What Is the Ideal Twitch Banner Size?

twitch banner size

The pandemic played a significant role in catapulting the gaming and live-streaming industry to the limelight. Stuck inside their homes, people acquired new hobbies, and if one could remember, one of the leading hobbies of 2020 was baking a banana cake.

Similarly, many young people took to gaming and live-streaming their games to their friends and followers during their free time, creating a massive influx of users and pushing gaming and streaming to the forefront.

It is here when platforms like Twitch saw an inflow of hordes of people joining to either watch someone play or stream their own game.

In 2021, the Amazon-owned streaming platform clocked 1.8 billion watch hours. Its influence has only continued to grow with support from major sports firms and players who employ the platform as a channel to broadcast their content or ideas.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is an American live streaming company owned by Amazon. Video game live streaming is its main focus, including broadcasts of esports competitions, music broadcasts, and real-life streams. One cannot just stream gaming but also other content that their viewers wish to.

With an estimated Monthly unique visitation of140 million, Twitch is the largest online streaming platform. Twitch was launched in 2007 by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear as Justin.tv that allowed people to live stream and chat with their audience.

The platform had different channels based on the content created, where the gaming channels gained the most viewership, which led to the initiation of ‘Twitch TV‘ as a separate entity under Justin.tv in 2011. Since then, Twitch has attracted about thirty-five million unique visitors a month.

Given the fact that there were no other platforms to give such a prospect to the gaming community Twitch TV grew and became the most popular e-sports gaming and streaming platform by a large margin. In 2014, Amazon acquired the platform for a whopping $ 970 million.

How to Create and Run a Twitch Channel?

Suppose you are curious by now about how Twitch works and are interested to see if streaming is for you or not. Then without much ado, let us take you through the steps on how you can create your own Twitch profile.

1. Go through the community guidelines

2. Decide on the channel’s content

3. Decide on the device for streaming

4. The first step is to sign up for Twitch

twitch offline banner size

5. Setup your Twitch profile

Once you have signed up for your Twitch channel, you can start setting your Twitch page at the channel settings.

Start by,

1. Adding your Profile Picture

Log in and go to Channel Setting > Brand > Under the heading profile picture, click Add a profile picture and upload an image from your computer or phone. Your Twitch banner must be JPEG, PNG, or GIF and cannot exceed 10MB.

2. Logo

Right-click inside the Sources box and click Add > Image. Name your image source and then click Browse to upload the image from your computer. 

3. Twitch Avatar

You can create your own Twitch avatar with the help of Adobe Character Animator. Install Adobe Character Animator on your PC, turn on your webcam, and the software will detect your facial expressions and head movements and then animate the avatar accordingly.

4. Profile Banner

Log in and go to Channel Settings > under the heading Profile Banner, click Update > you will be prompted with an Upload a Photo pop-up where you can select an image from your computer.

5. Offline banners/ Video player banner

Log in to your Twitch account > click on your profile image > click on Setting > click on “Channel and Videos”> click the “Brand” Menu > on the Video Player Banner Section, click the “Update” button. A pop-up will appear asking you to upload a photo where you can select an image from your computer.

6. Stream schedule

Updating the stream schedule is one of the best practices of all Twitch streamers. Why? In addition to letting their followers and patrons know when they are online, this helps streamers gain more viewers during their broadcast.

7. Edit the About Me section

These are a few essential pieces of information that you must set up. And if you need additional information, you can always look up Twitch’s channel page setup.

Once done with the setup, you can start choosing the software you want to use to live stream. For Twitch novices, you can opt for either OBS StudioStreamlabs OBSXsplitvMixRestream, or Twitch Studio. For even more options, you can visit Twitch’s streaming software suggestions.

The Importance of Twitch Banners

As you know, Twitch is a streaming platform, which means that there will be viewers visiting your profile to understand what you do. In that case, it is requisite that you have an attractive and interactive profile banner that will give away your expertise and promote you.

All the information you input on your Twitch page is necessary. But in general, we are easily attracted to visuals faster than words. Hence, your profile picture, profile banner, and avatar will inevitably gain attention more quickly than your profile bio. And since your Twitch banner is placed right on top of your channel, it is the best place to promote your personal brand.

Thus, we suggest that you put in a bit more consideration while designing your Twitch profile picture and banner.

