8 Best Sticker Design Ideas to Watch Out in 2024

sticker design ideas

Whether it is splashy cartoon designs plastered all over the walls of a kid’s room or an elegant and powerful design pasted on a trade show booth, we are undeniably swamped by sticker designs all around us. Sticker design has ruled the hearts of many in the past for its versatile and eye-catching appeal. Be it through guerilla marketing or luxury brand marketing, marketers leave no stone unturned when it comes to building a brand identity. But for the marketers on a shoestring budget, sticker design had been a savior to make their messages stick!

Though there are thousands of cool sticker designs found on Etsy, Redbubble, and other such sites to decorate your social media and other marketing collaterals, nothing can beat the exhilaration of creating custom stickers for your brand. Find the sticker fonts that will make your brand stand out.

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Before we go surfing on the trendy sticker designs that are going to rule the rest of 2024, let’s understand the essentials that you might have to consider while designing a sticker for your brand.

Size, Shape, and Format

The first thing you might have to consider while designing a sticker is to settle with the size and shape you would like to go for. Big, circular, wavy, rectangle, or kiss cut, you call it. From water bottles stickers, wall decals to trade show booths and car decals, stickers are available in multiple sizes, shapes, and formats. While a non-orthodox design does the trick of grabbing the attention of your target audience, it may cost hefty when you send them out for printing.

Our pro tip is to play with the shape and go for the one that fits both your purpose and the budget. Check out the detailed guide, on the essential elements of graphic design.

popular sticker designs and ideas

When it comes to the format, you might have to choose between the CMYK and the RGB model. Most of the digital images work in the RGB model and substantially any colors created in the RGB model might be lost when converted to CMYK format. Thus, most of the print services prefer CMYK over the RGB model. If there’s any uncertainty, it’s prudent to dial in your print provider and check on the format that they prefer and go with the same.

Pop it up with a strong message

Stickers are the reflections of you and your brand’s personality. Be it a memorable quote from your favorite author, a witty quip, or a message to promote a cause, a well-drafted and eye-catchy message play a prominent role in raising awareness and fan followers for your brand. Explore some amazing brand ideas.

If your sticker looks cluttered with too much text sprawled across the design, people won’t fuss about comprehending the message. Your stickers will have an edge when you use shorter content and make the content pop with bold letters and bright colors. It will not only get across your message sound and clear but evoke the right feeling for your sticker designs.

Concept and design ideas

A well-designed sticker communicates the message in a span of a few seconds. Unlike billboards or mascot advertising, stickers are often viewed when passing by and not at a close range. If enticing your audience through stickers is your target goal, use wisecrack concepts and vibrant design themes for your stickers. For example, if your brand is all about gaming and if you want to represent yourself as spooky and edgy, singling out on darker themes and bolder colors might fit the bill.

Incorporating on-brand colors in the sticker designs is one way to emphasize your personality and leverage your branding. You can play around with color hues and nail down the one that works best for you. In the end, a cool sticker design should entice your audience, concurrently representing your brand. Also, explore some billboard designs and get inspired.

Technical specifications

Choosing a perfect shape, theme, and design for your custom stickers is only a part of the game. If you want to watch your perfectly designed custom stickers making the rounds both offline and online, there are a few technical specifications that you shouldn’t be missing on.

One is the resolution of the design and the other one is the bleed area.

It is requisite to have 300 DPI resolution for the designs to retain the quality of the sticker designs and 5mm bleed to save the corners of your designs being cut off. Whether you are designing colossal wall stickers for your office or cute and trendy designs for your water bottles, make sure you have clear instructions from your printing services before you set your artboard up to design.

Remember to follow these general guidelines while crafting a fun and cool sticker decal for your business.

Sticker design ideas to watch out in 2024

Now that you have an insight into the basic guidelines of what needs to be taken into account while creating a sticker, let’s dive deeper and take a look at some of the sticker design ideas that are all the rage this year.

