What is a Business Tagline? [Tips On How To Create One + 30 Best Examples]


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Just like your brand logo, your business tagline serves as a vital component of your brand identity package. Essentially, a tagline is a concise catchphrase that captures the essence of your brand. It’s a powerful tool used to convey your brand’s identity, mission, and values in a memorable and engaging manner. Crafting the perfect tagline may seem daunting, as condensing your brand’s purpose into a single line is no easy feat. However, fear not! This blog post will guide you through the fundamentals of business taglines, explain why it’s important, and share 30 excellent tagline examples to inspire you.

What is a Business Tagline?

Business Tagline

A business tagline is a short phrase or slogan that succinctly communicates the essence or unique selling proposition of a company, product, or service. It’s often used in marketing and advertising campaigns to grab attention, convey brand identity, and leave a memorable impression on customers.

A good tagline should be catchy, memorable, and reflective of the brand’s values, mission, or benefits. A catchy slogan or tagline can help differentiate a business from its competitors and create a strong connection with its target audience.

Tagline vs. Slogan: What’s the Difference?

Taglines and slogans, although often used interchangeably, serve distinct purposes in branding and marketing. A tagline is a succinct phrase or sentence that encapsulates the essence of a brand, product, or service. It remains relatively consistent over time and is closely tied to the brand’s identity. Typically, taglines focus on expressing core values, mission, or unique selling propositions to establish brand recognition and connect with the target audience.

On the other hand, a company slogan is also a brief and catchy phrase used in advertising and marketing campaigns. However, unlike taglines, slogans may change frequently to align with specific marketing initiatives or promotions. They are more temporary and serve to reinforce brand messaging or highlight specific aspects of a product or service. A brand slogan evolves or is replaced over time to adapt to changing marketing strategies.

In summary, while both taglines and slogans aim to succinctly communicate a brand’s message, taglines are enduring and closely tied to brand identity, whereas slogans are more flexible and tailored to specific marketing campaigns or initiatives.

Why is It Important To Have A Tagline?

Having a tagline is crucial for several reasons, each contributing to the overall success and recognition of a brand:

Conveys Brand Identity:

A tagline serves as a concise representation of a brand’s identity, values, and mission. It encapsulates what the brand stands for and what sets it apart from competitors. By communicating these aspects effectively, a tagline helps establish a strong and memorable brand identity in the minds of consumers.

Creates Brand Recognition:

A well-crafted tagline aids in creating brand recognition. When consistently used across various marketing channels, a tagline reinforces the brand’s messaging and helps consumers associate it with specific products or services. Over time, this association can lead to increased brand recall and loyalty.

Communicates Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

Taglines often highlight a brand’s unique selling proposition or key benefits. By succinctly conveying what makes the brand or its offerings different or superior to competitors, a tagline helps attract and retain customers. It serves as a powerful tool for communicating the value proposition of the brand in a memorable way.

Differentiates From Competitors:

In today’s competitive marketplace, standing out from competitors is essential. A compelling tagline can help differentiate a brand by highlighting its distinct qualities, whether it’s superior quality, exceptional service, or innovative solutions. This differentiation is crucial for capturing consumer attention and gaining a competitive edge.

Builds Emotional Connection:

Taglines have the potential to evoke emotions and resonate with consumers on a deeper level. By tapping into emotions such as joy, nostalgia, or aspiration, a tagline can forge a stronger emotional connection with the target audience. This emotional resonance can lead to increased brand affinity and customer loyalty.

Simplifies Brand Messaging:

In a world inundated with information, simplicity is key to effective communication. A tagline distills the essence of a brand’s message into a few words, making it easier for consumers to understand and remember. This simplicity enhances the clarity and impact of the brand’s messaging, ensuring that it resonates with the audience.

Facilitates Consistent Branding:

Consistency is fundamental to building a strong brand presence. A tagline serves as a central element of a brand’s identity and messaging strategy, providing a cohesive thread that ties together various marketing efforts. By using the tagline consistently across different channels and touchpoints, a brand can reinforce its identity and maintain a unified brand image.

In conclusion, having a tagline is essential for effectively communicating a brand’s identity, values, and unique selling proposition. It plays a vital role in building brand recognition, differentiation, and emotional connection with consumers, ultimately contributing to the overall success and growth of the brand.

