20 Cool YouTube Banner Ideas to Get Inspired in 2024

cool youtube banner

Standing all tall and mighty, YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, that’s next to Google. It has become an extra arm of every person. Whether it is to learn a new skill, kill time watching funny dog videos or learn about the food that you are going to try out, YouTube is our salvation.

When we dug deeper, we found some interesting facts from Statista that about 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every single minute which counts to 30,000 hours of videos every single hour worldwide. Around 2.1 billion users watch one billion hours of videos every day.

If you think that YouTube is solely for individuals or for entertainment purposes, well, think again. About 60% of marketers include YouTube in their marketing strategies. Why? Because YouTube has,

  • higher traffic
  • higher visibility on Google
  • higher conversion rate and
  • It’s easier to generate leads on YouTube.

With its growing popularity grows the demand. Since more and more people are shifting their gears towards YouTube to get closer to their audience, the competition to cut through the noise and stand out from the competition is higher than ever.

One of the best ways to outdo the competition and build a rapport with your audience is to make your YouTube channel stunning with cool youtube banners.

What makes a gorgeous YouTube channel art?

YouTube banners, also referred to as YouTube Channel Art, are the first thing audience sees when they visit your YouTube channel. It can either woo them in or shoo them away. A great youtube banner should be a perfect mix of on-brand and eye-catching. It should convey the brand message and grab the attention with eye-catchy visuals. By just taking a first look at your channel’s youtube banner design, your audience should be able to get an idea about your brand and what to expect from your channel.

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The standard Youtube banner dimensions are 2560 x 1440 pixels. Some YouTube banners include high-quality images and interesting graphic elements to pique the curiosity of the audience but professionally designed templates are built with three vital elements; brand logo, brand tagline, and youtube account details.

There are many popular youtube channels that use excellent channel art design to make their channel look strikingly attractive. If you are planning to create stunning youtube channel art, you can take inspiration from these designs.

The top YouTube banner ideas and a few examples

Let’s explore further and see how the most popular YouTube channels in different niches are winning over subscribers with cool YouTube banners.

YouTube banner ideas for marketing

1. Ahref

Ahref is the leading digital marketing tool built especially for SaaS marketers. With over 307,000 k subscribers all over the world, it offers a treasure trove of resourceful content to its subscribers. They have meticulously chosen a theme and font for their YouTube channel that goes well with their website. It builds consistency for their brand and the users can easily relate to the brand from anywhere.

As a part of direct marketing, they have also placed a subscribe button and direct links to their website and social media accounts at the right corner of the youtube banner that allows the users to visit their website and social media pages with just a few clicks.

2. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a ruler in the field of marketing. He already has a huge number of online followers religiously following him everywhere to get all the tips and tricks he shares about digital marketing. Since Neil Patel is an individual influencer, he chooses to include his headshot in the middle of the banner design to grab the attention of his audience.

On the left side of the banner image, he chooses to display his video schedules, a catchy oneliner on the right, and next to it are the direct links to his website and social media accounts.

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He ensures consistency by using the same color theme of his brand and keeps the design elements to minimal. It’s a perfect example of what professionally designed Youtube channel art should look like.

3. Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn gained popularity among marketers with his super resourceful podcast channel Smart Passive Income and his Youtube is an extended arm of his blogs and podcasts. He shares all the nitty-gritty details about marketing and some productivity hacks occasionally.

Similar to Neil Patel’s Youtube banner design, Pat Flynn also uses his own picture in the middle of the banner with a catchy tagline to the left.

With a simple yet professional look, this Youtube banner is a real gamer. Isn’t it why he has 300,000+ subscribers who wait all week just to watch his videos?

4. Gary Vaynerchuk

With a massive 3 million subscribers, Gary Vaynerchuk is the marketing legend that every marketer looks up to. He speaks about everything and anything about marketing, self-development, and entrepreneurship.

Just like his personality, his youtube channel’s banner design is prominent with a striking combination of black and yellow. His youtube channel art puts on view an energetic profile picture of himself in the middle and the channel name in a big bold font on the left and his video schedules and links to their social media platforms on the right.

If we take a closer look at the design, we can see that he never missed out on any little details that can win over the credibility and trust of the audience.

5. Noah Kagan

Though he donned multiple hats of products developer, marketer, and entrepreneur, Noah Kagan gained stardom with his SaaS tool, AppSumo. It’s a popular tool among all SaaS companies and almost all marketers keenly follow his youtube channel to know the latest techniques on marketing, growth, and productivity hacks.

