Trade Show Booth Marketing Ideas and Designs

trade show booth ideas attract visitors

Participating in trade shows events are common practice among businesses to promote themselves and attract their potential customers. This is why it is considered as an effective marketing tactic in the business world. These trade shows offer a platform to your company to showcase its latest offers on products or services. When you plan to set up your booth, the first thing is to make sure whether it would work for you. This means you have to come up with a booth that will want people to sit up and notice what you have to offer. It should be attractive enough to get people’s attention but should also be expansive enough to speak about your business to all those who are passing by. People should get mesmerized on the first look and want to check it out to see what you have for them. Make sure you have a flamboyant design plan for your booth. Before brainstorming some trade show booth ideas attract visitors, let’s get a brief of what a trade show is and why should you exhibit your business in one?

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What does it mean?

Trade shows are events that bring people of the industry together to discuss, demonstrate, and display their latest products. Usually, these events are hosted in large spaces like convention halls and take place for several days. But one-day, trade shows too exist!

Trade shows, also known as expos or trade fairs, have attendees depending on the trade show rules. For instance, some trade shows like the Consumer Electronics show would want only the industry professionals to attend. In contrast, others such as South by Southwest, admits everyone to walk in.

Why should you exhibit at a trade show?

Exhibiting in a trade show has the scope of bringing major benefits to your company. These tradeshows offer you a platform to communicate with your potential customers in person and demonstrate your new products. This will fetch you high-quality lead and new customers.

Also, exhibiting at a trade show will give you a chance to judge your competition. What are they working on? How do they interact with customers? And is there anything you can learn from them? There are numerous benefits to keeping an eye on the competition, and there is no better chance to do it than a trade show.

Exhibiting a trade show will also help you and your team to network the major players in your industry. From new vendors and distributors to new talents looking to change companies, you will meet them all in one place. You will also get the opportunity to present your brand as a professional and worthy of working with.

Now that you have understood what trade shows are and why exhibiting at them is highly worthwhile, let’s delve into the tips to make your booth stand out from the thousands of other companies participating.

Trade show booth ideas attract visitors

Trade show booth ideas
Source: Pinterest

A pop-up tent

This is a classic idea in the world of trade shows as it works wonders. It helps a company attract a large footfall, and it’s also easy to carry and set up. Pop-up tents offer a more intimate environment than the open-air style kiosks. The above example of a pop-up tent by Vodafone ( a British multinational telecommunications company) entices its visitors into their world. If it matches your brand, try renting a pop-up tent for your next tradeshow event.

trade show booth
Source: Pixelwavedesigns

Create a relaxing environment

Though attending trade shows can be a lot of fun, it can also be hot, sweaty, and exhausting. To prevent your visitors from feeling that way, offer them a hospitable environment and a ‘homey’ feel that makes them want to come in and relax. This design from Dyson not only looks comfy but also gives its visitors a better sense of how their products work. A perfect blend of marketing and sales.

Teach them something

Many visitors attend trade shows to learn about the new products and services in their industry and the companies making them and also about the latest findings and discoveries in the specific field. Lean into this fact and offer your visitors a real educational experience when they visit your booth. But when you are planning to take the route of education, make sure it is engaging too!

trade show booth design companies
Source: Twitter

The bigger, the better

Google is well known as a highly unique and fun company. So it’s, of course, not a surprise that their trade show booth always is a hit. It always has some imaginative features like a giant gumball machine or whatever that attracts people. Though this may be high on a budget for most companies, the principle behind it can still be employed. Think about newer ways you can emerge bigger with your trade show booth. It can be anything from giant pictures to huge stuffed animals or even enormous TV screens. All these big things are what catch the eye and inspire the hidden photographer in us.

Get your branding done right

When you plan your trade show strategy, it is imperative to keep your branding in mind. While some ideas may work for some companies, they may not work for others. The colors, the logo, the aesthetics should match your brand. Make sure it accurately reflects the booth design. You can also have a look at how to choose brand colors

Keep it interactive

For instance, Alienware, a subsidiary of Dell, which focuses on the gaming community, came up with a simple booth look. Still, it has done a great job of encouraging engagement. The folks were asked to click pictures and post them on social media with their hashtags. In return, the participants get featured in their booth. This is simple yet effective, which you too, can use in your kiosk to increase foot traffic and brand awareness.

Offer your visitors an exciting experience

The best example could be car manufacturers like Mazda, who give their trade show booth ideas to attract visitors to an engaging and immersive experience. They offer a virtual driving experience, allowing folks to test drive their cards. How can you do a similar thing for your attendees at the next trade show? This is the best way to increase your high-quality leads. After all, people would be more inclined to buy something when they have a chance to try it before spending on it.

Blow their minds

If you have a sufficient budget, the best thing you can do is to blow the minds of every visitor that walks by your stall. Look at this kiosk from Dell. All big, sleek, and eyecatching! You should consider investing in stellar booth designs for your next trade show. If you are using e-money it’s also fine, you can buy litecoin and spend this money on the trade show. You are sure to notice an increased footfall, qualified leads, and brand recognition, which will all be worth the money you invest.

trade show booth design ideas
Source: Skyline

Get help from a pro

Even if you have no design skills, it’s not a problem. There are many companies out there that will create stunning designs for you. Skyline company, after so much imagination, came up with the above display for Polaroid. You can see how sleek and stylish the booth looks. These are some features that would be difficult to replicate without external help. If you aren’t able to come up with one, remember there are folks to help you find the right one.

Rent a larger space

Another way you can stand out from the rest of your competitors is simply to rent more space. With a secure and bigger area, you can offer more interactive features and invite many visitors. If you plan to incorporate this feature, make sure you fill the extra space with enticing elements. Just the space for the sake of it won’t bring you any benefits.

Try Virtual

Virtual reality has been a technology that has been taking the world to the next level over the last few years. Jump on the bandwagon and add a VR element to your booth. It is a phenomenal way to increase your footfall and excite your visitors. According to a study, consumers are 53% more inclined to buy from a brand that does good use of VR. If you are worried about the cost, no need to! Google Cardboard can be bought for as little as $10.

Don’t forget the SWAG

Swag means “stuff we all get” and is used in every industry. This is exactly like how your accountants give you free pens, the dentist gives free toothbrushes, and the local band playing by the street hand you out free CDs. Use the same strategy in your B2B event marketing.

Swag works perfect for few reasons. First, who doesn’t love free stuff?! Secondly, when you offer a branded swag, they increase brand awareness. Lastly, when you give these kinds of stuff to your visitors, they get an opportunity to connect with your brand, and this will eventually build trust and relationship. So incorporate humorous versions of your company’s logos on t-shirts, bags, or caps to attract your attendees and spark a conversation.

If you are a marketer or a sales professional, then trade shows present you an awesome opportunity to interact with your audience. Right from exhibiting your product to networking with the kingpins of the industry, they offer you everything. But to really take advantage of this chance, you need to make sure your booth is a hit among people. Remember to grab the attention, know who your audience is and last but not least, to keep it fun and entertaining. Get more ideas on trade show booth by having a look at All Time Design.

November 6, 2020
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