Standard Poster Size: The Definitive Guide

standard poster size

There is one instance where the saying “artwork doesn’t usually come in standard sizes” isn’t entirely accurate: posters. There are numerous standard poster sizes, including movie posters, event advertisements, band flyers, and large-format posters. However, it can be challenging to track all these different sizes.

Even though there are many sizes that a poster can have, the four most popular sizes are available for purchase or for poster printing yourself if you have access to a good printer.

Poster sizes vary. We advise selecting one of a few standard paper sizes that are frequently used in industries worldwide to make things simple. By selecting a widely used and standard paper size, you can reduce the amount of guesswork involved in planning for your poster’s proportions and have more alternatives for selecting the paperweight or material you choose.

No one standard poster size is utilized worldwide, even though we cover common poster sizes in relation to international paper size standards. Instead, there are defined sizes that function well for posters, although “poster size” is not a term with a set definition. Therefore, always confirm the exact poster paper sizes available with your printing company or paper supplier before designing a poster. In addition, always make sure you know how and where your poster will be displayed.

 standard poster board size

Common Poster Sizes

Knowing the inches & millimeters, print method, and their alias name is essential to avoid specific errors when designing or printing posters.

The following sizes of poster paper should be readily available from most paper manufacturers and poster printing services. Here are four standard poster dimensions and examples of each in usage.

11″ x 17″ Posters

Our smallest poster size is perfect for event advertisements without taking up too much wall space. Posters for bulletin boards and billboard posters typically measure 11″ x 17″. Additionally, you will frequently see them in public structures or doors to alert guests to specific activities. To decorate a locker or wardrobe, pin-up posters often come in this standard poster size.

what is standard poster size

18″ x 24″ (MEDIUM POSTERS)

The medium-sized poster can provide more room for information to be written on it. A medium poster is big enough to promote and advertise sporting events, festivals, and concerts. Many sports clubs at colleges and universities present their squad on an 18″ x 24″ medium poster. Check out the finest poster design ideas.

standard poster size in inches

24” x 36” (Large Posters) and 27” x 40” Posters (Movie Posters)

The likelihood of a poster being used for commercial advertising increases with poster size. Retail stores frequently print using dimensions 24″ x 36″ as the standard movie poster size. Concerts, festivals, and art exhibits are frequently advertised using 27″ x 40″ posters. It is possible to use sturdy outdoor poster paper that is waterproof and does not wrinkle when wet or when the adhesive is applied. These sizes become appealing for outdoor advertising.

These poster sizes are prevalent at exhibitions and trade shows.

The film industry has set a standard for movie posters with two different proportions. Usually, both are in portrait format:

  • One Sheet – typically 27″ x 40″ Inches in size (686x1016mm). They are commonly used in theatres for advertising movies.
  • Bus Stop (or subway poster) – is typically 40″ x 60″ in size. (1016mm x 1524mm).

Both are typically printed on paper stock for aesthetic purposes.

The most common standard movie poster size is 27×40. This well-known poster, sometimes known as a one-sheet, is displayed inside movie theaters to advertise new releases. The size was somewhat larger before the 1980s, at 27×41, so individuals who collect antique posters should take exact measurements to prevent too tiny framing. You can exhibit contemporary and retro printed movie posters with the frames that Frame Destination sells. Check out some creative ideas for posters.

what is the size of a standard poster board

Other Common Poster Sizes and Special Sizes

8.5″ X 11″ (Letter Size)

The 8.5″ x 11″ small posters are commonly referred to as “poster flyers” or “A4-sized.

Letter-sized posters are frequently seen at art galleries, street poles, and community bulletin boards. This size works well for sharing information, making announcements, publishing company regulations, supplying timetables, and more.

To avoid having your poster too small to read or view, bear in mind the size of your design elements and the text you employ. Maintain a straightforward message with basic visuals and concise wording.

 standard size poster


This size is a favorite for use as flyers on street lights and other locations with limited space because it is more significant than a letter-sized poster while still being seen. They don’t take up too much wall space but seem more professional and command more attention than A4-sized flyers.

 standard poster size inches

Posters that measure 11×17 are just the right size for indoor announcements and event advertising.

12″ X 18″ (MINI POSTERS)

Movie posters, advertisements, and personal wall art are a few examples of the many creative uses for mini-posters. Mini-posters are a popular intermediate printing size. With these reasonably priced smaller sizes, you can promote events or show off your work. These are also ideal for smaller window ads and portrait pictures.

Have you taken a beautiful holiday snapshot that demands to be displayed? You can proudly display your favorite shot at this size. Design this poster size for your message to be well seen and understood. Check out the guide for web banner size.

16″ x 20″

Stunning poster reproductions of your favorite family, vacation, children’s, and other images can be used to decorate any space. In addition, this size will capture your audience’s attention if you have a forthcoming sale or event because it is frequently utilized in retail displays. For displaying artwork or images in your store or at a gallery, 16″ x 20″ is a great size.

The 16″ by 20″ sheet, also a half-sheet, is used for groupings of information and posters displayed in convention centers and other prominent places.

