Web Pages Design Ideas to Inspire

web pages design ideas

Creating a business website can be difficult; there is a lot of pressure to develop your brand’s most refined digital representation. Imagine it as a “virtual storefront,” with the home page as the main entrance. An attractive web design helps you achieve your goal of having a website that is aesthetically pleasing enough to attract website visitors.

Although having a web presence is a huge decision, the best website design ideas result from numerous smaller ones. But a design for your website is a significant choice that necessitates a lot of thought, effort, and inspiration.

We’ve gathered fantastic site design inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

 web page design ideas

What Makes a Good Website?

Before we look at some creative website design ideas, let’s go through the fundamentals of what makes a good website.

Functional and developing design

Have you ever clicked on a website to find yourself immediately overwhelmed by the abundance of buttons, text, and links? Your website’s appearance speaks volumes about your business’s professionalism. Your homepage design and landing page are crucial for potential customers to feel trusted and receive value.

So it’s ideal to always keep users’ experience in mind when creating; design elements like an appealing layout, white space, quality copy, and a thorough style guide will go a long way in catching and maintaining visitors’ attention. A successful site design supports a positive user experience for your clients.

Additionally, responsive design is essential: a great responsive web design ensures users always have the best experience possible, regardless of their device or browser’s size, platform, or orientation. You may regularly adapt and evolve your website to match the always-changing needs of your customers by conducting thorough routine market research. Remember that digital design is constantly evolving, and so should your website. Check out some web design principles you should care about.

 ideas for web page design

Focus on Value First

Your web page ought to encourage site visitors to stay once they land there. The homepage is the most significant spot to nail your value proposition to convince prospective customers to stay on your website rather than visit one of your competitors. You will turn individuals “simply browsing” into consumers by providing a high-quality service or product.

 web page design ideas example

Brand Identity Communication

To create a unified brand identity, your website is crucial. Every page of the website should communicate your brand’s narrative, including your logo, tagline, branded imagery, and values. A visitor should be able to quickly understand “who” and “what” your brand is/does by looking at the overall content of your site.

web page design ideas free

Attracting Your Audience

Keeping your target audience in mind is the most crucial aspect of developing a brand and website. Every design decision must address how you can best serve your audience and create a satisfying, memorable, and distinctive experience. You won’t be able to compete if you don’t have this. Use language and imagery that will resonate with them and reflect principles they can identify with.

 simple web page design ideas

Web Design Ideas for When You Feel Stuck

There are numerous causes for feeling stuck on a project. Perhaps your most recent client is incredibly elusive in their requests, and you have no idea where to begin. Or perhaps you’ve been working nonstop for a while and feel exhausted and uninspired. Perhaps you’ve been designing websites for the same clients without having a chance to use your creativity. Whatever the cause, it’s an overall experience to feel stuck.

We begin by offering web design advice you can utilize right away to enhance the job you are doing to assist you in coming up with good ideas if you are experiencing designer’s block. Check out the color ideas for business.

Make use of Pinterest mood boards

A great tool for making mood boards is Pinterest. You might gather graphic materials that you believe will help you with your project or give it direction. These could include a picture, color scheme, designs, already-existing websites, etc.

Your primary source of design inspiration will be the mood board. Additionally, you can distribute it to clients or colleagues so they can add to their content.

 web page design ideas computer theme

Create a Step-by-Step Plan

 creative web page design ideas

As the saying goes, failing to plan is intending to fail. The same is valid for web design. If your website design ideas fall flat, it’s possible that you haven’t yet addressed the essentials. You won’t be able to add creative touches unless the foundation is solid. Here are a few examples of planning:

Create a buyer’s journey diagram

It would be best if you decided on the path you want visitors to pursue in addition to the primary purpose. From the time they first visit your website until you succeed in whatever objective you set out to accomplish. Then you may develop a plan to guide them properly. All Time Design has an excellent article about that.

Determine the purpose of the website

You need to comprehend the goal of the website. If you don’t, what are you then designing? SMART goals, also known as specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely goals, are reasonable goals.

