How To Seamlessly Work With A Graphic Designer

how to seamlessly work with graphic designer

Who is a Graphic Designer?

The person who is more creative with fewer resources and they can make solutions more colorful and meaningful. No one can replace the beautiful graphics of a website, images, and other banners except the creative graphic designers. 

Most of us would have immersed ourselves in the world of magic and witchcraft while reading the infamous fantasy fiction, Harry Potter. Though reading a book develops your sense of imagination, watching a movie lets your mind store them for a longer time.

When we saw the visuals of our favorite Harry or Hermione or Ron on a big screen, we were fascinated and flabbergasted. So whenever we think about Harry Potter, our mind delves into that imagery. That is the power of visuals. Similarly, for a business to reach the attention of its target audience, it needs visuals.

It needs a graphic designer to curate unique varieties of designs to increase brand value and recognition.

What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

One of the major reasons for people to prefer graphics overwritten text is due to the speed of absorbing information. This is an essential point for consideration and also, a major drawback concerning a long body of information.

Too much text in an advertisement would require someone to dedicate too much time to absorb the information it is trying to convey. According to research, the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than a text, and 90% of the information that it transmits is visuals.

Since we humans are visual in nature, we can put this skill to use to enhance data processing and organizational effectiveness. A strong graphic can instantaneously communicate a feeling, emotion, and value in a matter of seconds.

Importance of graphic designers for a business

importance of graphic designers for a business

Take a moment and look around you. Look at the cover images of a newspaper or magazine or a book. It may give you some visual concepts and other design elements work. It is mostly designed in a manner to capture your attention. Now compare the packaging of the chips packet and the instruction label of your T-shirt.

The attractive packaging of the chips entices you to eat them while the label just informs you. Even the advertisements you see on social media are designed with the intent to lure you into investing in their products or services.

All those observations which grabbed your attention have the hard work of a graphic designer with specialized graphic design software. It is a necessary part of any business. Being a graphic designer is not only about creativity but achieving a set of objectives like creating a good graphic design website, graphic design portfolio using text, abstract elements, images, and symbols.

A few graphic designers work closely to fulfill all of your needs in the first experiment.

who is a graphic designer

Even your company’s business cards, stationeries, envelopes and logos play a major role in keeping your brand image and company’s name forefront to your customers. So you would need a great graphic designer to curate designs for these business identity items that stays solidly in your customers’ mind.

To make a good first impression, invest wisely in your business cards. Many graphic designers not only create advertisements but artworks for your local billboards and van wraps. Direct emailing is still an important aspect of marketing.

Your brand stands strong if you uniquely curate catalogs and brochures and send them to your customers from graphic designers work.

You need to have your business’s websites up to date with visuals. Whenever you have launched a new product or service, your online store should have updated the changes. The images used on social media or emails should be carefully constructed and pieced together to attain your agenda.

The photo you took may not be professional enough to be uploaded on your business’s social media page or website. A graphic designer fixes it by editing the colors, removing or sharpening the objects to make the image come to life.

Tips to seamlessly work with a graphic designer

When working with a graphic designer for the first time, can be a bit intimidating. You are handing over your brand identity and reputation to a complete stranger. Though it may sound risky, it is the best thing to do from a business standpoint.

As long as you know how to work seamlessly with a graphic designer or a design team, your final outcome will be beyond your wildest expectations. But never forget this is a creative field, and things work a bit differently here. Before entering the tips here, you can learn some graphic design rules.

Here are a few best tips to make it easy for you to work with a graphic designer. Try incorporating them to get great possible results.

  • Show them instead of telling
  • Know what you want first
  • Agree on details
  • Give them feedback as problems and not a solution
  • Treat them as a part of your team
  • It’s okay to over-explain
  • Keep your mind open

Show them instead of telling

work with graphic designer show them instead of telling

Every client wants a jaw-dropping design. But what that means to both of you can vary. You never know if you and your designer are traveling in the same boat. Rather than articulating it, show your designer a few design examples that you find attractive. You can collect samples from websites, logos, ads, and more.

