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Users will likely lose interest in a pc or mobile app if it doesn’t follow the most recent design trends.

Given that trends change constantly and there is always a new trend on the horizon creating an app that is both contemporary and attractive is difficult. But app developers must adhere to current design trends.

It’s not always possible to stay on top of every tendency and trend in the market. There are constantly new rules, animation content, videos, new approaches to illustrations, and many more ideas that you need to find time to research and test out first.

This article will show ideas that millions of developers can use as a medium to create outstanding UI designs.

What Makes a Good User Interface (UI) Design?

A great design tells a story, establishes your brand’s identity, and demonstrates your values to the world. All of that is communicated through visual elements using color, shape, and other design elements. Learn how to tell your brand’s story through your UI design.

If a member only recommended your company to a prospect, this prospect won’t just come knocking on your business doors. They will surf the web about your company. Your website and mobile app will serve as a medium to get to know your brand. If the UI is difficult to access or navigate, you have pushed a potential client alongside unknown others out the door.

How to Create Your Design

Work with a qualified designer if you want an outstanding UI design that stands out from the crowd. Find and work with a designer to bring your ideas to life, or hold a competition to gather inspiration from designers worldwide.

All Time Design is a place to start where skilled UI designers can create a fantastic UI design and offer design inspiration for your business.

Finding Inspiration for Your UI and UX Design

Listed down are some of the design inspirations to help you break out of a UX/UI design rut.

Do the Thing

It’s tempting to start dissecting an existing product or procedure when approaching a UX/UI design. This is useful; however, it might also restrict your perspective and vision to what is currently trending. Another excellent choice is to speak with users. It can open our eyes to different perspectives. But occasionally, you must leave the office and give it a shot yourself if you want to feel truly inspired.

The significance of being fully immersed in an experience can be demonstrated using your first project. If given an app to redevelop, do a physical search for the location, items, and others needed if necessary. Instead of studying the current website and forms, you gain more insight into the complete experience. Stanford’s d.school resources and exercises is a great place to start if you want to test this out.

Go to the Web

The step for performing competitive research is likely on your design checklist. You presumably browse the typical websites for ideas and trends, such as Behance, Awwwards, and Dribble. These are excellent, but you can do more.

Visit more than simply the competition’s website, obtain their merchandise, and give it a thorough test run.

Examine social media and review websites as part of your comparative review. What do customers have to say? You’ll only see the best testimonials if you exclusively visit the websites of your rivals. Genuine user reviews are available on Yelp or Amazon, depending on the experience. In addition, social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can give you immediate access to a user base that could be difficult to reach through user testing or interviews. Get inspired by the best landing page design.

Step Away

The best course of action is occasionally to give up on designing and take a break. By changing your focus, you can give your brain a much-needed mental respite as it continues to work on your problems in the background. Sometimes, designer’s block is a sign that you must step away for a while.

Observing your surroundings will provide you with ideas on how things are done and how people behave, whether or not your UI design has anything to do with navigating your city. Our world is rife with inspiration, whether from people watching, ads, or architecture. We can develop empathy and understanding of human behavior and thought by watching other individuals. Unfortunately, we frequently become stuck in our current inspiration, personal opinions of a process or product, or how we always do things.

You can develop this mental muscle by keeping a file of items you find online, making notes when inspiration strikes, or snapping images with a mobile phone. These things will also serve as resources for the next time you run into a problem.

We only need to keep our eyes and brains open to find inspiration.

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UI Design Trends and Ideas

Below is a list of UI design trends and ideas to make your app design stand out:

Gestures and Swiping Experiences

In contrast to PCs, gesture and swiping interactions make mobile devices more alluring and interesting. Swiping is also more enjoyable.

One of the biggest priorities for modern mobile app design has become this design trend. Some app creators even advocate against using buttons at all. Buttons create clogs and take up too much screen space. Additionally, the gesture design fad recommends swiping capabilities in place of buttons.

For swiping actions, trying animation can be helpful. Apps for books typically use animation when turning pages, for example.


The appropriate font selection is a crucial component of mobile app design. Internet users typically scan rather than read content. As a result, choosing a font that effectively sets emphasis is worthwhile.

Designers are now utilizing odd fonts. The text no longer appears dull and blends into the background. Its goal is to make the design more vibrant and unique.

By arranging typography, including point sizes, line spacing, line length, tracking, and hierarchy, you may give your mobile app users an excellent and readable experience.