Key Components of a Brand Tagline

The key components of a brand tagline typically include:


Conciseness in a tagline is crucial because it captures the essence of the brand in a brief and impactful manner. It ensures that the message is easily digestible and memorable for the audience. A concise tagline is more likely to be retained by consumers, whether they encounter it in advertisements, social media posts, or other marketing materials.

The brevity of a tagline also allows for versatility in its application across different marketing channels and formats, from print ads to digital banners. Additionally, using fewer words to make more impact can make the slogan quickly recognizable.


Clarity is a key element of a successful slogan, it ensures that the tagline effectively communicates the intended message without any confusion or ambiguity. It should convey the brand’s identity, values, or unique selling proposition in a straightforward manner.

A clear tagline resonates with consumers by addressing their needs or desires directly, making it easier for them to connect with the brand on an emotional level. Ambiguous taglines can lead to misinterpretation or misunderstanding, diluting the brand’s messaging and weakening its impact on the audience.


The memorability of a brand’s tagline is essential for increasing its brand recall and recognition. A memorable tagline sticks in the minds of consumers, increasing the likelihood that they will remember the brand when making purchasing decisions.

Catchy language, clever wordplay, or rhythmic phrasing can enhance the memorability of a tagline, making it more likely to be recalled even after just one exposure. Repetition and consistency play a significant role in reinforcing the memorability of a tagline over time, as repeated exposure strengthens memory retention.


A relevant tagline resonates with the target audience by addressing their specific needs, aspirations, or pain points. It should reflect the brand’s understanding of its customers and their preferences. By aligning with the brand’s offerings and values, a relevant tagline reinforces the brand’s authenticity and credibility in the eyes of consumers. Relevance ensures that the tagline remains meaningful and relatable to the audience, fostering a stronger connection and engagement with the brand.


Uniqueness sets a brand tagline apart from competitors and helps it stand out in a crowded marketplace. A distinctive tagline captures the attention of consumers and piques their curiosity about the brand. Originality is key to creating a unique tagline that avoids clichés or generic language.

It should showcase the brand’s personality and differentiate it from others in the same industry or category. A unique tagline reinforces the brand’s identity and reinforces its positioning in the minds of consumers, making it more memorable and impactful.

Emotional Appeal

Emotional appeal in a tagline creates a deeper connection with consumers by tapping into their emotions, values, or aspirations. It evokes feelings of joy, nostalgia, inspiration, or empathy, fostering a positive association with the brand.

Emotional resonance makes a tagline more memorable and engaging, as consumers are more likely to respond to messages that elicit an emotional response. By appealing to emotions, a tagline can influence consumer perceptions and attitudes toward the brand, ultimately driving loyalty and advocacy.


Consistency ensures that the tagline is used uniformly across all marketing channels and touchpoints, reinforcing brand recognition and identity. When consumers encounter the tagline consistently across different mediums, it strengthens their association of the tagline with the brand, increasing brand recall and loyalty. Consistent use of the tagline also helps maintain coherence in the brand’s messaging strategy, ensuring that all communication efforts align with the brand’s overarching goals and values.


Flexibility allows the tagline to adapt to different marketing contexts, target segments, and campaigns while maintaining its core message and identity. A flexible tagline can be modified or customized to resonate with specific audience segments or to align with different promotional initiatives or product launches. While maintaining consistency in its essence, a flexible tagline remains versatile enough to accommodate changes in market dynamics, consumer preferences, or brand positioning over time.


Timelessness ensures that the tagline remains relevant and impactful for an extended period, transcending short-term trends or fads. A timeless tagline withstands the test of time by focusing on enduring aspects of the brand’s identity or values that resonate with consumers across generations.

By avoiding references to specific cultural phenomena or temporal events, a timeless tagline maintains its relevance and effectiveness over the long term, contributing to the brand’s longevity and sustainability.

By incorporating these key components into your own tagline, you can create a powerful and effective tool for communicating your identity, values, and unique selling proposition to your target audience.

Practical Steps To Create A Catchy Tagline That Connect With Your Brand

Creating a catchy tagline that effectively connects with your brand involves several practical steps. Here’s a detailed guide to help you develop a new tagline that resonates with your audience:

Step 1: Understand Your Brand

Start by gaining a deep understanding of your brand, including its values, mission, unique selling points, and target audience. Consider what sets your brand apart from competitors and what values resonate with your target audience.

