Top 20 Graphic Design Youtube Channels For Graphic Designers

youTube Design Channel

When you suddenly get an urge to cook the yummiest Lasagne, the first thing you do is check for the recipe. You Google Lasagne recipes and get tons of results. But for a difficult dish like Lasagne, a textual explanation would not suffice. There comes the video recipe for your rescue. The step by step explanation with the visuals and audio, lets you grasp it quickly and gives you a peck of confidence to prepare it on your own. Similarly, even for talented designers, there can be moments of doubts and confusion that is common. On those days, getting a video tip or insights from an expert designer will greatly help.

YouTube is an incredible video sharing platform that was started in 2005 by three former employees of Paypal. Google later acquired it. Currently, it has 2 billion users worldwide. What keeps people glued to YouTube is predominantly the tutorial videos. People are better learners through visuals, which is why schools incorporate a lot of video learning for children. Also, remembering a concrete image is easier than remembering a set of words. That’s the reason e-learning is gaining its popularity. Whether you want help with something complex, or would like to listen to your favorite songs, or watch an inspirational interview, Youtube is there for you.

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Importance of YouTube for graphic designers

If the design is the solution, then graphic designers are the problem solvers. However, with time, they must learn many skills and keep themselves updated about the modern design techniques. Such upgradations and enhancements are the only skills that will help them compete with other stellar designers and stand out in the crowd. So when we think about the easiest way to update your skills with the current trends, YouTube is that top answer. As a designer, you are required to follow the top design channels and learn from the experts. You can get insights from designers all over the world. After all, design is a creative art, and designers are its creators, so there would be plenty of scopes to learn each day. Video tutorials are simply the best resource for graphic designers to learn new trends and enhance their skills. This is because the budding designers get to see the experts offering tips with visuals. They can visualize the whole thing that the experts are saying about, and they can even pause or replay a particular portion if they still haven’t understood that yet.

Importance of YouTube for graphic designers

YouTube is the most popular and accessible medium to find the best channels for designers, illustrators, and other creative artists to learn through videos. Today the most potential design issues are covered by experts through YouTube videos. You can even access thousands of such channels on YouTube to get your basics right and learn emerging design techniques.

If you are looking for some great YouTube design channels to follow, check out these 20 channels.

YouTube design channels

Charlie Marie is a graphic designer as well as YouTuber based in London. She covers various topics in her videos, from creating mockups to making sure you get paid on time to open discussions on burn out. These could be extremely valuable for freelancers. To balance out the design and career-focused videos, she gives glimpses of her personal and professional life. You can get the first-person look into a freelance graphic designer’s life that would be in an easy conversational style for easy understanding.

Yes I’m a designer

Yes I’m a designer is an all-in-all design tutorial channel created by Martin Pehiniak, a designer based in the United Kingdom. Instead of usual narration, he provides instructions through text in the corner of the screen on each video. Each of the videos would cover specific techniques, and he explains through these blurbs as he demonstrates it. Also, the channel covers Photoshop updates, working with Illustrator, InDesign, and product reviews.

Gigantic, whose real name is Marco, is a graphic designer based in Montenegro. He creates flat character design in Adobe Illustrator. He creates flat character designs in Adobe Illustrator. His videos primarily focus on particular aspects of character design, such as superheroes or dragons. One common thing you can see in his videos is that he easily uses the term in many of his titles. He is not underselling himself but makes his works look easy for his viewers. Click on any of them, and you will see him walk you through creating a type of character or going over an aspect of designing characters in Adobe illustrator.

As the name implies, The Simple Designers keep it simple. You won’t hear any human voice in their videos, just some heavy beat music that keeps running while changing basic shapes into cute 2D images in Adobe Illustrator. Their tutorials are super specific, so you can expect to make images like calendar icons and beach scenes when you watch this design channel.

In Dan Gartman’s YouTube channel, you see a pair of tattooed hands that rips through a pencil daring at a breakneck speed. That’s not all. Dan also has a few tutorials that include using the grid as an illustration aid and making line art look good. But most of his videos are his quick drawing. His fast-moving hands are sure to memorize and inspire you.

If you doubt the famous logos like Google and Starbucks, look at Will Paterson’s YouTube channel. He is not only a critic but a graphic designer who does product reviews and also gives valuable logo design tips that you can use to improve your skills. He also critiques his subscribers’ logos giving a thorough reason for every review.

