Social Media Graphic Design Ideas For Your Startup

Social Media Graphic Design

Social media has overtaken all the ancient communication platforms and stands on the top. Statista estimates say that there are more than 2.65 billion social media users worldwide. With the world population at 7.7 billion and the number of internet users at a jaw-dropping 4.33 billion, it could add many prospects for startups. They can have all their marketing campaigns focused on social media to reach their target audience worldwide.

Here are few best examples of how your social media graphics should be so that it can boost your engagement rate

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Immersive and engaging visuals

Honestly, how many of us read through long captions without the images? It would be a tiny population because all of us are always attracted to colorful and attractive elements rather than reading through long pieces of texts. Also, images are easier to recall than paragraphs. So, when you create some engaging and creative graphics for your social media, it makes a difference. The more you create such content, the more people would love to have ties with your brand. Who knows, sometimes they will even want to make a purchase!

These social media strategies are like testimonies that you can use to boost your startup’s brand awareness. Even if you have minimal resources, there are plenty of options available that could lead you to growth and commercial success.

Here are some of the best social media graphics for a startup which you should definitely include in your marketing plan to increase your conversion rate and brand awareness

Social Media Graphic Design - Blue Apron

Take a look at this post from Blue Apron, an ingredient, and recipe delivery service provider. Its social media graphics always feature dishes that generate excitement for people, making them want to try those. Even though their fans get some reliable content to create their own recipes and not availing the help of it, Blue Apron has somehow gained their loyalty and trust.

Social Media Graphic Design - Modcloth

Here is another fantastic example from Modcloth, which post graphics of some eye-catching dresses and actively engages their followers through them. This is also a great way to advertise and make sure what people like. This creates a positive image in front of the fans and makes the chances of purchasing higher.

Hilarious yet witty graphics

Who doesn’t like to laugh? Everyone loves to see and share the funny posts which they come across in social media. Incorporating humor in your social media post is one of the best ideas to keep your customers engaged. Before you take up this humor strategy, think about whether it will make or break your business. There have been many memes that have gone wrong in the past, and yours shouldn’t be one among the list. When you are trying to bring humor elements, make sure you know who your target audiences are and the ideas you come up with is not cringy.

Here are the few companies which capture their clients in social media through humor

Social Media Graphic Design - Innocent

Innocent Drink, a beverage company from the UK, uses its wit and humor across all their social media platforms. Their website is entertaining and enjoyable and makes people want to know more about them or try them. Also, their occasional tweets can give an instant ROFL to anyone.

Social Media Graphic Design - Casper

Casper is a mattress company that uses puzzles to engage its followers on its Facebook page. But what makes it more fun for its fans is the way they reply in their comments section.


What’s worse than having to read long paragraphs of text when you are pressed for time? Everyone’s attention span is reducing each day, so it is essential to capture their attention within a few seconds. Maximize that time and display content that quickly gets through their head without the need to read it and re read it.

Here comes the master blaster of conveying information quickly and efficiently, which is Infographics. It is most effective as people can process images faster rather than texts. Also, researches shows that most people only read 28% of content before visiting the website.

So, when information is broken down in smaller pieces, it is easy for them to digest. The icons and graphic elements, in addition, will create a sense of interest and make people stay on your page longer. This is sure to boost your brand awareness as well as engagement.

Social Media Graphic Design - infographics

Kissmetrics is a web analysis startup that shows how infographics can help you boost engagement and clients. The example above clearly demonstrates the message with clean and crisp design, stats, and also side-by-side comparisons.

Social Media Graphic Design - Infrogaphic design

Another perfect example of great infographics is the one done by Lease Ref, which is a commercial lease review startup. This infographic shows that you don’t need too many elements to catch your prospective client’s attention.


The traditional marketing methods no longer exist. You have to keep finding new ways to attract your audience. Thanks to social media, which has given us a lot more freedom to showcase our products to the target audience. Also, the best part is you don’t even need to take photos yourself.

Social media celebrities are the great way to increase your engagement on these platforms. These celebrities have their fan followings who can turn into your prospects if you endorse them through them. You just have to pay or gift your product to the influencer, and they will have the creative freedom to present that to their audience.

There are many such influencers for you to choose from, but it is necessary to research and filter through the micro-influencer and influencers based on followers count. Sometimes even you can give suggestions on how you want the content to be. When you receive video clips or images, you can use them in any way you like, as a post or a story or an ad, whatever suits you.

Here are some examples of influencers

Angel Merino

Angel Merino, an influencer herself, is the founder of Artist Couture. Here you can see another influencer called Glamboy Jay using their products.

Glamboy Jay

Another common thought is that since you are a startup, you might think that you wouldn’t be able to afford an influencer. Throw those thoughts away. In the case of Glossier, a beauty product company that started as a make-up blog believes that its customers are the best influencers.

Give a Promo or Offer

All of us love free stuff. Contests and giveaways are always a hit and can easily boost your engagement rate on any social media platform. You can use promo codes to see how well each offer does. In this way, you will also be able to separate what works and where it works. If you get to know whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you will know where to push your next promotions.

Look at how these companies have presented their promos and offers

Catherine’s show

This promo ad from Catherine’s show how cleverly they have used imagery in their graphics to sell their products. That image they have used makes you want to be in the pool, wearing one of the swimsuits you got from them at a discounted price. This is one great example of a promotional post.

UK’s popular clothing brand

Hype is one of the UK’s popular clothing brands. But before becoming one, it started a self-funded project. The above graphic was used to their brand, which you call a simplistic and straightforward approach. It gives a sense of urgency that would want people to be among the first few to avail the discount.

Use Compelling Headlines

Though great social media graphic post can catch your audience’s attention, killer headlines are those that can boost clicks up the roof. Hootsuite’s survey says that many businesses are already trooping on Instagram and other social media platforms, so the only way to get your prospects to notice you is through compelling headlines.


Lyft, a ride-sharing company in San Francisco, California, used colorful social media graphics on their Facebook posts. But what makes them catchy is the quirky headlines they use. This is one great example of creating compelling and engaging content.


When you look through Upworthy’s Facebook posts, you will think that they have aced the art of catchy headlines. They grab the attention of the audience using a good hook of headline that truly conveys. With their headlines, they drive the audience to their website, increasing their website traffic.

Feel free to use emojis

If you think that emojis are social media graphics that are not worth anybody’s time, forget that thought. A SaaS startup Scor has found out that Facebooks Ads with emojis have higher click-through rates than those that don’t use.

Here are a few examples for you to get inspired

Sprouts cooking school

Sprouts cooking school, based in Indiana, uses emojis on most of its Facebook posts. It works best for them as they are a cooking school aimed a families and small businesses. These emojis add an excellent sense of human touch that makes their followers love them.

One of the most attributes you must achieve as a startup is a trust among your customers. You must make them contact your brand, gain their loyalty, and also help spread the word about you. Emojis help in making that connection

Even a startup with great social media graphics has a fighting chance of climbing the success ladder within a short while. If you follow these simple tips, it will help you understand what might work best for you in the long run. Check out All Time Design for unlimited graphic design.

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