For his Youtube channel art, Noah chooses to go with a subtle background. He conveys all the right messages in the youtube header with his headshot image on the left, the tagline in the middle, and subscribe button on the right. Further, to persuade the audience to take the desired action, he emphasizes the CTA with a bright and bold red font. What better way to attract users than this?

6. Hubspot Marketing

Hubspot shares resourceful marketing content in the form of blogs, guides, and videos. They run their own YouTube channel and around 195,000 K subscribers follow their channel to learn trending courses in the field of marketing.

Right from choosing a gorgeous channel art to adding resourceful topics to their playlist, they do everything right to win steady subscribers for their channel. They have a pretty cool youtube banner design with their brand logo pasted on the middle and colorful blobs sprew across the banner image.

To further personalize their youtube channel art, they have included high-quality photos of the instructors and made them pop with colorful blobs. They have included the CTA to subscribe to their free certification course on the bottom right of the banner and directed the attention of the audience with a small red down arrow symbol.

7. Justin Brown – Primal Video

Justin Brown together with the help of Mike built a six-figure video company and shares his success tips with his 1.2 M subscribers on Youtube. His videos talk mostly about how to create high-quality video content, gain visitors for the content, and grow revenue through the youtube channel.

With the tagline, “Amplify your business & brand with video” pasted in a solid and bold typeface, anyone who is visiting his Youtube channel for the first time will exactly know what to expect from his content. It looks energetic without looking too cluttered. Font sizes and colorful blocks of blue and black create a unified look while making the design clean and organized.

8. LYF Marketing

LYFE Marketing team creates and shares tons of videos covering all the primal topics of marketing and helpful tips on growing revenue through marketing. They were listed as the most influential channel on INC 5000 twice and grabbed multiple awards for their valuable contribution.

For their youtube channel art, they have chosen a subtle white and blue color as the background with an energetic image of their team in the middle. The design and content are pretty simple and the audience can get all the information they need as soon as they take a look at the banner design.

9. VidIQ

For anyone who wants a solid start on youtube but doesn’t know where to start or how to grow their channel, VidIQ shares every single detail on how to start a youtube channel to amplify revenue from it. They audit tons of youtube channels and share the success and failure reports of each channel allowing starters to learn from their metrics.

Vibrant, professional, and to the point, his channel art conveys what exactly his channel is all about. His website and the channel art color theme go hand in hand and the users can easily relate to his brand from anywhere.


SEM Rush is one of the most subscribed SEO tools in the market. If you are just starting SEO and want to learn everything from basics to advanced tricks in SEO, they have them all in their playlist.

They have one of the coolest youtube channels art for their channel. With their channel name placed in the middle of the banner image in a neat and solid font amidst the pool of color patches is awe-inspiring.

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Software and Technology

1. Mrwhosetheboss

Arun Maini, a 25-year-old economics student, runs the biggest tech review channel in the UK. He was applauded on Huffington Post and Business Insider for his contribution to Youtube’s tech review. His channel art reflects his personality of being energetic and lively. He has chosen a vibrant electric blue as a background with his channel name and his own picture placed in the center of the channel art. He shows off his personality through channel art design.

2. Justin Tse

Similar to MrWhosetheboss, Justin Tse also started tech vlogging at a very young age and became a sensation at the age of 23. Unlike MrWhosetheboss, Justin focuses just not on smartphones and gadgets but his list extends to the usage of tech in day-to-day life.

With a chosen youtube banner image of hills as a background, his name, and a shorter description, Justin keeps his channel art design to minimal and sleek. He shares all the links to the social media platforms at the bottom right corner of the banner as a way of persuasion to visit his social media accounts.

3. Future Tech

Unlike Justin Tse’s channel art, Future Tech’s youtube banner design is anything but simple. They are a team of techies who generate six-figure revenue by streaming all the topics related to technology. Since there is not one single host to stream their videos, they have carefully chosen to ride through the tech theme for their channel art.

With the collage of tech-themed stock photos to adorn their background, they have chosen a solid red and white font for their channel name. The typeface stands out strikingly against the black background and achieves the motive of grabbing the attention of the audience.

The red design elements placed on both sides of the banner design intensify the channel art.