Visuals offer your designers a chance to grab the artistic nuances and techniques they can use in your project. You need not necessarily have to show some closely related examples. You can also show a Van Gogh painting as an inspiration for creating a design. Or you can show an old age font from a newspaper if you prefer that for your website.

If your designer can see what you want, he might find it more useful than a verbal explanation. You can build a mood board filled with inspirational images, icons, colors, fonts that you are looking to portray in your projects. They are a great way to solidify a visual style. And some other graphic designers or graphic artists work can visually treat you.

Know what you want first

First, you have to understand what you want to expect your designer to give to you. This includes both the creative and business aspects. It is common for you to leave all your creative decisions to your designer (Of Course, that’s why you are hiring them), but there are some business and branding choices that they can’t take for you.

Also, make sure to nail down the scope of your project as early as possible.

If you prefer an adaptable logo or a series of projects instead of just one, figure it out sooner than later. You can convey a lot of preliminary information with a well-designed creative brief, which highlights your project’s basic outline.

Before getting in touch with a designer, frame your thoughts, and make a list of all the things you need. This helps your designer in providing you with a fair schedule and pricing. Not doing so might end in chaos as you are not the only person your designer might be working with.

Agree on details

You and your designer might search for common ground in a creative aspect, but don’t neglect concrete details. The deadlines, schedules, pricing, and payment are crucial aspects that should be fixed at the beginning rather than the end to avoid so many problems.

It is imperative to give a reasonable time frame for your designer to come up with his curations. Short deadlines might turn into a recipe for disaster. Minor details like file formats to play an essential role. When you haven’t mentioned your desired file format, and the designer uses a different format, it might lead you to disastrous consequences.

You and your designer would have agreed on a deadline. It would be best if you acknowledged them, instead of vanishing for weeks and months. Even a feedback mail would do a lot.

Give them feedback as problems and not a solution

while work with graphic designer give them feedback

Even a top designer won’t always get it right the very first time. Most projects would require one round of feedback. But if you don’t convey them well, then look forward to 3 or 4 more rounds! An expert tip is to say your feedback as problems quickly and not solutions.

Just tell them what is bothering you instead of telling them how to fix it. Your designer is already an expert. By telling them what to do, you are ignoring their expertise and cutting off their need to think beyond, which can be even better than yours. When you are giving feedback, just point out what you need instead of revising them.

Treat them as a part of your team

graphic designer part of your team

If you wish to be friendly with your freelance graphic designer, start treating them more like colleagues or friends. Freelancers are often looked upon as a removable asset in a company, but they become a part of your team when you welcome them. That’s how you should start to communicate.

If you want to cancel a meeting, inform them prior to notice. Offer them the liberties you offer to your regular employees.

This means access to your sales analytics, website data, and marketing-related information to hone in on your company’s goals. Share with them contacts of those they can communicate with in case of doubts or clarifications. If you work as a single connection between the designer and the company, there are chances for the workflow to get clogged.

It’s okay to over-explain!

Usually, over-explaining is bad. But when it comes to graphic designing, everything you convey helps. In addition to showing them just visual examples, give them as much background information as possible.

Share your business goals and motives to your designer in addition to project parameters. Professional designers understand this aspect more than you think, and knowing these details, lets them create effective design solutions for your business.

Keep your mind open

When hiring a graphic designer, you are not only paying for their artistic skills but also for their knowledge and experience. When they say a new idea is better than an old one, keep an open mind. It is common for businesses to have some fixed vision of something on their head and blindly hire designers to bring that idea to life.

But a field like graphic designing is robust and intricate that the designer might know something more about your vision than you do. In that case, trust your designer’s ability. Of course, your ideas matter, but results emerge the best when you blend your ideas with that of the expert.

keep your mind open while work with graphic designer

Trust plays an important role everywhere. It is challenging to gain that immediately with someone you have never worked with. But once you know how to work seamlessly with a graphic designer, you are all set to go. You both can together collaborate your ideas and get them to life.

With these tips, you are making your job, as well as that of your designer, smoother and easier than before. Check out the ultimate guide for a perfect graphic design.

August 26, 2020
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