Your tagline should reflect the essence of your brand, so ensure to define your brand’s personality traits, such as its tone of voice, style, and character. Understanding these aspects will help you craft a business slogan that accurately reflects your brand’s essence.

Step 2: Define Your Objectives

Clearly define the objectives of your tagline. Are you aiming to increase brand awareness, highlight a specific product or service, or evoke a particular emotion? Understanding your goals and having clear objectives will guide the development process and ensure alignment with your broader marketing strategy.

Step 3: Brainstorm Ideas

Conduct a brainstorming session to generate a list of potential tagline ideas. Encourage creativity and consider involving team members from different departments or seeking input from external stakeholders to gather diverse perspectives. Use techniques such as mind mapping, word association, or ideation sessions to spark inspiration and generate a pool of potential clever tagline concepts.

Step 4: Focus on Simplicity

Keep your tagline simple and easy to understand. Avoid using jargon or complex language that may confuse your audience. Aim for brevity without sacrificing clarity, as a clear and concise tagline is more likely to resonate and be remembered by consumers.

Step 5: Highlight Your Unique Selling Proposition

Your tagline should communicate what makes your brand unique. Identify your unique selling proposition (USP) and discover a way to incorporate it into your tagline to differentiate your brand from competitors. This could be a specific product feature, a superior service offering, or a brand philosophy that resonates with your target audience.

Incorporate your unique selling proposition (USP) into your tagline to communicate the value proposition of your brand and capture the attention of potential customers.

Step 6: Make it Memorable

Aim to create a tagline that is memorable and sticks in the minds of your audience. Use language that is catchy, memorable, and easy to recall. Consider incorporating wordplay, alliteration, or a rhythmic structure that sticks in the minds of your audience.

Test your tagline’s memorability by asking friends, colleagues, or focus groups to repeat it after hearing or seeing it just once. A truly memorable tagline will leave a lasting impression on listeners.

Step 7: Evoke Emotion

Emotions can play a powerful role in connecting with your audience. Consider how you want your audience to feel when they see or hear your tagline, and craft it in a way that evokes that emotion. Whether you aim to evoke joy, curiosity, or a sense of belonging, choose words and phrases that resonate with the desired emotional response and create a meaningful connection with your audience.

Step 8: Ensure Alignment with Brand Voice

Your tagline should align with your brand’s voice and personality. Consider your brand’s tone, style, and values when crafting your tagline to ensure consistency and authenticity. Whether you want to be seen as playful, professional, or innovative, make sure the language and tone of your tagline reflect these characteristics and resonate with your target audience.

Step 9: Test and Refine

Once you have a few tagline ideas, test them with your target audience to gather feedback. Use surveys, focus groups, or social media polls to gauge their reactions, preferences, and suggestions to refine your tagline accordingly.

Use quantitative data, such as response rates and recall metrics, to evaluate the effectiveness of different tagline options. Iterate your tagline based on the feedback received, refining it until it resonates with your audience.

Step 10: Ensure Versatility

Your tagline should be versatile enough to be used across different marketing channels and campaigns. It should work well in print ads, social media posts, digital platforms, or audio formats, maintaining its impact and clarity. Test your tagline’s adaptability by envisioning how it will appear in various visual and auditory formats, ensuring that it remains impactful and clear in each context.

Step 11: Seek Professional Help if Needed

If you’re struggling to create a tagline that resonates, consider seeking help from professional copywriters, branding experts, or marketing agencies. These Experienced professionals can offer valuable insights, creative direction, and strategic guidance to help you refine your tagline and ensure its effectiveness in achieving your marketing objectives.

By following these practical steps, you can create a catchy tagline that effectively connects with your brand and resonates with your target audience, helping to strengthen your brand identity and drive engagement.

30 Excellent Examples of Business Taglines and Why They Work?

Here are 30 excellent examples of company slogans and taglines that work:

Nike: “Just Do It”


Nike’s tagline “Just Do It” is a powerful mantra that embodies determination, resilience, and action. It inspires individuals to push past their limits, overcome obstacles, and pursue their goals fearlessly. With its simplicity and universality, the tagline captures the essence of Nike’s brand identity and motivates millions worldwide to achieve greatness.

Why it works: This tagline is motivational and aspirational, inspiring people to take action and pursue their goals, aligning perfectly with Nike’s brand identity of empowerment and athleticism.

