Creative Facebook Cover Image Ideas From Top Brands

Facebook Cover Ideas

Long ago, when the earliest type of mobile phones was invented, it seemed unaffordable for a common man. But where we stand today is entirely contrasting. Each of us even owns 2 mobile phones according to our comfort, and also it has become a casual practice among children to own one. All thanks to the Internet and its virtues. From making an international call to buying a pair of socks, everything happens at a single touch. Gone are those times when we used to write letters to our loved ones far away and wait for days for their reply. Communication has become easier and convenient with the emergence of Social media. When you join a new job, you update your Facebook timeline. When you cook a new meal, you update. People have started utilizing social media like a pro. That too, Facebook-owned by Mark Zuckerberg has its prominence from 6-year-olds to 60-year-olds. So, what would businesses do now? Yes, you are right! They would start implementing their marketing strategies through Facebook. If your brand hasn’t still delved into Facebook marketing, then you are missing out on the best opportunities. When you look at the business pages of some of the social media giants, they would have stellar Facebook cover images, which fetches them more likes and shares. This would possibly turn into conversions. And that is the reason you see businesses taking their cover images seriously. They also ask for professional design help to create alluring cover images.

But this doesnt mean that businesses should focus on the cover images alone. They should also concentrate on the content they are posting. We shall be discussing the importance of creating the most beautiful Facebook cover images. We shall also look at some do’s, and dont’s on creating Facebook cover images.

Facebook cover image
Credits: Modcloth

Why does Facebook cover image matter?

Your audience are actively engaged on Facebook

Facebook has nearly 2.41 billion user as per the third quarter of 2019. That is ⅓ of the world’s population!. This means it is the huge social media platform where your potential audience are lingering. Well then, let me tell you the obvious. More users mean more leads, and that equals more conversions. So, Facebook should never be treated as an afterthought, its a place for you to directly communicate with your customers, which is extremely valuable. More importantly, for some customers, maybe the primary place they see and interact with your brand. The face you put forward on Facebook will have a high impact on how your customers consider you.

Your cover images appear first

When your potential lead comes to your business page, it the cover photo which they first look at. That means you need to make an excellent first impression by associating that image with your brand. Here is where you have to sprinkle some design elements to make the lead stay a little on your Facebook business page.

Dos and Don’ts of Creating FB Cover Images

Here are few do and don’ts you should follow while creating Facebook cover images:


  • Before beginning to design your cover image, check the Facebook page guidelines
  • Your cover images must be resized to 851×351 pixels
  • Keep your file size not more than 100 kb
  • Use a relevant yet simple image
  • Drive your audience’ attention to the CTA buttons on the lower right
  • Give away essential links on the cover image description
  • Make sure you cover picture has the branding consistency


  • Deceive, mislead or upload fake images to gain more likes and share
  • Encourage people to upload your business Facebook cover images on their profiles
  • Put contact information such as email address, phone number, etc.
  • Refer to other Facebook pages via cover photos
  • Include promotional information like prices, discounts or free shipping
  • Place your call to action’s words or phrases on the images
  • Upload cover images without proper licenses to avoid copyrights issues

What is a good Facebook cover image?

Should match the style of your brand

Your Facebook cover image is your branding opportunity. So you can use it to convey the view of your brand that customers can relate to in other places, particularly your website. is a prominent pet-supplies company, and its Facebook cover image highlights the website’s blue and white color theme. It also predominantly uses the brand’s logo and tagline in the cover image. With just a glance, the audience gets notified about who the brand is and what kind of stuff they sell. If you go to their website from the Facebook page, you can find a visual relationship between the two.

Communicate something about your business

Don’t consider your Facebook cover image as just a branding opportunity; it’s also a chance to show off what you do. ModCloth’s cover image shows models with several dresses varying from skirts to tops available for sale. The images portray the company’s style and make it clear to their audience on what they sell. Several followers commented on the cover image to find out where they can purchase those outfits.

It should look good

Facebook cover image - Adagios tea
Credits: Adagios tea

Any image you are using as your cover should look good. Adagios tea, a business that sells tea, uses the beauty of the setting where the tea plants are grown as its Facebook cover image, and it looks great. Also, while deciding your cover image, make sure it looks good for all your users. It can’t just look good only on Desktops. It has to look elegant on mobile devices too.

Here are 10 brilliant Facebook cover images from top brands

Facebook cover images IBM
Credits: IBM

IBM, another technology company, has displayed an oversized image of one of its products, the IBM cloud storage, as its cover picture. Previously it was known as SoftLayer, and this image is a best way to invite people to learn more about it. You can know more about the importance of social media image size with this article.

Facebook cover images home depot
Credits: Home Depot

Home Depot drives the audiences’ eyes to the call-to-action buttons underneath by alleging the layout on the right side. The company has also incorporated grid design for a focus on symmetry.

Facebook cover images bestbuy
Credits: BestBuy

BestBuy’s cover image has a welcoming, enthusiastic, and communicating tone. It displays people with different age groups that indicted the vast target market; the company caters to.

Facebook cover images General motors
Credits: General Motors

General Motors has utilized typography combined with emotional design to make the image pop. The background has an old man helping his kid, and it contains a message “building moments” flashed across the image.

Facebook cover images Fedex
Credits: FedEx

FedEx, in its cover image, is merely trying to show an another-day-in-the-office. They show the picture of a couple of their 650 aircraft models. Also, the company makes use of its cover image to convey its branding by making the logo its primary focus.

Facebook cover images Amazon
Credits: Amazon

Amazon, which began as an E-commerce, dwells on color psychology to allure its users. Its cover photo has lighter shades of blue spilled all over the design. This kind of layout and design’s concept are commendable.

Facebook cover images Verizon
Credits: Verizon

Minimalist typography/fone design is another thing to consider while designing a Facebook Cover photo. In that way, Verizon hits the nail on the head by selecting a heavy font and brand’s logo as the focal point.

Facebook cover images Bank_of_America
Credits: Bank of America

How Bank of America has designed its cover photo is just brilliant. They had focussed on the audience’s pain points and positively presented how their company can resolve them. Either you want to finish school or own a house or start a business, these are the reasons Bank of America wants to help. So people can face their daily struggles.

Facebook cover images Microsoft
Credits: Microsoft

The multination tech company, Microsoft, has used the Philippines map as their Facebook image. However, the design seems entirely relevant as it gives an abstract background of an electronic circuit.

Facebook cover images walgreens
Credits: Walgreens

Walgreens has integrated its history, credibility, and emotions in their Facebook cover image. They boast of how the families have trusted them since 1901. The image of a mom holding her baby adds a warm touch.

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