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1. 90’s Retro Futurism Stickers

The retro graphics and stickers are back to rule this year with psychedelic influence. If you have a retro brand, make a killing with vintage-designed sticker themes. Whether you are sticking it on your product or posting it on your social media, adorn the sticker with your logos in the middle and give it a whirl with rustic colors, eccentric patterns, bold typography, and hand-drawn illustrations. Find the perfect guide about typography in logo design.

2. Die – Cut Stickers

Sometimes playing by rules may not be the best option to stick out from your competition and taking the route of eccentricity can do the trick. Die-cut stickers might fit the bill if you want to run your imagination wild and create off-the-beat sticker designs.

Die-cut stickers are nothing but stickers with unique shapes. Think of Nike‘s swoosh or Apple‘s half-bitten apple logo as examples. They standalone anywhere and create a strong association with the respective brands. Similarly, you can set the right mood for your brand with the selection of the right shapes, colors, and themes.

3. Creative Typography

Most people need a daily dose of motivation to boost their productivity every day and what better way to do than gluing motivational quotes on their laptops or phone cases? If you are one among them, take assistance from typography designs. They are simple yet strong and hit the mark right with the audience. Check out some sales motivational quotes and encourage your sales team.

typography sticker design ideas

4. Monochrome Stickers

Sometimes being simple may be the coolest way to capture the attention of your audience. If you are starting out from the scratch and in a confused state to pick color options for your brand, being monochromatic might be the safest option. Incorporating single color in the designs has its very own gains.

  • It gives a visually harmonious and tenacious look.
  • It sheds light on the message.
  • It helps associate with the brand better.

5. Classic Stickers

If your aim is to promote an event or publicize something that’s very common among a wide group of people, go for classic sticker design templates to make your life easier. People can resonate well with the design when you use familiar color hues, imageries, and themes for your sticker designs. For example, you can use cake imagery for birthday stickers or bagel imagery for coffee shops.

5. Minimalist Stickers

No matter how many design themes can whiz past, the realm of minimalism is an evergreen and favorable theme among all. A flat design with minimal color options has more room to play around with the lettering, graphics, and other elements. With minimalist sticker designs, you can focus more on your brand and message than the frills and fanciness of the designs. The cue is to have as minimal layers as possible to leverage sophistication in the designs. Explore some minimalist logo design ideas.

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6. Illustration Style

Nothing looks more refreshing and unique than the illustrative stickers you create for yourself. These custom-made designs ooze out a 100% natural and organic feel among your audience. A well-worked up custom illustration topped up with witty copy can make your sticker design and in turn your brand, more lively.

7. Character Stickers

Stickers with funny mascots or trendy cartoons are certainly icebreakers for your brand. It can be a character from your favorite cartoon or the trendy ones that are making rounds online, they are fun and appealing to watch. Whether you stick it on your car’s bumper or drape it on your laptop, people can’t help but pause briefly to figure out the message it conveys. Wouldn’t that be enough for you to tell them all about your brand?

If you do not have a strong brand presence or can not afford the luxury of creating the mascots, leveraging funny character sticker designs are the best pick.

8. Go Professional

If you want to cut the route of fun and vibrant and represent your brand on a serious and professional note, ensure your color, typography, imagery, and other elements sport simple and serious looks on the designs. Use subtle color hues, plain fonts, and simple imageries to symbolize professionalism through the designs. Health, bank, and financial institutions often use professional stickers to convey their message to their audience. You can also check out some ideas to draw the stickers.

Wrap – up

With the right sticker ideas, you can let your brand voice be heard all across the globe. By understanding what works best in the industry, you will have a fatter chance to create stylish sticker designs that your audience will love. At All Time Design, we create enormous stickers every day by keeping all the trends and technical considerations in mind. If you need a helping hand in creating vibrant sticker designs for your brand, we are here to help you out! Spend your time more effectively with easy things to draw in Illustrator.

March 22, 2022
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