Apple: “Think Different”


Apple’s tagline “Think Different” encapsulates the brand’s ethos of innovation, creativity, and non-conformity. It challenges conventional thinking and encourages individuals to embrace their uniqueness, pursue bold ideas, and reshape the world. With its aspirational message, the tagline resonates with visionaries and disruptors, reinforcing Apple’s status as a trailblazer in technology.

Why it works: Apple’s tagline encourages innovation and creativity while also highlighting the brand’s commitment to challenging the status quo and embracing individuality.

New York Times

New York Times

The New York Times’ tagline “All the News That’s Fit to Print” reflects the newspaper’s dedication to delivering comprehensive, high-quality journalism. It emphasizes the publication’s commitment to providing readers with timely, accurate, and relevant news coverage on a wide range of topics.

Why it works: The New York Times’ tagline works because it conveys the publication’s promise to deliver comprehensive and trustworthy journalism, earning trust and credibility among readers.

McDonald’s: “I’m Lovin’ It”


McDonald’s tagline “I’m Lovin’ It” captures the essence of enjoyment and satisfaction associated with its products. It conveys a sense of delight and contentment, inviting customers to indulge in the McDonald’s experience. With its simplicity and relatability, the tagline reinforces McDonald’s status as a beloved fast-food destination.

Why it works: McDonald’s tagline is catchy and memorable, conveying a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction associated with its products, while also inviting customers to share in the experience.

BMW: “The Ultimate Driving Machine”


BMW’s tagline “The Ultimate Driving Machine” epitomizes luxury, performance, and precision engineering. It conveys a sense of exhilaration and mastery behind the wheel, appealing to driving enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled experience. With its promise of unparalleled performance and craftsmanship, the tagline reinforces BMW’s reputation as a leader in automotive excellence.

Why it works: BMW’s tagline emphasizes performance, luxury, and superior engineering, appealing to consumers who seek excellence and prestige in their automotive choices.

FedEx: “When it Absolutely, Positively Has to Be There Overnight”


FedEx’s tagline “When it Absolutely, Positively Has to Be There Overnight” emphasizes reliability, urgency, and trust. It reassures customers that their time-sensitive shipments will be delivered promptly and securely. With its commitment to speed and certainty, the tagline solidifies FedEx’s position as a dependable leader in express delivery services.

Why it works: This tagline clearly communicates FedEx’s commitment to reliability and speed, reassuring customers that their urgent shipments will be delivered with certainty and efficiency.

Disneyland: “The Happiest Place on Earth”


First coined in the 1950s, Disneyland’s tagline “The Happiest Place on Earth” encapsulates the magic, joy, and wonder of its theme parks. It promises unforgettable experiences, cherished memories, and smiles for visitors of all ages. With its timeless appeal and universal charm, the tagline embodies Disney’s commitment to creating happiness and enchantment for generations.

Why it works: Disneyland’s tagline evokes feelings of joy, nostalgia, and wonder, reinforcing its reputation as a magical destination where dreams come true for people of all ages.

Airbnb: “Belong Anywhere”


Airbnb’s tagline “Belong Anywhere” reflects its mission to create a world where everyone can feel at home, no matter where they are. It promotes inclusivity, diversity, and cultural exchange, inviting travelers to connect with local communities and experience authentic moments. With its message of belonging, the tagline embodies Airbnb’s ethos of hospitality and belonging.

Why it works: Airbnb’s tagline reflects its mission of providing unique and personalized travel experiences, emphasizing inclusivity and the sense of belonging that comes with staying in someone’s home.

MasterCard: “There are Some Things Money Can’t Buy. For Everything Else, There’s MasterCard”


MasterCard’s tagline “There are Some Things Money Can’t Buy. For Everything Else, There’s MasterCard” emphasizes the value of priceless experiences and the convenience of its payment solutions. It underscores the brand’s commitment to enabling memorable moments and seamless transactions worldwide, reinforcing MasterCard’s position as a trusted financial partner.

Why it works: MasterCard’s tagline highlights the value of priceless experiences and moments that go beyond monetary transactions, reinforcing the emotional connection consumers have with the brand.

American Express: “Don’t Leave Home Without It”

American Express

American Express’s tagline “Don’t Leave Home Without It” highlights the indispensable nature of its credit cards for travelers. It underscores the peace of mind and security offered by American Express, encouraging consumers to rely on its cards for convenient transactions and global acceptance. The tagline reinforces American Express’s reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.

Why it works: American Express’s tagline emphasizes the convenience and security of its credit cards, positioning them as essential items for travelers and everyday use.