Create a style guide

A style guide can help you keep your design consistent. These include descriptions of fonts, hues, and other design components. In addition, utilizing one promotes uniformity, which is advantageous when collaborating with others. Google is a good case in point.

Plan Your SEO

Planning is also essential for SEO. Create a website map to learn how to structure your content for both site visitors and search engines.

The traffic of your website is impacted by SEO since SEO tools control how frequently your site shows in search results and, as a result, how many users access, view, and interact with it. It makes it easier for search engines to find your website quickly and for web browsers to display the content appropriately.

Focus on the Structure

By concentrating on the structure of your website first, you can step back from the design process and acquire a better overall perspective, much like when you create a plan.

Working with tools other than your computer can be helpful. For example, drawing on paper with just one pen allows you to ignore colors and other elements. In addition, you may make the entire process collaborative by utilizing flipcharts or a whiteboard.

Another excellent technique is to sketch the website on a post-it note. As a result, you’ll have to set spending restrictions. A different approach is to be creative with a design in different grayscales first and then add color. This is the only technique to build a visual hierarchy without using color.

 personal web page design ideas

If you’re set on designing on a computer, use the “squint test.” First, you must move away from the screen and strain your eyes. Then, the hazy image shows you what is most evident on your website and what new visitors are most likely to notice immediately.

Keep Up with Web Standards

Web designers have a predisposition to want to be creative. Of course, that is often a good thing. But bear in mind that you must set some limitations to foster creativity.

For example, there are numerous acknowledged guidelines for online design. Visitors are accustomed to certain elements and design clichés on websites. You risk confusing and alienating people if you continually go against such standards.

Among these approved criteria are the following:

  • Uniform branding and design across every page
  • The site’s logo can be seen in the upper left corner.
  • A contact form can be found in the upper right or middle.
  • The primary menu over the top of the display
  • The key header, value proposition, and call-to-actions on the homepage
  • The search bar in the header
  • Social media icons in the website footer.

Focus on simplicity and CTA buttons

By being aware of its purpose, you can eliminate everything from your website and every page that doesn’t further that aim. This streamlines your design and enhances its appeal.

The following can be disposed of without risk:

Menu items

Of course, you want visitors to spend more time browsing your site. However, an overcrowded menu can be damaging and quite perplexing. So, again, concentrate on the essential things!


A sidebar is gradually disappearing from more and more websites. Specify what is in your sidebar. Is that important?

Muddy jargon

In this sense, language is no different from stock photography. People start to tune you out when you use cliches, overused words, or weak sentences. So stop using them, give your writing personality, learn how to use powerful words, and learn copywriting. And if it sounds overwhelming, you can opt for external help to get things rolling. It’s similar to how students look for professionals to write my essay online when they have no idea where to start, staring at a blank page. Sometimes, setting your priorities and delegating tedious tasks is the best way out.

Begin with Mobile

The use of mobile gadgets has revolutionized society. For example, more individuals now use smartphones and tablets to browse the internet than they do on desktop computers.

The launch of Google’s new mobile-first index was announced. When completely implemented, the search engine will evaluate each website based on its mobile presence.

Because of this, it would be a good idea to start with a mobile presence when developing a website. This is because mobile users will now represent the majority of your clientele.

Additionally, it’s helpful to practice developing website design ideas.

 my account web page design ideas

Employ A/B Testing

Choosing the right course of action may be difficult when weighing several website design ideas. You reconsider your decision and make modifications, but you still can’t decide. Thinking on your own won’t be sufficient forever. Users must ultimately decide.

A/B testing is a fantastic method for determining how to enhance your own website. It comprises distributing different versions of your design to visitors randomly to gauge their reaction. The results can influence your decisions.

You can test almost anything, including fonts, calls to action, graphics, article titles, color tweaks, and full-page designs. Any of these factors can have a significant effect on the efficacy of a page. But unless you put it to the test, you won’t know.

Pay Attention to Content Formatting

The ability to format the content is a feature that web designers underuse. Yet, content is the most important element of any website, whether it takes the shape of blog posts or sales copy. In the end, you want visitors to understand that. So your goal is to communicate it to them in a way they will find appealing.

