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Spring is a breath of fresh air. Nothing beats the exhilarating feeling that comes with the early days of spring. The dark, cold days are almost over, the sun is out, flowers are blooming, and there’s warmth in the air. With these exciting new changes, it’s only natural to redecorate your home or office space or add new colors to your site or graphic designs.

Adding spring color palettes is one of the easiest and most exciting ways to prepare your space for spring. A spring seasonal color palette has warm and bright, like daffodil, yellow, poppy red, and tangerine orange shades. In addition to these, spring colors come in neutral shades like camel, cream, ivory, and clearer browns.

With a clear understanding of how daunting it can be to settle for the right spring color palettes for your redecorations, we have created this blog to guide you through the spring colors, what they mean, their types, and color palettes to guide you.

What are Spring Colors?

spring colors 2023

Spring colors are warm-toned colors with fresh, bright, and neutral shades. Spring seasonal color palettes are light to medium in darkness and mostly have shades like bright green, clear blue, hazel, or light grey. They usually have a golden aura to them.

The key to spring color is clarity. They have bright, transparent colors with white or water added to lighten them. Depending on what you want to achieve with spring colors, it has warm and sunny shades like poppy red, daffodil, hyacinth blue, lupine and violet, tangerine orange and yellow. The fruit inspirations of spring colors are peach, lime, banana, green, apple, and apricot.

Overall, spring colors are cheerful and colorful and can come in light, warm or bright shades depending on the dominant quality.

What are the Four Types of Spring Colors?

what are spring colors
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Here are the four popular types of spring colors you should know when looking for inspiration from the spring color palette.

1. True Spring

True Spring is a classic spring palette with an even balance of Spring’s warm, bright, and light characteristics. These characteristics are as follows:

  • Their hair ranges from light blonde to light-medium brown,
  • Their hair, whether dark blonde or brown, pairs well with caramel, gold, or honey hues.
  • Their eyes are often hazel, blue-green, or golden brown. (they might sometimes come with deep brown eyes).
  • Their skin tones vary from fair to dark and are warm with golden or yellow undertones.

True Springs look good in warm-toned, clear colors from light to medium value. They are cheerful, radiant, lively colors that look fantastic on peach, apple green, aqua blue, and coral. Example of celebrities with true springs characteristics includes Melanie Griffith, Blake Lively, Goldie Hawn, and Christie Brinkley.

2. Warm Spring

Warm springs are also known as Golden springs. Very noticeable characteristics of warm spring colors are the warmth in their skin, hair, and eye colors while retaining light and bright traits. Warm springs are midway between Spring and Autumn; they are more toned than springs and less earthy than Autumn. They have the following characteristics:

  • Their hair range from dark blonde to medium brown
  • Their hair is typically green-hazel, blue-green, or golden brown.
  • Skin tones range from fair to medium or warm with yellow or gold undertones.

Warm spring colors are radiant, cheerful, and lively colors that look best in warm-toned, moderately clear colors. Compared to other types of spring colors, warm springs have a more natural look. They look fantastic in marigold, tangerine, paprika, light hazel, orangey reds, and chartreuse green. Example of celebrities with warm springs characteristics includes Marcia Cross, Leslie Mann, Elle Macpherson, and Amy Adams.

3. Bright Spring

Bright spring is also known as Blue Spring or Clear Spring and is best known for its clarity and bright colour. Bright spings often look like Winters, with a hint of warm-and-light appearance. They are midway between Winter and Spring, meaning they are warmer than winter and cooler than spring. They have the following characteristics:

  • Their hair varies from dark golden blonde to brown-black.
  • Their eyes are bright blue, dark brown, or bright green.
  • Their skin tone varies from fair to dark, with either neutral or warm undertones.

Bright springs are radiant and lively colors that look best in neutral to warm bright colors from icy to deep depth. They look fantastic in true green, poppy red, bright turquoise, almost-neon pinks, transparent violet, and sharp yellows. Example of celebrities with bright spring characteristics includes Gwen Stefani, Rose McGowan, Oprah Winfrey, and Pippa Middleton.

4. Light Spring

Light springs are also known as Pastel or Light Blue Springs, with light dominant characteristics, although they retain spring’s warmth and brightness. They are midway between spring and summer, meaning they are more relaxed than spring but warmer and brighter than summer. They have the following characteristics:

  • Their hair mostly ranges from flaxen blonde to light golden brown or strawberry blonde.
  • Their eyes range from light green, blue, hazel, or brown.
  • Their skin tones range from fair to medium and can be neutral or neutral-warm.

Light springs are cheerful, radiant colors that look best in neutral, warm, and moderately transparent colors. They naturally look fantastic in periwinkle, mint, light peach, and light aqua and are more gentle than other springs. Example of celebrities with light spring characteristics includes Brittany Snow, Kate Hudson, Hayden Panettiere, and Amanda Seyfried.

10 Cheerful Spring Colors To Inspire Your Home Decors

Are you confused about the perfect spring colors for home or office space redecorations and paintings? Here are ten cheerful spring colors that you can use to liven up your space and fully bring spring to it.