L’Oréal: “Because You’re Worth It”


L’Oréal’s tagline “Because You’re Worth It” celebrates self-worth and empowerment, encouraging consumers to indulge in luxury beauty products that enhance their confidence and self-esteem. It fosters a sense of self-care and pampering, resonating with individuals who prioritize personal well-being and appreciate the transformative power of beauty.

Why it works: L’Oréal’s tagline celebrates self-worth and empowerment, encouraging consumers to invest in themselves and indulge in high-quality beauty products that make them feel confident and valued.

KitKat: “Have a Break, Have a KitKat”


Introduced in 1957, KitKat’s tagline “Have a Break, Have a KitKat” promotes relaxation and indulgence, inviting consumers to take a moment for themselves with a delicious treat. It suggests a simple solution to the stresses of daily life, positioning KitKat as the perfect companion for moments of respite and enjoyment.

Why it works: KitKat’s tagline suggests a simple and enjoyable solution to the stresses of daily life, positioning the product as a refreshing and indulgent snack for moments of relaxation.

Audi: “Vorsprung durch Technik” (Advancement Through Technology)


Audi’s tagline “Vorsprung durch Technik” (Advancement Through Technology) epitomizes innovation, precision engineering, and cutting-edge design. It underscores Audi’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive excellence, delivering superior performance, safety, and luxury. With its German heritage and forward-thinking ethos, the tagline reinforces Audi’s reputation as a leader in automotive innovation.

Why it works: Audi’s German tagline conveys the brand’s commitment to innovation, engineering excellence, and forward-thinking design, appealing to consumers who value cutting-edge technology in their vehicles.

Chick-fil-A: “Eat Mor Chikin”


Chick-fil-A’s tagline “Eat Mor Chikin” embodies the brand’s playful and distinctive approach to marketing. It promotes the consumption of chicken products while featuring the iconic cows urging consumers to choose poultry over beef. With its clever wordplay and memorable characters, the tagline reinforces Chick-fil-A’s brand identity and values.

Why it works: Chick-fil-A’s tagline works because it uses humor and memorable characters to promote the brand’s chicken products, effectively engaging consumers and reinforcing Chick-fil-A’s distinctive brand identity.

Amazon: “Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History.”


Amazon’s tagline “Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History.” captures its culture of innovation, determination, and ambition. It inspires employees to embrace challenges, pursue excellence, and drive transformative change. With its emphasis on hard work, enjoyment, and legacy-building, the tagline reflects Amazon’s commitment to shaping the future and making a lasting impact.

Why it works: Amazon’s tagline encapsulates its culture of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and customer-centric approach, inspiring employees to strive for excellence and embrace challenges.

Subway: “Eat Fresh”


Subway’s tagline “Eat Fresh” promotes freshness, health, and quality in its menu offerings. It assures customers of nutritious and flavorful ingredients, enticing them to make healthier choices. With its emphasis on freshness and taste, the tagline reinforces Subway’s commitment to providing delicious and wholesome options for on-the-go dining.

Why it works: Subway’s tagline emphasizes freshness and quality, appealing to health-conscious consumers seeking nutritious meal options made with fresh ingredients.

Toyota: “Let’s Go Places”


Toyota’s tagline “Let’s Go Places” embodies adventure, exploration, and freedom. It encourages drivers to embark on journeys, discover new destinations, and create unforgettable memories. With its spirit of excitement and possibility, the tagline reflects Toyota’s commitment to enabling mobility and empowering people to pursue their dreams, wherever they may lead.

Why it works: Toyota’s tagline evokes a sense of adventure, freedom, and possibility, positioning its vehicles as reliable companions for exploring new destinations and experiences.

Visa: “Everywhere You Want to Be”


Visa’s tagline “Everywhere You Want to Be” promises convenience, accessibility, and security in payments worldwide. It assures consumers of seamless transactions and acceptance wherever they go, empowering them to shop, travel, and explore with confidence. With its global reach and reliability, the tagline reinforces Visa’s status as a trusted financial partner.

Why it works: Visa’s tagline emphasizes the universal acceptance and convenience of its payment cards, reassuring consumers that they can rely on Visa for seamless transactions wherever they go.

