How to View Instagram Feeds Without Logging Into Your Account

View instagram without account

Today, we can see that almost everyone is digitally present and is digitally active on one or the other social network.

This constant digital presence is also why most social networking sites have restricted usage. That is to say that one cannot view their user’s accounts without having an account themselves.

For example, on Facebook, you can view a post as long as you are interested, have the website link and know where to search. But still, there are also sites that do not allow any sort of viewership without an account.

The most stringent with this rule is Instagram. You cannot view the Instagram posts of others without an Instagram account.

view instagram stories without account

But what if there is someone who’s digitally absent but still wants to check out someone’s Instagram account for some information?

Can I view Instagram without an account?

Technically speaking, you cannot view Instagram without an account. Because Instagram will systematically ask you to log in or register to create an Instagram account before letting you view its content.

how to view instagram without an account

Is viewing Instagram without an account possible?

However, there is always a backdoor to access Instagram through the help of third-party apps.

One way is where you can use the Instagram account link with the right username and paste it into your web browser’s search field. This will open up the exact Instagram profile on the search results and let you browse and view Instagram posts and read comments on the profile for up to 30 posts. This is possible only for public profiles

Otherwise, third-party tools like ImgInn, Instastories, storiesdown, anon ig viewer, and others, are always there to help you out of the ordeal of having to have an Instagram account to view Instagram posts or the Instagram profile of someone. Check out the easiest guide for how to change background on Instagram story.

Can I View Instagram stories anonymously?

Similar to Instagram posts there are many who want to view Instagram stories anonymously. They may already have an Instagram account but do not want the other person to know of them viewing their Insta stories and videos anonymously.

Similar to how you can view Instagram profiles without an account there are third-party services that allow you to view stories on Instagram without an account.

How to see Instagram without an account?

As you know there are third-party services that allow you to view Instagram without an account. Also, almost all of these services are free to use.

With the help of any search engine, you can simply open the platform in any browser on any of your devices.

Follow these few steps and use these third-party services to display Instagram without an account:

Open your browser

You can choose any browser to browse Instagram content with the help of a third-party tool.

Find a reliable third-party app

When you choose a third-party app, make sure that these apps do not need any of your personal information. A few third-party user applications can be malicious.

Make sure you use a Private Instagram Story Viewer

While choosing the third-party tool make sure to find one that also allows you to check on Instagram accounts set on private through their username. Because in general, you will not be able to view an Instagram account or its stories if the account is set to private.

Find the Instagram account you are looking for in the app

Most third-party tools allow you to search for Instagram usernames on their search bar. But still, it is best to take notice of malicious services that might harm you.

Top sites to view Instagram posts content without an account

There are a number of sites with whose help you can access the content of an Instagram profile or Instagram story without an account, but it is especially crucial that you search for the right site, which does not ask for your personal information or even have a compulsory registration to start using their service.

Here are a few of our favourite sites that are completely free and that do not ask for any kind of registration from its user,


This account allows you to browse Instagram posts, stories, private profiles, trending profiles and a public profile along with all statistics in a crisp and clear account.

view instagram story without account


This website predominantly allows you to view Instagram stories anonymously and also download them. You can directly type the exact username on the search bar and the site will bring you the correct profile in a jiffy.

view instagram profile without account


This site allows you to edit and browse Instagram stories, profiles, followers, posts and tags online and without an account.

view instagram stories without an account


Open this site to download everything that Instagram has to offer right from an Instagram profile, Instagram photos, IG videos and Instagram stories. This is one of the easiest sites to use and it is an easy Instagram viewer and downloader.

how to view instagram stories without an account


Mystalk is an online Instagram profile viewer. Through this site, you can view and download everything that Instagram offers from photos, tagged posts, stories and posts to its users.

instagram view without account


Your free and private Instagram story viewer. Using this user-friendly website, you can watch Insta stories, photos, profiles, followers, and posts tagged anonymously.

can you view instagram without an account


This is the best private viewer to view and access photos, videos and Instagram stories. With this website, you can view private Instagram accounts anonymously and quickly just by using their username without having the need to log in or have an account.

can t view instagram without account


The Anon IG Viewer is an online browser that allows you to watch and download Instagram stories, videos, photos, or posts of people you are interested in using their username, without them knowing.

how to view instagram without account

Now that you know these private Instagram viewer websites you can easily overlook all the features of Instagram and still view an Instagram account without an account.

But as the saying goes nothing comes for free, here as well there are certain restrictions that you will have to face.

By using third-party apps, you can only view Instagram without an account, and not interact with any of the profile owners.

The third-party websites are great to use if you have a specific need or are an extremely occasional Instagram viewer and thus do not have an Instagram account. But still, the setbacks are much more, like watching a particular Instagram story you need to be on the constant lookout as they disappear in 24 hours. Whereas if you had an Instagram account you will be notified instantly of the update. This also saves time for you. Reach the article related to Instagram highlight covers.

The same goes for reading and exchanging messages with both public and private account holders. You also cannot leave comments on the post you like as you technically are not authorised to do so without an account. Know the various categories of Instagram.


As you can see, it is very clear that without a registered Instagram account you are deprived of many essentials.

Thus, we suggest that even though you can use these and other websites to view and download Instagram photos, videos, and stories. It is always best to access these profiles in person through the right channels.

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