If you wonder when Teela Cunningham posts her new videos, take a look at her YouTube channel’s name. Every Tuesday focuses on typography and watercolor effects. Her channels have tutorials that show how to create seamless patterns in Illustrator, paint streak typography in Photoshop, drop shadow effects in Illustrator, blending with metallic watercolor paints, and many more.

Matt Borchert is a designer based in Minneapolis. His YouTube videos are technical but nothing to feel intimidated about. His instructions are very easy to follow as he walks his viewers through the step-by-step process. A few kinds of design tutorials he published are creating sliced text in Photoshop, loading brushes in Illustrator, exporting layers in Photoshop, scaling patterns in Illustrator, etc.

Nathaniel Dodson is a web designer, as well as a celebrity photographer. At the age of 13, he got the idea to start a new business every year. Since he wanted to present his business online, he started researching web design tools, and that’s when he started practicing Photoshop. He uploads videos in his YouTube channel Tutvid a few times a week, sharing tips and tricks about Adobe Photoshop.

Pixel & Bracket is a YouTube design channel held by Spencer, a graphic designer from Indianapolis, Indiana. His videos are mostly on Adobe Illustrator tutorials, spotlights on free goods available on the Creative Market, and discussions on topics that are relevant to creative entrepreneurs, like setting goals and developing ideas. All of his ideas are given in a conversational tone with a friend rather than an instructional way.

When you want to get a hang on really cool effects in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, then Made by Mighty is the right place. Their videos are all about how to apply futuristic effects like an animated glitch and powder blast effects to fonts to give it an engaging feeling. This channel doesn’t have too many videos as other channels, but you can use their tips to ace the exact aesthetic.

Chris Spooner is the founder of the YouTube channel Spoon Graphics. His YouTube channel gives you tips on how to create cool effects in Photoshop as well as Illustrator. But unlike Made by Mighty, this channel focuses only on specific kinds of projects like curating a VHS-style poster and colorizing black and white photos.

Dan White, also known as Dansky on YouTube, is a professional designer who has left the commercial design world to devote himself to full-time YouTube tutorials. Dansky’s tutorials cover using specific tools to create original images and work in Photoshop to edit existing images. Dansky focuses on teaching the viewer rather than showing off his skills.

Hello I’m Alexa is a YouTube channel held by Alexa, a product designer. She has uploaded many video tutorials to teach you about product designs and what the designers do in the tech industry. You can get all insights about product design and design styles in Tech.

Ste Bradbury Design is headed by Stephen Bradbury, a graphic designer based in the United Kingdom. His style has a bit of an edge to it, with a focus on graffiti-style typography. YouTube isn’t his full-time gig; when he uploads videos, he features the projects he has done for his clients. Stephen also showcases his speed art and uploads video tutorials.

One of those first things you would notice in Nobu Design’s videos is the peaceful lo-fi hip hop soundtrack. Next is how thoroughly they take you in each of their tutorials. Most of their tutorials are focussed on Typography effects. Do not expect narration in the video; you won’t hear it. As you sit back and relax, Nobu walks you through their video with trance music. It’s like where Trance meets photography.

AIGAdesign contrasts a bit from other channels on our list. Instead of focussing on one specific designer, they focus on a small group of designers. It is the official YouTube channel for Professional Association for Design. Here you can also see interviews from bigshots like Milton Glaser and other prominent voices in the design world. They cover topics related to living and working as a graphic designer and tackling problems like imposter syndrome and diversity.

Swerve tutorials upload funny modern design videos. They are cartoony and engaging and make graphic design easy to learn. You can also check out Best Graphic Design Books and Guides to learn more. If you are looking to build your Photoshop skills with a background hip-hop soundtrack, then Swerve tutorials it is.

Draw with Jazza

Draw with Jazza is an exciting, eclectic YouTube design channel. Jazza, who is also known as Josiah, works in a variety of fields. He has videos on polymer clay, watercolors, and even some out of the boxing media like drone aided painting and condiment art. Draw with Jazza is funny, cheeky, and provides quality content without taking things too seriously.

Vector Slate has videos that are perfect for beginners and freelancers. They have playlists like “illustrations,” “useful stuff,” and “text and effect typography,” which are specially curated for beginners. They also upload videos on logo designing, Photoshop tutorials, and many more.

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