Unfortunately, consumers are currently so oversaturated that few of them will read the entire page. Instead, most visitors scan. They typically have an F-shaped design as well.

You must modify your knowledge to fit how they prefer to use it if you want it to be more effective.

This is how to accomplish it:

Find the detailed guide for content marketing.

Include headers

Using headings to divide up text is a terrific idea. However, many readers also use them as launching points for scanning and limit their reading to the sections under headers that catch their attention. Consequently, be careful to employ headings and to give them a descriptive nature.

Use Paragraphs and Lists

No one wants to read a text block, so use paragraphs and lists. Content is broken up into paragraphs. Every time you open a new point, start a new one. Lists serve a similar purpose and improve access to information. Use them in addition.

Don’t scrimp on the aesthetics and media

The human brain is significantly more receptive to visual information than text. Use graphics and other media to emphasize the arguments conveyed in your writing because of this. Again, it’s a fantastic method to break up longer texts.

Improve the fonts you use

Legibility is significantly influenced by how you use fonts. The size and line height are your most crucial tools in this situation. Make careful to add more line height the smaller the font you’re using, and aim for at least 16px.

Try Out One-Page Web Design

The fold used to be the focal point of website design. Everything crucial has to be placed above the point at which consumers would begin scrolling. Considering that’s still where people spend most of their time, there’s still something to be said about it.

This does not imply that your page’s fold is its exclusive focus. Yes, people will scroll. They will if you offer them a cause to scroll down the entire page.

When Crazy Egg replaced their initial web design sales page with one that was 20 times longer, they put this to the test. The conversion rate increased by 30%! If your existing buyer’s journey spans multiple pages, consider condensing it into one place. This might be that website design inspiration that genuinely makes a difference.

 web page design ideas html

Inspiring Websites for New Website Design Ideas

Finding design inspiration for your future web design will help you with more than just time and money savings for your upcoming design and development job. Of course, you receive those advantages, but you can also benefit from many additional features and chances to ensure you obtain the precise website design you need.

The good news is that you can find web design inspiration virtually anywhere.

One of the best methods to spark web design inspiration is through travel. When you visit new places, you are compelled to leave your comfort zone and experience something new.

In this section, we’ll discuss a variety of websites that are jam-packed with web design ideas that can help when redesigning or creating a new website.

Southwest: Heart of Travel

Southwest Airlines built a website with a web design based on the geometries of its customers’ flight trajectories to demonstrate that its customers were “more than just a dollar sign.”

Even visitors to the Heart of Travel website can produce original works of art inspired by potential future travel. Southwest’s website is a result of their most devoted customers in this way.

The web design won the Best Visual Design -aesthetic, 2018 Webby Awards. With such a record, you can get your web design inspiration here.

Social Media Examiner

This is one site with a web design that uses custom illustrations to define the distinctive vibe of its business and offer visitors a taste of what it would be like to work with them.

 static web page design ideas

Their distinctively drawn banner reflects Social Media Examiner‘s dedication to learning about new facets of social media and their approachable manner while dealing with clients.

Best Day Ever Education

Including subtle animations on your website designs is another excellent method to differentiate it from competitors and keep users interested. These can be utilized as an accent or as the entirety of your homepage. A great example of such simple animation is Best Day Ever Education website.

 design ideas for web page templates

Tej Chauhan

Tej Chauhan has converted impressionist painting into a business model with this unique website. This product developer’s homepage features slideshows with each image covering the one before it, providing no context for the item you are currently seeing. However, it’s the lack of context that piques your curiosity.

Additionally, the phrase “Souvenirs of The Near Future” emphasizes that these items are a part of their product line and a chance for you to incorporate these cutting-edge items into your life.

 web design ideas about us page


SiteInspire features both interactive and web design. The entries can be filtered in various ways, including style, kind, subject, and platform. You may also make up collections of your favorite designs if you register for an account.

 author web page design ideas

Newest Americans

A stunning and valuable web design is essential for an organization with the monumental task of respecting past, current, and future migrant identities. In towns all over the state of New Jersey, the Newest Americans champion immigrants’ experiences. The website tells the tale of this group of America’s newest citizens using lovely pictures of people, locations, and objects that depict this experience in a way that flows harmoniously down the webpage.

