25 Best YouTube Fonts for Thumbnails & Videos in 2024

youtube fonts

Launched in 2005, YouTube is an excellent video-sharing platform that has grown to become the world’s biggest video platform and the second-biggest social media platform, expected to have 2.85 billion users by 2025.

YouTube is a highly competitive and demanding platform that can bring outstanding traffic to your website. YouTube is also the second biggest search engine after Google, with 720,000 hours of video uploads daily. This makes it slightly more challenging to stand out among competitors and make a name for yourself on the platform.

From developing the right SEO strategy to making well-researched content and creating a captivating thumbnail, you need to ensure all of this is done to give you a better chance at growing your business on YouTube. Sadly, many YouTubers fail to leverage the most important factor – choosing and using YouTube Fonts.

Choosing the right font for your Youtube thumbnails and videos can make your videos more engaging and eye-catching for your subscribers and help grow your followers. In this article, we have identified the 25 best YouTube Fonts for Youtube Thumbnails and videos of your personal and commercial projects.

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Why Should You Care About Thumbnails?

The first impression matters a lot in online marketing. Just like high-quality images can help you gain the attention of your prospects in Instagram or Facebook Marketing, your YouTube Thumbnail strikes first positive impression. It’s the first thing people notice when they check videos on YouTube.

It is the image that viewers see to get an idea of what they should expect in the video. Depending on how you design it and the copy, font, and colors you use in your thumbnail, a viewer decides whether to click on your video or look for better ones. A report by YouTube Creator Academy shows that 90% of best-performing videos on YouTube use a custom thumbnail.

A well-designed thumbnail can help you gain a viewer’s attention and drive more clicks and views to your channel and videos. A YouTube Thumbnail can help you achieve the following:

1. Grabs the attention of your visitors

YouTube is a highly visual platform where people from different parts of the world visit to entertain themselves, learn and share valuable information with others.

If you want to gain your audience’s attention, ensure your thumbnail is easily recognizable by your audience. A striking thumbnail can help garner enough attention for your channel and persuade visitors to watch your videos.

2. It can be used to create a consistent style

Brand consistency is essential to your visual marketing. Creating visually appealing and consistent thumbnails can help you build a strong brand identity that will catch your viewers’/subscribers’ eye on YouTube.

3. Drive traffic to your channel

A well-designed thumbnail can entice YouTube users looking to notice your video, watch and eventually check out your YouTube channel and eventually influence them to subscribe to your channel.

4 Questions to Consider when Choosing Your YouTube Fonts

When selecting your YouTube fonts, consider asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the font easy to read?
  2. Is the font stylish?
  3. Is it visually appealing?
  4. Finally, If you saw this font on another video, would you click it?

Answering these four essential questions above can help you choose the best font style for your YouTube video thumbnail.

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25 Best Youtube Fonts For Thumbnails & Videos In 2024

YouTube fonts are essential to the success of your YouTube videos. Though it usually comes last on the to-do lists of many YouTubers, with content creation, shooting, editing, SEO, and other promotional strategies at the top of the list. However, the youtube font you use for your videos can help you gain the attention of your subscribers. Check out some of the most popular fonts used by majority of the YouTubers to garner the attention of their audience and increase their subscribers count.

1. Bebas Neue

YouTube thumbnails fonts

This is a popular font you will see on many YouTube videos and thumbnails. It is a simple, easy, yet elegant YouTube video font and works excellently for all types of content. In addition, its slender lettering makes it a fantastic choice for a YouTube thumbnail font. American Lifestyle YouTube content creator Aspyn Ovard is a fan of this font and you can find her using this font in most of her video thumbnails.

2. Impact

fonts for youtube

Impact font is another awesome font that is popular among many YouTubers. It is a simple, bold font that helps capture attention and impact the viewers without diverting their attention from the thumbnail image.

Another exciting feature of this font is that it is adaptable and works with different types of users – both feminine and masculine. Swedish YouTuber, PewDiePie is a fan of this font, as evident in his comedic videos. He also plays around with the size, color, and positioning of this font to make his videos more engaging.

3. Budmo

best fonts for youtube thumbnail

Budmo is a simple and cool font popular among many YouTubers. Also known to be a fun and quirky font, Budmo has glitzy and bold lettering, making it an excellent YouTube text font to impress and gain your audience’s attention. A famous fan of this font is an American media personality, actress, and YouTuber, Liza Koshy, who mainly pairs this font with bright, playful colors. Check out the detailed guide about how to make YouTube thumbnails.