1. Gray

spring colors palette

Gray can be an exciting spring color, depending on your style. Just like the colors of the pebble on the beach and other natural elements whose appearance shows that they can stand the test of time, using gray the right way create a feeling of resilience, composure, and steadiness. To create that perfect springy vibe with gray, pair it with bright fuschia or vibrant yellow.

2. Yellow

warm spring colors

This one is pretty straightforward. Yellow is a bright color that appears to be the cheeriest of all spring colors. This shade of yellow, according to Pantone, is cheerful yellow with vivacity. This yellow shade goes perfectly with accent pillows, fresh flowers, throw blankets, or a light fixture in darker shades.

3. Bright Blue

2023 spring colors

Bright blue is a vibrant, cheerful color that has dominated spring-related designs for years. Bright blue is versatile and can work perfectly as an accent in a darker shade, to add pop to these combos. You can pair bright blue with green, especially for outdoor decors. The color combo is an excellent choice for pillows, rugs, or sofas.

4. Camel

bright spring colors

Camel is another excellent spring color option for your home decor. This leather-like color is a popular choice for sofas, chairs, or dark pieces of furniture in the home. Camel adds warm feelings to spaces, especially when mixed with natural materials like wood and rattan. This color signifies comfort and durability.

5. Blush

spring colors background

Blush is another popular spring color that is perfect for interior decor. It is a timeless color that provides warmth and subtle color to a space due to its neutrality. Blush pairs well with white, camel/taupe, and soft pink.

6. Sage Green

pastel spring colors

Nothing beats the soft, muted Sage Green for spring-inspired decors. Green is a versatile, fresh, organic color that can be used in both masculine and feminine spaces.

7. White

clear spring colors

If you are looking for a color that gives you a breath of fresh air, then your best shot is going all-white. White is the lightest and most cheerful color associated with innocence, light, illumination, brilliance, safety, and purity. White is an excellent color that can add brightness and create a sense of space or highlights. Consider making the curtain, light, linens, and fresh houseplants white.

8. Sky Blue

true spring colors

Sky Blue is cheerful and lively spring color that carries an air of innocence and helps you get your head in the clouds. It is an excellent color that can help you relax mid-afternoon and get you in between creation and reflection. Consider using sky blue for a pillow, accent rug, or flower arrangement.

9. Pastel

light spring colors

Pastel shades are soft, pale, less saturated colors and are among the classic colors that give your space a warm look and feel. Pastels are deeply associated with calming and peaceful vibes that are soothing and attractive to the eyes. If you have not had any colorful vibe to your house for some time, pastels are an excellent color to incorporate a soft pop of colors in your home gradually.

10. Coral

what are the spring colors

Coral is a vibrant color shade that intermediates between pink and orange to add a hint of happiness wherever its added. Although it is typically considered feminine, coral represents freshness and energy. Consider using coral wallpaper in your home or office space to make a statement.

5 Spring Color Palettes To Inspire Your Next Designs

Spring colors combine pops of color and in-between hues to bring life to spaces and designs. The following spring palettes will motivate your subsequent designs

1. Gentle Awakening

spring colors for 2023

Hex Codes: #F7F7F7, #FED376, #A2D7BF, #EA93BE, #A59CCC

Winter is a cold season with mostly cool, deep, transparent colors such as black, navy blue, warm greens, gray, etc. There is usually no pop of color in this season, and the end of winter signifies the beginning of spring. This period is typically associated with bright but lightly saturated colors

2. Robin’s Nest

what colors are spring colors

Hex Codes: #F4F5F5, #56BFC5, #A68B67, #453639, #786F59

This has pops of spring colors in muted palettes. The Robin’s nests are where the famous teal eggshell sits in desaturated yellows.

3. Return of Grass

cool spring colors

Hex Codes: #F9F9F9, #B5C134, #BDD264, #96CA4D, #B8D055

The slow return of grasses is another spring color pop that brings a hint of color following the snow and dead grass of the previous year.

4. Blue Sky

color me beautiful spring colors

Hex Codes: #8FD6EE, #FFFFFF, #F0EFEF, #E0E0E0, #D1D1D1

The blue sky is an excellent spring color palette. It combines shades of gray with a blue background to create attractive optical hue effects.

5. Sunset

what is spring colors

Hex Codes: #F7CF40, #A43865, #EA4A4C, #EC682F, #EE8433

The sunset has different colors with varying contrast levels to recreate warm nights and fire-like colors in the sky.


Spring colors are bright, clear, and lively colors that add a sense of vigor and brightness to space as winter winds down; it’s a good idea to add some colorful spring colors to invigorate your space. We have covered the four types of spring colors, 10 examples, and 5 color palettes that inspire you for your designs.

While you might be tempted to combine two or three colors to get what you want, you can settle for a brighter color like sky blue, coral, or yellow. Whichever color you settle for, ensure that it suits your taste and gives you a feeling of freshness and relaxation.

July 14, 2023
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