4. Unbox Therapy

Unbox therapy offers answers to all more than 18 million subscribers the answers to all of their questions related to PCs and smartphones, peripherals, and consoles. For the channel art, he chooses to keep things simple with just the channel name and the social media links. With a banner like this, typeface plays the mightier part and makes the design stand out.


Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, is one of the prominent tech vloggers with a follower count of around 14 million subscribers to date. He was cheered as “one of the best technology reviewers on the planet right now” by Google VP and is a proud owner of the title “the father of Technology reviews”. His videos are easy to follow and keep up with and the youtube channel art is fitting for his content type.

His channel art is a perfect example of neat, professional, and minimal design. He has chosen dull gray color for the background and a contrasting solid black typeface for the channel name. He has added a few design elements to the background to give life to the youtube banner.

6. Austin Evans

Many consider Austin Evans and Marques Brownlee as rivals, but both are unique in their own way. While Marques Brownlee is solely focusing on tech and its revolution, Austin Evans spreads out his wings in the field of gaming. With around 6 million subscribers following his channel to date, Austin Evans uses his very own creativity and uniqueness to win over subscribers for his channel.

He has one of the coolest Youtube banners you could ever see. He greets the audience with the text “Hey guys, this is Austin Evans” in a solid white font. The background of the banner features eye-catching photography of gadgets with his logo placed in the right top corner. The banner design clearly says who he is and what his channel is all about.

7. Android Authority

Android Authority is a team of technical content creators, android developers, and gadget reviewers who influence more than 50 million tech geeks through their videos. They have a solid 4 million subscribers to their channel who equally share the love for operating systems and everything related to technology.

For their channel art, they have chosen a tech-themed image from a stock photo gallery as a background and a solid typeface for their channel name. If you are just starting off and wish to make a youtube banner for your channel, you can take inspiration from this youtube channel banner. Pick a high-resolution image that speaks about your brand and personality and you are ready to go!


CNET is the most viewed American media website. Though it initially started out as a website, it slowly moved into the space of Youtube streaming. They have around With around 3 million subscribers to their channel who get their daily dose of science and technology in the form of videos.

For their Youtube channel art, they have chosen a bright, bold, and cheery color of orange from their logo and added a glowy effect to the logo that they have placed in the middle of the youtube banner design. If you are searching for inspiration to create banners for your inspirational and creative youtube channel, this is a perfect example of a good youtube banner template.

9. Dave2D

Dave2D is one of the famous tech bloggers on Youtube. He pushes out high-quality videos on gadget reviews and useful tips on how to troubleshoot them. As for his youtube channel art, he picks on a subtle grey background with the channel name displayed in a bold black and blue typeface.

Interestingly, he has included a link to Amazon’s cheap tech deals page at the bottom right corner of the youtube banner. When the users tap on the link, it will direct them to the deals page and that’s something that we can take inspiration from.

10. Jon Rettinger

Jon Rettinger is a commentator on Fox Business and CNBC and the President of TechnoBuffalo. He kickstarted his youtube channel in 2007 under the name of Technobuffalo and later on changed the channel name to Jon Rettinger. He keeps his 1.6 million subscribers updated on the technology news every day.

His channel art is a perfect combination of brand, appeal, and simplicity. With his logo and tagline pasted in the middle of the banner and his own image placed next to it holding the banner is definitely a game-stopper.

Youtube banner size

No matter how many inspirations you search for and how best the designs you create, it will boil down to nothing if you are missing out on youtube banner size. Though Youtube banner dimensions vary based on the devices you use, the recommended youtube banner size is 2560 x 1440 pixels, and the maximum file size limit is 6MB.

The minimum image dimension is 2048 x 1152 and the minimum safe area for text and logo is 1235 x 338 pixels.

Now that you have tons of design inspirations to choose from and know the perfect dimension to set, the next question is where and how to get these stunning design assets created. Well, there is a myriad of youtube banner maker services available online that offer premade and easily customizable youtube channel art templates.

The youtube channel banner template they offer are mostly free templates. They also provide you with access to endless youtube banner backgrounds and design elements to choose from. You can edit the templates and use them for your channel.

When the free youtube banner templates didn’t work well for you and when you are in the quest for professional help, tap into All Time Design’s services to get that extra boost for your designs. All Time Design has a pool of professional designers, you can hire a designer and use them as your personal youtube banner maker to make your designs stand out from the competition. You can also check out the guide for social media image sizes.

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