4. River Drive

best fonts for youtube thumbnails

This is an excellent choice if you want an uncommon font that adds a relaxed, fun vibe to your videos. It has a heavy chalk effect that makes videos look impactful and very dynamic in a way that quickly grabs the attention of people scrolling through your YouTube page. Youtuber and social media personality Gabriel Conte is a lover of this font and mostly uses it for his YouTube background image

5. Badaboom BB 

youtube title fonts

Looking for a font that helps you get attention? No font does it better than Badaboom BB. Like its name, Badaboom is an awesome font to make a fun impression and impact on your viewers.

It’s a quirky and fun font that is most suitable for DIY tutorials and content targeted at the younger audience. This font is paired with different colors to highlight its distinctiveness and is an excellent choice for creating YouTube thumbnails. Chinese Australian YouTuber and Vlogger, Wengie is known to use this same font in her videos.

6. Bernhard

best youtube thumbnail fonts

Bernhard is a simple, elegant, yet funky font that gives your Youtube thumbnail a fresh and modern look. Its simplicity makes it an ideal font for different frames and background images.

If you run a history or book-related channel, you are better off using this font to add style and freshness to your video thumbnail. English media personality and YouTuber, Zoella is one of the many youtube that uses this front for their video thumbnails.

7. Beauty and the Beast

fonts for youtube thumbnails

Beauty and the beast is a bold and exciting font popularly regarded as one of the best fonts. Developed in honor of the famous beauty and the beast movie, this font works excellently on colorful backgrounds and will help your YouTube banner and thumbnail stand out.

Lifestyle and comedy YouTuber Alisha Marie makes excellent use of this font to caption her video thumbnails.

8. DK Mandarin Whispers

youtube comment fonts

DK Mandarin Whisper is an eye-catching font in both uppercase and lowercase letters. In addition, it can be easily integrated with different color palettes and images, giving a solid outline effect to your thumbnail.

Popular YouTube personality Sierra Furtado uses this font in her channel, Sierra Vlogs, alongside stickers to create impact. Check out some finest YouTube banner ideas.

9. Chalk Sketch

popular youtube fonts

Chalk Sketch is an excellent font choice for anyone looking for eye-catchy and fun fonts for their explainer videos, how-to, and other learning videos specifically for kids.

These fonts have letters that look drawn or written with a stick of chalk. It was imitated when chalk was used on classroom blackboards to teach students.

10. Dustin Font Quartet

best youtube fonts

Dustin Font Quartet is a beautiful and professional font with four alternate fonts – regular font, regular outline font, and the italic version of both fonts. It is modern, minimal, and stylish that is a popular choice for many YouTubers. Interestingly, this font is bold, easy to read, and suitable for videos and thumbnails.

11. Caribold

fonts for youtube thumbnail

Caribold is a bold font that works well for various YouTube videos – videos, thumbnails, channel art, etc. It is a rigid font that is highly decorative, helping you stand out, adding a masculine vibe to the Video, and making it a highly clickable thumbnail font.

12. Horsemen

youtube banner fonts

Horse riders are an excellent and creative font inspired by retro, horror, and ’70s and ’80s style artworks and music. It comes in slanted and straight versions and makes a perfect choice for keeping your channel art, in-video text, and thumbnails classic and sharp.

13. Chucklesome

best fonts for youtube

Chucklesome is a cartoon-styled, bold, and quirky children’s font inspired by comic books. It mainly helps to stand out with its rounded corner and chubby-shaped typeface that can make your thumbnail, in-video, and channel banners stand out and attract viewers’ attention. It is one of the best bold fonts for children-centered YouTube pages.

14. Herona

cool fonts for youtube

Herona is a bold and impactful logo described as one of the best YouTube fonts for game-centered channels. This font has been specifically developed based on trending gaming and e-sport concept.

15. The Tide

cool youtube fonts

The Tide is a block, funky, bold font that gives life to your youtube videos and thumbnails. It is nice, chunky, and a great font for creating a YouTube thumbnail that stands out and helps you gain viewers’ attention. The Tide is an excellent font choice for lifestyle vlogs and YouTubers.

