Top 20 Sticker Fonts That Will Make Your Brand Stand Out

sticker fonts

Stickers are the best marketing tools for your brand for free.

A sticker promotes you to your customers in the cheapest possible way for personal and commercial use.

To know more, look around a bit. Do you, your friends, or colleagues have free stickers on laptops, phones, vehicles, water bottles, or even books?

sticker font

Though we think these are free stickers and are for our personal use, are they?

Most sticker designs are for brand promotions highligahting the brand name, logo, message, shops promotion, crucial moment, sale price, etc. There are also a few that are just for personal use.

The best example is the Apple logo sticker design.

But not all brands can match them, be as compelling and suitable for all.

So, many businesses use fonts on stickers to enhance their brand’s appearance to their customers.

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But you cannot create a sticker design randomly. Before promoting it, you need to consider the sticker design’s type, style, appearance, and whether it is for personal or commercial use.

Let’s start by creating stickers

Sticker making is super easy.

To create an exciting sticker, one needs to put effort into the sticker design, background, message, letter, fonts, and colour.

If you are a designer who understands the in and out of graphic design, you can use editing tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, and if you are a novice, use tools like canva.

Thanks to many free tools, anybody can become sticker makers, as it does not require a commercial license. All one needs is a legible collection of typefaces and designs, and they are set.

But before beginning to create a sticker, sort out the text/letter font you want to use.

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What is the role of fonts in sticker design?

Sticker fonts are the deal maker or breaker.

No one can recognize every design you put out on the market.

However, if you use clear and concise font styles in your design, it will stick out and help promote your brand better.

There are thousands of stickers on the market, but you might not be able to capture the audience’s attention without the correct font.

How to choose a sticker font style?

That’s easy.

Just make sure that you use a font that complements your sticker design.

All of this can be done for free, as there are a plethora of fonts available online.

And, if you are unsure of that. Here are 20 free sticker fonts that you can use for any brand or business.

Comic Strip

The Comic Strip font works well in an informal setup. The font is mainly used for comic stickers and is also excellent for B2C brands wanting to add a personal touch to their brand. Furthermore, the sticker font has clear-cut edges that are very appealing. 

The font is best to design stickers for games, fast food businesses, movies, and bumper stickers.


Vera Typeface is a tall, slender, and sleek serif font that gives off a sophisticated vibe. The font works best in tight spaces like invitations, magazines, brochures, flyers, and bumper stickers.


Raceway’s lettering creates an exciting illusion for the viewers. We can say that the Raceway font is best at giving an intimidating output that might also be hard to read. Thus, these font styles are the best examples for bumper sticker design, short quotes, and logo design.

Bumper Sticker

The typeface Bumper sticker works best for car bumper stickers. Large, bold, and clean letters give a great read to the sticker, and for the majority, this font style is used as plain text stickers.

These stickers also work best for gaming companies who want to attract a young audience with interesting stickers.


The font is heavily associated with the world of tattoos. Search, you’ll find that a lot of the tattoo text order is of this font type.

A heavily used font style, Bonzai, can also be seen as a street food sign, as the stunning curvy strokes indeed click and attract. This perfect eye-catching font style never ceases to attract our attention by making us curious about the sign or sticker offers.


Some designs and fonts may not be available or are too expensive. So, take the shorter and easier route and design your stickers. This is where Convecta comes into the picture, as this unique font pack is best for personal home creations.

Plus, it allows us to play around, thanks to its kaleidoscopic effect.

Marketing Script

The Marketing Script font is a script typeface that gives you the feeling of being handwritten. This type of font style is famously used in brand logo creation. They give a simple vibe and enable the viewer to remember them easily.


Want stickers that stand out. Then Sonic fonts are best advised. Given the large and bold letters, there is no way you will miss out on these fonts. Plus, the font name sharing the same name as ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ makes it easier for users and viewers to remember. 

Signerica fat

Want to add your signature to a sticker? The font Signerica Fat is the perfect handwritten sticker font available. Its long and cursive words are the perfect partner for stickers where there is a need to introduce some fun text.

These types of font stickers are best used to grow your personal branding. Plus, you can use the font as online stickers and in email signatures, as well.


Here’s another favorite cursive font type. The commercial sticker font is popularly used on signboards, business cards for freelancers, etc., to give pop and color to their work. The font can also be used as online stickers and promote your brand to your customer’s inbox.


Are you a fan of the ’50s & ’60s? If yes, then you’d indeed have seen this font. 

Today, many businesses used this font style when they want to promote themselves the fastest since this is an already famous font, which everyone will indefinitely connect to and remember it.

Christmas Shepherd

We call this our go-to happy font. The font style is pleasant to the eyes, and it is also viral among the thousands of youngsters who have moved into the path of influencing. You can develop many stickers using this font.

Christmas Shepherd is the favorite font for quotes, party signs, logos, and vinyl decals as it comes with the right amount of cursive and creativity.


Tastify is the best font for the summer season stickers. A dry brush typeface, Tastify is informal and casual and is best paired with colorful and bright backgrounds. This font type is perfect for creating decals, for advertising collaterals of comics, jwellery, fast food, and quirky characters. 

Adding the sticker font to a cartoonish graphic can make the overall outlook more fascinating.

Tropical Sweet

Here’s another favorite cursive.

Given our love for cursives, we must say that they are entirely different from one another. Take Tropical Sweet, for example. As the name suggests, it brings in a casual and informal vibe.

This type of sticker font is best used for cute and flowery stickers. And they can also be made into vinyl decals for diaries and journals.

Notice Things

As the name suggests, the letters are clean, easily noticeable, and easier to find amongst a heavily studded design.

If you are making a sticker that promotes to a younger audience, it is best to make good use of this font.

For example, it makes excellent stickers for journals, bookmarks, and laptops.


The hero is here! It is sleek, simple, spaced rightly.

This font style is best for companies in technology or SaaS, colleges, personal branding, etc.

Lezerno Demo

Lezerno Demo is another bumper sticker favorite. A part of the sans-serif family, it has the right balance between natural, easy-going movement and refined elegance. The font style stickers are most used as the lettering best complements every type of content. Download your free banner templates at All Time Design.

Oh! Sweetnuthin

We love sweet nothings. Oh! Sweetnuthin has a rugged, playful, and washed-out effect that makes it undeniably cool and attractive.

It works well for businesses with a predominantly young crowd. For example, this type of font design can be seen in music, YouTube, nonprofit organization messages, and event promotions. Resize the image in simple steps, check out the guide, how to resize image in Photoshop.

Hiatus Brush

An authentic brush stroke font, the Hiatus brush gives the vibe of being written casually.

These fonts are generally used to support, complement and promote hair & salon businesses, quotes, restaurants, etc. Find out some sticker ideas to draw.


Say hi to another sans-serif family font. Exquisite and neat, Mahartha is best for newsletter promotions, financial institutions, educational organizations, etc.

Get the best designs for font stickers

These simple fonts can give a cohesive and complete look to any graphics.

Now that you know how much brand awareness a sticker can bring you and your brand into the audience’s mind. You can also explore the best sticker design ideas.

Start creating cute and beautiful stickers and begin your brands’ growth process that matches your style.

How so? Subscribe to All Time Design and get the best designers to develop the best vinyl and sticker fonts designs at the best prices ever. Check out some amazing sticker ideas to draw.

April 1, 2022
10 min read
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