A Twitch banner is your personal branding and will enable your viewers and target audience to recognize who you are. You will also save time and energy by using the same logo or banner on your other social media platforms, so viewers will already know you.

The Different Types of Twitch Banner Templates

There are two types of Twitch banners. Let us explain it briefly.

Till 2020, a Twitch profile banner was the most crucial part of your Twitch profile. It is what you will call a profile picture on other social media sites.

But, ever since the Twitch user interfaces update, Twitch Profile banners have dropped down to just being background wallpaper. Thus, you can only work with patterns and background colors here. Even then, it is an integral part of your profile and requires adequate attention.

On the contrary, Twitch video player banners have become essential for your profile promotion. Video player banners are offline banners where you incorporate your personal brand. It is similar to an away message that you send when you are offline or on vacation to your colleagues or peers, just that the offline banner is much more creative and interactive.

You can also give additional information about your social media account handles, logos, and stream schedules.

Given that both profile banners and video player banners are essential, most streamers couple both their profile banner and video banner design together to leave a lasting impression on their viewers and target audiences.

What is the Right Twitch Banner Size?

Take a note – there are two types of Twitch banners.

  • Profile Banner
  • Video Player banner

Therefore, it is in your best interest to keep the Twitch banner dimensions in mind while creating a design.

In addition to providing the recommended Twitch banner size, we’ve given the size of other images that you’ll need to upload to your Twitch profile as well.

what size is a twitch banner infographic

The file size of your images, especially the Twitch profile banner and video player banner, should not exceed 10 MB, the maximum file size. In addition, make sure that they are in JPEG or PNG formats.

You will also be able to,

  • Add Text
  • Add sound or music effect
  • Add Images and more

With these dimensions in place, you will have no trouble creating your own twitch banner.

How to create a Twitch Profile Banner?

A Twitch banner is often taken to be a branding tool, and for a good reason. By utilizing appropriate Twitch banners using the perfect Twitch banner size for your content, you attract a wider audience to view the content.

As such, your Twitch banner is a prominent marketing element. It is also a fantastic way to draw more fans to your site.

Before we start creating your Twitch profile banners, bear in mind a few tips that will help you make the best twitch banners.

  • Choose simple patterns
  • Gain design tips from professionals
  • Choose designs that look well on wider screens
  • Follow the correct twitch banner size
  • Promote your Channel
  • Try to use PNG format cover images
  • Don’t add too many words
  • Don’t clutter with other elements
  • Stay consistent

Now that you are ready, it is effortless to create a Twitch banner with both free and paid options. But first, check out these top platforms where you can create your own Twitch profile banners for free.

  • Canva
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Snappan
  • Placeit
  • Fotor
  • Pixelied
  • Vista

Examples of the Best Twitch Banner Templates

There are hundreds of streamers live streaming at any given time. These individuals tailored their banners carefully to reflect their individuality, either with the help of professionals or by using a free tool. If you are a novice, then choose a free Twitch banner template from the many websites online.

Here we have curated some of the Twitch profile banner examples of top Twitch streamers who have turned heads.

Ninja Twitch Banner

AmandarachleeTwitch banner

GenshinImapctOfficial Twitch Banner

Team Envy Twitch Banner

xQcOW Twitch Banner

Shroud Twitch Banner

DrLupo Twitch Banner

Pokimane Twitch Banner

ibai Twitch Banner

Riot Games Twitch banner

Final Thoughts

Creating an amazing Twitch banner for your Twitch channel page isn’t tough. But there are many aspects you need to keep in mind like the twitch sizes, color schemes, best tools, art style, panel size, etc.

And if you are a professional gamer and want to promote your brand, you need a good Twitch banner. The right Twitch banner might not get you immediate fame, but a poorly designed one is sure to leave a bad impression.

In addition, businesses have also begun advertising on Twitch to promote themselves. In other words, the more popular a streamer is, the more companies will want to work with them.

As a result, it is imperative to have a professionally curated Twitch banner, and this is where we can help. We have some of the best designers at All Time Design who provide you with beautiful Twitch banners at affordable prices within crazy-fast turnaround times. Check out some easy things to draw in Illustrator.

Book a demo today and find out how a professionally curated design can boost your popularity among viewers and audience. Happy streaming! Find the right guide for social media image size.

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