design to put your content together into a sales-friendly sheet if your business isn’t set up to create sell sheets.

Here are a few templates and the situations in which they might be most useful:

 product sell sheet vs. company sell sheet

This is the Slide Team One Page Company Facts Sheet template. This sheet covers the company’s services, industries served, performance data, current clients, and important individuals rather than concentrating on a single product in particular.

It’s also important to point out that the corporate logo is the largest image on the sales sheet. That makes sense given that this sheet promotes an entire company, whereas a product sell sheet advertises a particular product made by that company.

sell sheet design

This is one of the Visme free templates for a modern product sell sheet. The fonts, full-color visuals, and graphics are all completely customizable. The placement and size of the images in relation to the placement and size of the prose in this template are what stand out and you can change colors to suit your brand’s identity.

The copy is quite minimal, and the graphics largely control the prospective customers’ attention. You’ll also see that the company logo is not in the middle, but rather to the right, and on the smaller side, you can find the fundamental elements such as product images, product features, appealing data visualization, services offered, product specifications, and performance facts.

All these would have incredible results and benefits to a prospective customer.

There is little doubt that this is a product sale sheet template rather than a company sell sheet. Limited copy lets the product photographs talk for themselves while many image slots enable the product to be highlighted from various perspectives.

More Sales Sheet Templates

Here are some more templates you can customize while creating your product sell sheet.

Product Sell Sheet Template 1

 sell sheets examples

Product Sell Sheet Template 2

 sell sheet templates

Product Sell Sheet Template 3

best practices for creating a product sell sheet

Product Sales Sheets Templates 4

sales sheets

Product Sell Sheet Template 5

product sales sheets

Product Sell Sheet Template 6

sales product sheets

Product Sell Sheet Template 7

sales product sheets template

Product Sell Sheet Template 8

wholesale sales sheets

Product Sell Sheet Template 9

white sales sheets

Product Sell Sheet Template 10

sales on sheets

Product Sell Sheet Template 11

custom sales sheets

Product Sell Sheet Template 12

sheets for sales

Product Sell Sheet Template 13

call sheets for sales reps

Product Sell Sheet Template 14

sales sheets templates free

Product Sell Sheet Template 15

 sales sheets samples

Product Sell Sheet Template 16

 best sales sheets

Product Sell Sheet Template 17

 printing sales sheets

Best Practices For Creating a Product Sell Sheet Using a Sheet Template

1. A simple copy is best

Your copy should be as succinct as feasible and concentrate on the customer’s specific problem(s), not just the benefits of the product. Typeset with Microsoft word before pasting in your preferred design software, e.g Adobe Indesign.

2. Adapt to your prospective clients’ needs

Design with this in mind: most prospects prefer visuals to copy. Consider whether you are developing for B2B or B2C sales because B2B sales necessitate speaking with many decision-makers.

3. Put a CTA in

By giving customers a simple means to get in touch with you or purchase the goods, you may encourage prospects to take action. You can accomplish this by using a download link, QR code, product code, pricing plan, etc.

4. Consider the inquiries

Be prepared to respond to any open-ended inquiries that your prospect may have. Consider what they could be. A B2B transaction will undoubtedly require more questions to be answered than a B2C sale.

5. Delete the extraneous information

Even if you may be enthusiastic about many of the little aspects pertaining to your brand or business, take care not to mention anything unrelated. Keep the sell sheet brief, and if the prospect expresses interest, let them conduct further investigation.

6. Design for your size

Take into account the size of your business and your present market visibility. With simply the brand and the name of the product, a Starbucks sell sheet can practically sell itself, but that is probably not the case for a start-up bakery.

Final Words on Sales Sheets Templates and Sell Sheet Examples

Your sell sheet is ultimately just that—a sales sheet.

There isn’t a rigidly prescribed method or formula you can adhere to and anticipate amazing outcomes.

You’ll need to customize your efforts to effectively showcase the stronger features and make a good physical first impression of your product to the client.

For a fixed amount, our professional designers can create your sell sheet. Grab this excellent opportunity to showcase the benefits and features of your product.

January 31, 2023
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