16. Vandalism

youtube video fonts

Vandalism is a stylish urban font with rough, splatter, and free spirit. It is easy to read and has a handwritten style that makes YouTube thumbnails look cool and unique. This font is most suitable for adventure channels and travel vlogs. Find the detailed guide for YouTube thumbnail size.

17. Config Rounded

good fonts for youtube thumbnails

Config rounded is the best youtube font for business and informational channels on YouTube. Its sleek and professional features make it an ideal choice for creating explainer and promotional videos to promote a company, product, service, or news content. Interestingly, this font is also aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

18. Vantely

best fonts for youtube banners

Vantely is a modern and elegant sans-serif font with varied round and narrow characters. It is a minimalistic, classy, and professional font best suited for lifestyle, home decor, and business-centered YouTube channels. It is an excellent font for your YouTube videos and your channel art.

19. Indigo

best fonts for youtube banner

Indigo is a bold and chunky sans-serif font that makes your work look clean and neat. The font pack comes in Regular and Outline and is an awesome feminine font to make your YouTube thumbnail eye-catching. Indigo looks fantastic when you pair the regular and outline fonts together and can be used to create YouTube thumbnails and titles.

20. Brasika Display

best fonts for youtube videos

Brasika Display is a fun, funky, and swirly serif typeface with beautiful ligatures. It is versatile and easy to adapt. Coloring this font makes an excellent choice for creating eye-catchy YouTube channel art and banner designs. This font inspiration was from the 70’s hippie aesthetic that’s fashionable.

21. Gameover Brush Font

best fonts for youtube videos

The Gameover Brush is a stylish free font with an old brush or grunge style sans display font that is ideal for any video. It is an excellent and minimal font available in SVG format and looks great in YouTube videos and thumbnails. This font can also be edited in Photoshop.

22. Roboto

good youtube fonts

Roboto font is a sans-serif typeface known as the default font for YouTube videos. Designed by Christian Robertson in 2011, Roboto is an ideal choice for YouTube beginners who are unsure of the font to use for their YouTube videos, thumbnails, and banners. In addition, its simple design and easy accessibility are excellent for closed captions and subtitles.

23. Burbank

fonts for youtube videos

Burbank typeface is free, and one of the best YouTube fonts has a wide variety of weights, looks, and textures that can be used according to your preference. It is very fashionable and a good choice for gaming YouTube channels.

24. Knicknack

popular youtube thumbnail fonts

Knickknack is a creative and fun font with two font styles, making it a one-of-a-kind font. It is also an excellent font for creating YouTube titles, headers, and thumbnails for children-focused YouTube channels.

25. Adca

good youtube thumbnail fonts

Adca is a clean, professional, bold geometric sans-serif typeface that comes in uppercase and lowercase fonts. It is free to use for your personal and commercial projects. In addition, it is suitable for designing YouTube video headers and titles.

5 Tips for Choosing a YouTube Font

Here are a few tips to consider when choosing your YouTube font for your videos, thumbnails, and channel art.

1. Always use a sans-serif font for your YouTube thumbnails

Sans serif fonts are an excellent font choice for your YouTube thumbnails. They are modern, easy to read, and work well in different sizes.

2. Ensure that the text on your thumbnail is easy to read

Avoid using too many different fonts, sizes, colors, and styles that help to reinforce the brand of your YouTube thumbnail and make it look more professional.

3. Focus your choice on the theme of your channel.

Always ensure that the font you choose for your YouTube channel fits your theme. Also, consider your YouTube channel’s content, industry, and target audience. Pick the font that best fits your channel style and content.

4. Use high resolutions

YouTube videos are now uploaded at very high resolutions at 4K and 8K resolutions. To make your videos and page look professional, consider using high-quality premium fonts for high-resolution videos.

5. Think Big

An important thing to consider when choosing your thumbnail is to ensure that it is easy to read in all shapes and sizes. Ensure you select a big and bold font for your thumbnails and titles.


We have provided 25 fabulous and fun YouTube fonts you can use for your YouTube thumbnails, videos, and titles. These fonts can significantly impact the success of your Video and help you grow your channel, and many YouTubers use them to create engaging and eye-catching visual content. If any of these fonts look appealing, consider experimenting with them to boost your channel subscribers. Also, find the top trending platform in the world of the internet, YouTube vs TikTok.

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