IMAX: “Think big”


IMAX’s tagline “Think big” encapsulates the brand’s commitment to delivering immersive cinematic experiences on a grand scale. It encourages audiences to expand their horizons and embrace the thrill of larger-than-life entertainment. With its bold and aspirational message, the tagline reinforces IMAX’s reputation as a pioneer in film technology.

Why it works: IMAX’s tagline works because it evokes a sense of ambition and grandeur, aligning with the brand’s promise of delivering immersive and larger-than-life cinematic experiences, captivating audiences worldwide.

M&M’s: “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand”


M&M’s tagline “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand” highlights the product’s unique selling point – its ability to resist melting while delivering delicious flavor. It reassures consumers of a mess-free and enjoyable snacking experience, enticing them to indulge in the iconic candy. With its memorable promise, the tagline reinforces M&M’s status as a beloved treat.

Why it works: M&M’s tagline emphasizes the product’s unique selling point – its ability to resist melting – while also highlighting its delicious taste and enjoyable texture.

State Farm: “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there”

State Farm

State Farm’s tagline “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there” emphasizes trust, reliability, and support. It positions State Farm as a dependable partner ready to assist customers in times of need. With its focus on neighborly assistance and peace of mind, the tagline reinforces State Farm’s commitment to being there for its policyholders.

Why it works: State Farm’s tagline emphasizes trust, reliability, and the company’s dedication to being there for its customers when they need assistance or support.

Netflix: “See what’s next”


Netflix’s tagline “See what’s next” encapsulates the brand’s promise of delivering cutting-edge entertainment experiences. It invites subscribers to explore a vast library of content and discover the latest in movies, TV shows, and documentaries. With its forward-thinking message, the tagline reinforces Netflix’s position as a leader in the streaming industry.

Why it works: Netflix’s tagline works because it conveys a sense of anticipation and excitement, encouraging subscribers to stay engaged and discover new content, reinforcing Netflix’s reputation for innovative entertainment offerings.

De Beers: “A diamond is forever”

De Beers

De Beers’s tagline “A diamond is forever” conveys timeless love, commitment, and enduring value associated with diamonds. It reinforces the emotional significance of diamonds as symbols of eternal love and devotion. With its evocative message, the tagline has become synonymous with the enduring allure and prestige of De Beers diamonds.

Why it works: De Beers’s tagline conveys the timeless and enduring nature of diamonds, positioning them as symbols of eternal love and commitment.

Lay’s: “Betcha can’t eat just one”


Lay’s tagline “Betcha can’t eat just one” entices consumers with the irresistible taste and addictive crunch of its potato chips. It challenges their self-control and promises a satisfying snacking experience. With its playful and memorable appeal, the tagline reinforces Lay’s reputation for delivering crave-worthy snacks that keep customers coming back for more.

Why it works: Lay’s tagline challenges consumers to test their willpower while also highlighting the irresistible taste and addictive quality of its potato chips.

California Milk Processor Board: “Got Milk?”

California Milk Processor Board

The California Milk Processor Board’s tagline created in 2005 “Got Milk?” is iconic and effective due to its simplicity and universality. It prompts immediate recognition and association with milk consumption, making it memorable and easily recallable.

Why it works: The use of the colloquial phrase “Got Milk?” sparks curiosity and prompts consumers to consider their milk intake, effectively driving home the message of the importance of including milk in one’s diet for health and nutrition.

Dollar Shave Club: “Shave Time. Shave Money.”

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club’s tagline “Shave Time. Shave Money.” succinctly captures the essence of the brand’s value proposition. It cleverly plays on the dual meaning of “shave,” highlighting the efficiency and affordability of its subscription-based shaving products. This slogan effectively communicates benefits and resonates with consumers seeking convenience and savings.

Why it works: Dollar Shave Club’s tagline works because it cleverly combines two meanings of “shave,” emphasizing both efficiency and affordability. It communicates benefits succinctly and resonates with value-conscious consumers.

Wheaties: “The Breakfast of Champions”


Wheaties’ tagline “The Breakfast of Champions” introduced in 1924 epitomizes strength, success, and vitality. It aligns the cereal with athletes and winners, appealing to consumers seeking energy and inspiration. With its iconic association with sports heroes and champions, the tagline reinforces Wheaties’ reputation as a nutritious and empowering breakfast choice.

Why it works: Wheaties’ memorable slogan works because it positions the cereal as a symbol of strength and success, associating it with athletic achievement and inspiring consumers to fuel their potential.