Remember that not every product is appropriate for unconventional, “wild” typefaces. Establish the role that text plays in your application. For example, you can experiment with formats in an online magazine to make the layout more interesting.

Dark Mode

One of the most prominent design trends is the dark mode, which is already widely utilized in numerous apps. Many app developers have recently allowed users to switch between regular and dark modes. Consumers can so select whatever they find appealing.

The background of a website with a dark theme is dark, while the typefaces and other elements are light or white.

For example, popular apps, like Twitter, now support the dark mode. As a result, people who use the dark mode can navigate more comfortably and with less eye strain.

90’s Style

Fashion, including mobile app design, influenced every aspect of life in the 1990s.

Designers employ vintage typefaces, images, and graphics reminiscent of well-known PlayStation games from the 1990s (for example, Mario or Pac-Man). As a result, you can attract interest from two generations when you use 90s vibes: younger people adore vintage items, while older people feel nostalgia.

Motion and Animation

All of us enjoy viewing videos and frequently visit TikTok or YouTube. However, animation and video content are more dynamic and engaging.

Most individuals, according to statistics, watch instructional films before using an app. However, the information is more engaging, thanks to animation and motion design advancements. When you have a real-world example in front of you, it makes the knowledge easier to understand. Instead of static material with lengthy descriptions and fewer details, animation keeps readers’ attention and makes the app more engaging.

Comfort Visuals

Visuals that are reassuring are easy on the eyes. Both consumers and app developers adore this modern mobile app UI design approach.

Design for mobile apps shouldn’t merely be stunning. Our eyes should find it convenient and straightforward to read. Instead, we spend the entire day staring at our screens, which causes eye strain and weariness. App designers make apps easy to use to lessen this negative impact.

The comfort visual web design trend recommends using basic layouts, clear pictures, and natural hues in your app. These techniques are typically included in meditation apps. They contain actual images of nature with serene hues and straightforward, light elements; rarely do they have gloomy theme designs.

Gradients and Transparent Elements

Gradients and transparency are vital components of app UI design style. Designers frequently use gradients for creating buttons and app backgrounds. The essential components of the application are highlighted by the mobile gradient trend, which also draws attention to specific elements and gives users a sense of hierarchy.

Transparent aspects in mobile app UI design highlight the complexity and draw attention to specific app components, improving the design’s clarity and appeal.

You can divide the screen into two logical sections by using a transition from light to dark theme design. Additionally, you can make buttons stand out on the screen by using gradient themes.

The concept of glassmorphism is also essential to note. Glassmorphism is used to mellow the contrast between light and dark design components. Transparent, fuzzy backgrounds that approximate the matte glass surface is used in the design concept.

Best UI/UX Design Inspiration Sites With Great Design Elements


Designers are encouraged by Dribbble to share their work and design knowledge with other consumers. Many photographers, designers, and other artists enjoy showcasing their work on Dribble because of its excellent overall collection quality. But not everyone can access it. If you wish to submit your work, you must get an invitation code from other designers.

 creative ui design landing page ideas


The most extensive collection of design resources for Figma is available at FigmaCrush. It’s a carefully curated collection of Figma UI kits, mobile and website templates, icons, wireframe kits, and other motivating design resources produced and distributed by the Figma community.

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UI Movement

User interface (UI) design is the main emphasis of UI Movement, and they compile the best submissions from Dribbble. Finding the ideal app UI design for each element you require is simple if you are interested in UI animations.

Creative Bloq

Information about web design, graphic design, illustrations, and other topics may be found on the professional UX design resource, Creative Bloq.

 mobile app ui design ideas


The comprehensive blog platform Medium has an extensive library of UX design resources. We advise you to read news and articles about UX design on the platform for an hour or two each day.

 ideas to practice ui design

Top App UI Design Inspiration Ideas

The illustrations below are a design inspiration medium to guide and support app creators’ creative blocks when designing a web UI design.

Let’s get inspired!

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Mobile App UI Design – Rent a boat

This is a design concept for a mobile app that allows consumers to kayak and hire boats together.

Line Friends Online Store App UI Design

The illustration of the UI design brings a cartoonish feel to viewers’ screens.

Responsive Dashboard Animation UI Design

Dating App UI Design – Data and stats screen

This app’s UI design developer focused the app’s concept on showing data and statistics of the dating pool.

Watch Shop UI animation

Also, check out some top web page design ideas.

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