The website design is aesthetically pleasing and helpful, with a straightforward navigation menu, stories arranged by photographs, and a streamlined press page that prominently displays the most recent articles.

 interior web page design ideas

Nomadic Tribe

One of the more interesting websites I’ve seen is this one, which was a finalist for the Awwwards’ Site of the Year.

The homepage opens with a breathtaking video of a man traversing a desert, then transitions to gorgeous landscape shots and text that asks, “Are you lucky enough to call yourself an adventurer?”

The homepage is logically organized, with CTAs positioned throughout that range in commitment level from “Read More” to “Watch Now” and, finally, “Download the App.” The language across the website is lively, with vibrant pinks, oranges, and yellows.

Ultimately, the website design has a captivating narrative and is exquisitely built with great attention to detail.

 web page design layout ideas


Making your site enjoyable is one of the finest strategies to persuade visitors to take action. A site that functions like a choose-your-own-adventure game can take your web engagement to the roof. Zurb has done this very well.

 modern web page design ideas

Galleon and Caravan

Visitors may learn everything they need to know about your business on one page, thanks to one-page website designs, which prevent them from going to several pages of your website.

Putting all of your data on a full-screen slider, as the Galleon and Caravan web design has done, is one of the most acceptable ways to achieve this:

 home page web design ideas

When dealing with website designs like this, it is crucial to remember that you don’t want to overcrowd the homepage’s web designs with text.


With good cause, Land-book advertises they have “the finest curated website inspirations.” As a result, many of the most extraordinary landing pages from various industries are available on Land-book. In addition, you may find various design ideas on Land-book, ranging from SaaS landing pages to design agency websites, portfolios, and even online shops.

You may even register and save a collection of the website designs you prefer for later use on their website. So land-book is an excellent source of inspiration if you’re seeking vintage designs, social media inspiration, redesign ideas, or user interface inspiration.

 landing page web design ideas

Commerce Cream

Commerce Cream selects some of the design firms’ most attractive eCommerce web designs. In addition, Commerce Cream is a terrific place to find a wide range of design styles, including unique, bold, modern, and simple web designs if you’re looking for some eCommerce inspiration.

web page design ideas archive


It is an exhibition of completed web designs. To locate what you’re searching for, you can filter it in various ways, such as by type, industry, color schemes, or styles. In addition, because of how extensive their collection is, you can frequently get all the inspiration you need from it to create your own website designs.

 product web page design ideas

Bravest Design Ideas Come True

A top-notch website makes all vital information simple to read. The text is complemented by pertinent graphics and icons, readable fonts, and limited use of colors to highlight only essential details. In addition, there is structure to the layout and navigation. The performance of the site, page load time, and web development, in general, depend on sophisticated design elements while designing websites.

Enhance these factors to help your site rank above rivals and get web design inspiration from top-tier design firms. Make the first impression count when you create a website, as it significantly impacts lead generation and digital marketing strategy, even for a top website.

What We Have for Web Designers

A business owner needs to have the best website design to stand out. You must use All Time Design to incorporate essential web design elements like text, images, hyperlinks, icons, simple shapes, and buttons into your website. The company’s business strategy links customers with a specific designer.

This design agency, All Time Design, provides various services to solve design issues. ATD will provide you with a personal manager and graphic designer to complete high-quality work so you can choose from various website template designs for your business website. Its design services provide website templates for the landing page and the homepage. It also functions as a design tool for producing the best website design.

ATD will assist in producing designs that may be originally published with very few concerns about plagiarism.

Small businesses can seize this opportunity by signing up with All Time Design. Are you interested in making web designs with good UX for pc and mobile owners? Visit All Time Design now and get your new business starting strong.

Keep in mind that a well-designed website interface “keeps” visitors.

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