Gillette: “The Best a Man Can Get”


Gillette introduced its slogan “The Best a Man Can Get” during a commercial aired during Super Bowl XXIII in 1989 to convey the brand’s superiority, quality, and aspiration. It positions Gillette products as essential for men seeking the utmost grooming experience. The tagline emphasizes the brand’s commitment to excellence, reinforcing its reputation as a leader in men’s grooming products.

Why it works: Gillette’s tagline works because it promises superior quality and performance, appealing to men’s desire for the best grooming experience. It instills confidence in the brand’s products and reinforces its market leadership.

Dunkin’ Donuts: “America Runs on Dunkin”

Dunkin’ Donuts

In 2006, American doughnut brand, Dunkin’ Donuts adopted its tagline “America Runs on Dunkin” which encapsulates the brand’s role as a beloved provider of coffee and baked goods for busy Americans. It emphasizes Dunkin’s central role in fueling daily routines, energizing mornings, and fostering a sense of community among coffee lovers nationwide.

Why it works: Dunkin’ Donuts’ tagline works because it resonates with consumers’ daily routines and emphasizes the brand’s role in providing fuel for busy lifestyles. It captures the essence of Dunkin’s widespread popularity and cultural significance.

United Airlines: “Fly the Friendly Skies”

United Airlines

Created in 2004, the United Airlines’ tagline “Fly the Friendly Skies” embodies the brand’s commitment to providing a positive and welcoming travel experience for passengers. It emphasizes comfort, hospitality, and reliability, inviting travelers to choose United for a smooth and enjoyable journey through the friendly skies.

Why it works: United Airlines’ tagline works because it conveys a sense of comfort and warmth, reassuring travelers of a pleasant and hospitable flying experience in just a few words. It aligns with United’s customer-centric approach and brand promise.

Each of these catchy slogans effectively communicates the essence of the brand, resonates with its target audience, and reinforces key brand attributes or selling points. They are memorable, and impactful, and contribute to the overall success and recognition of the brands they represent. Going over these successful slogans can help you create your own slogan.

5 Best Tagline Generators

Here are five popular tagline generators:

Shopify Business Name Generator


Shopify’s tool is popular among entrepreneurs looking to create a strong brand identity. It not only helps in generating business names but also provides tagline suggestions based on the keywords or themes you input. The generator offers a wide range of creative and relevant tagline options, making it a valuable resource for businesses in various industries.

Users can filter the generated results based on factors like relevance, length, and availability of domain names, allowing for customization to suit their specific needs.



SloganGenerator.org offers a user-friendly platform for generating creative and catchy slogans. By inputting keywords or phrases, users can receive personalized slogan ideas tailored to their business or campaign needs, making it a valuable tool for enhancing brand messaging and marketing efforts.

Oberlo’s Free Slogan Maker


Oberlo’s slogan maker is part of their suite of e-commerce tools, designed to assist entrepreneurs in building and growing their online businesses. The tool offers personalized tagline suggestions based on your business name, industry, and niche.

Users can easily experiment with different combinations and variations to find the perfect tagline that captures the essence of their brand and appeals to their target audience.



Sloganizer is a user-friendly tool that allows individuals and businesses to generate slogan ideas quickly and effortlessly. Users can input a keyword or phrase, and the generator generates multiple slogan variations based on that input.

While the options may not be as extensive as some other generators, Sloganizer is still a useful tool for sparking creativity and generating tagline ideas on the fly.

Business Name Generator by FreshBooks


FreshBooks‘ Business Name Generator is a comprehensive tool that goes beyond just generating business names. It provides tailored tagline suggestions based on your industry, target audience, and brand identity. The tool offers additional features such as domain name availability checks and social media handle suggestions, making it a one-stop solution for branding needs.

These tagline generators can be valuable resources for brainstorming catchy and memorable slogans to enhance your brand’s identity and messaging.


Crafting a compelling business tagline is essential for establishing a strong brand identity, communicating key messages, and resonating with your target audience. A well-crafted tagline encapsulates your brand’s values, differentiation, and promise, leaving a lasting impression on consumers. Whether it’s inspiring action, evoking emotion, or highlighting unique selling points, a memorable tagline can set your brand apart in a crowded marketplace.

By carefully selecting words and phrases that capture the essence of your brand, you can create a tagline that not only attracts attention but also builds trust and loyalty among customers. Invest time and creativity in developing your tagline to unlock its full potential as a powerful marketing asset.

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