The print method for this poster size is inkjet or offset. Digital camera picture or portrait picture is its alias.

 standard size poster board

19″ x 27″

These are the medium dimensions for standard poster sizes. These provide more excellent room for big photos and little text. Posters of this size are frequently used for advertising sales in retail windows.

Additionally, it works well for advertising sporting events, festivals, and concerts. Making a menu of goods or services to display to your consumers is another popular use for this size.

22″ X 28″

Magnetic messaging on a poster will captivate your viewers. These large-format prints work well for various applications, including lit display cases, menus, advertisement posters, and photo images with text. Whichever best serves your needs! When designing a 22″ x 28″ poster, strive to include a sizable, central message or image with supporting details that give the audience all you need to say to make an impact.


22″ x 34″ is one of the more popular poster sizes available. These posters are typically constructed from lighter paper weight than standard posters and feature pictures from pop culture, including movies, celebrities, books, and video games.

With options for lamination and custom sizes, you can get full-color concert posters and wall decor printed on eight mil Premium Photo paper in either High Gloss Luster Photo or Matte Solvent Luster Photo. You can be sure that these posters will have a significant impression.


The most popular size for printing large-format posters is 24 x 36 inches. These enormous posters, which are a popular size as well, are excellent for outdoor advertising. Promotions in busy places typically use one of these two sizes. Its large poster dimensions offer more than enough room for lengthy text, clear photos, and vibrant graphics.

Printed on large format printers, these poster sizes are prevalent at exhibits and trade shows. Using vibrant colors, distinctive imagery, and clever writing, you may create a spectacular poster at this size that stands out from the crowd.

The method of printing for this poster size is inkjet or offset. Architectural D, or a large poster, is its alias.


The Bus Stop size, which measures 40″ by 60,” is another common standard poster size for movie posters. This movie poster size promotes films outside, such as on bus stops, fences, or outside buildings. These five-foot-tall posters are difficult to ignore since they demand attention. Ensure your marketing message is eye-catching and vivid to grab the public’s attention. Find the guide to learn how to create a poster.

 standard poster frame size


With their size and impactful message, billboard posters will draw the greatest attention to your advertisement on the street. This poster will work when the standard-sized poster doesn’t fit your marketing campaign. Because of their enormous size, you may incorporate more information and use more creativity when designing posters.


48″ x 36″ is the right size to create a stunning, superior academic research poster. The poster should include an overview of your research and insightful commentary about what you discovered along the road. It should also be well-balanced between text and images. This large poster size will allow you to fit a lot of information into it.

The printing method is inkjet, and its alias is a research poster or academic poster.

Paper Choice & Weight for Poster Printing

Using standard printer paper with the best material for printing your posters is crucial. The first thing to remember is always to print posters on acid-free paper. The papers you select for printing should be acid-free because you don’t want your printed poster to become yellow over time.

 what size is a standard poster

The optimum stock to select for your poster depends on various variables that strict guidelines cannot determine.

These elements consist of the following:

  • Cost: Will you hang your poster on 100% cotton paper or pricey canvas in your living room? Or do you require the printing of 1000 posters in a batch? For printing posters, a wide range of materials are available, each with a particular price point and level of quality.
  • Personal Preference: While some prefer matte surfaces, others favor sparkly, high-gloss paper. This truly comes down to personal taste. Also, be aware that some papers have a particular tone to them, either chilly (blue tone) or warm (yellow tone) (red tone). This may have a significant impact on how the finished result appears.
  • Location and Durability: While some posters will be placed indoors, shielded from the weather, outdoor posters require more durability.


What are the standard poster sizes?

There are posters as large as 24 inches by 36 inches, which is larger than the common poster size of 18 inches by 24 inches. There are also smaller sizes, like 11 by 17, available.

What material are movie posters printed on?

Typically, a movie poster is produced on canvas. Unfortunately, the canvas texture movie poster is not as smooth as many customers prefer. If you prefer polyester fabric to canvas, we advise you to try a movie poster. The smoother surface of polyester-based movie posters makes them perfect for printing movie posters.

What size is a movie poster print?

Different types of standard movie poster sizes are available. The common movie poster sizes for prints are 24′′ x 36′′, 27′′ x 40′′, and 30′′ x 42.5′′.

How do you print a poster?

A basic printer can print a poster, but the quality won’t be as good as it would be if you used a professional printing service. Therefore, it is recommended to utilize a poster printing service to produce a high-quality poster.

Wrapping Up

Thinking of the appropriate design for your next poster printing project?

As we’ve already explained, there is no set size for posters that applies to everyone. No one will pull out a tape measure on the street to ensure that your poster is “standard,” even if choosing one of the typical poster sizes indicated above may provide you with the most options for printing, framing, displaying, or mailing your poster.

With that said, your poster size can be custom created by All Time Design’s team of talents. Our designers can help you create custom sizes for your posters that are perfect for your needs.

So if you’re looking to design that next ad poster for your new product or business service, All Time Design will design it irrespective of poster size.

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