How to make a YouTube logo design for your channel?

How to make a YouTube logo design

Managing your own YouTube channel and creating engaging videos for your audience can be both exciting and profitable. But it doesn’t stop with just being creative; it also requires a great deal of hard work. If you are thinking of 101 ways to make creative videos for a YouTube channel that your subscribers would binge-watch, but you ain’t getting the attention you deserve, then there is something else you need to focus on. The first element you need to concentrate on is a YouTube logo for your channel.

Why does this happen? And what are you doing the writing? There are several factors but one important factor to concentrate on is the ‘face’ value your channel provides for your subscribers at first glance. You should definitely have a smart logo and watermark to give your subscribers a memorable experience.

Why you need a logo for your YouTube channel?

A professional looking logo is what will take your branding to the next level. It not only promotes your YouTube channel but also shows your audience who you are and what your channel is like, but it also helps build trust and credibility with your customers.

A logo can be called a brand’s focal point–It is a starting point for your audience to get to know about your brand and a place for them to remember what your channel is all about. Creating a logo for your channel is a great way to get your viewers connected with your brand and your YouTube channel’s personality. Having a channel logo means you can take your brand content across multiple platforms, from your YouTube videos to social media channels also, your merchandise.

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Apps for designing your own logo

Even though if you aren’t good at designing logos in Adobe Photoshop, there are plenty of other apps and websites that could make the logo designing process a cakewalk. There are inbuilt logo designs and templates for you to kickstart your first logo creation process. You can search the already available online logo designs through the categories or specific logo names and get the results you want or also create your own from scratch.

Logo Maker

A logo made using the Logo Maker Shop logo design app

Your logo is your brand identity. When you are just starting to design your logo, it’s always easier when you have 1000+ logo templates that is present in the app. Once you are able to identify what is your favorite from the lot, you can customize it as you want for your YouTube channel by adding different fonts and symbols that resemble your brand. Logo maker can be the first choice. It has modern and well-designed templates. Most of its options are world mark style or simple yet clean icons. If your brand is bold and hip, look no further than this.

Makr Logo maker

Makr logo maker app result

You can start using this app by choosing your templates categorized by business, wedding, monograms, campus life, events, etc. You also have the option to start with a blank canvas and upload your own pictures and shapes.

Then you can also customize the logo template by changing icons, font colors, color schemes, fonts, styling, etc., as you like. Finally, you can download the transparent PNG files. Besides logos, you can even use this app to design t-shirts, totes, and marketing materials that would be relevant for your business.

Makr designs, too, are hip and modern. Your logo may not look so unique as there are no particular logo icons for certain categories, but it is sleek and well-balanced in terms of shapes and fonts. This app is best suited for retail businesses and also the best choice if you like a WorldMark logo without icons.

Logo Maker

You can choose Logo Maker if you are looking for a simple YouTube logo maker. It can help you make your own YouTube logo in very few steps. Start off by choosing a black and white template among your suggested options ( some of them are only accessible in the free app). Next, you can edit them show your design skills in your canvas display, where you will be able to adjust the font, color palette, and overlays. You will also be able to add stickers or even your own pictures from your storage.

Logo maker app - Logo Creator

Logo maker – Logo Creator app

Though the free app has limited features, you can unlock the paid options. There is a lot you can explore with the app. It is overloaded with tons of preloaded backgrounds, icons, overlays, styles to create different versions of your logo. The editor is not only easy but even fun to use. The aesthetics of the log is casual rather than professional, however, so this will be the best choice if you want a logotype that is fancier for a business, which is also on a lighter note.

How to Design and Make a YouTube Logo on Photoshop

Create a new canvas

Open Adobe Photoshop and create a new document. Use canvas size of 500px x 500px, or any other larger sizes too work just as well. You can change the canvas size at any point. Goto Photoshop > Preferences and set a gridline for every 50px. Then turn the grids On. Make sure that the Snap to the grid is turned on.

Draw a basic shape

Select the Pen tool in the toolbar. Make sure it’s set to ‘Shape’ on the left of the Options bar and not Path. Use the pen tool to draw an arrowhead shape, starting from the center-point of the canvas, and use the gridline intersection for other points. Naming layers is not necessary but can be useful if there are many layers.

Add color with a gradient

Gradients are something that is still on-trend in logo design, so you can add one to your logo. Create a new gradient in the Fill drop-down menu. In the gradient window, you can choose your colors. Then you can apply it to both the objects, so they oppose each other.

Add shapes

Cycle through the shape tool and select the shape or draw the shape you would like your Youtube logo to be designed. Align it to the center of the canvas. You can even use multiple shapes like rectangles or squares, or circles on top of one another.

Add your logo text

You have come to the last part of designing your logo. Click on the text box icon or use the shortcut T icon in the toolbar, then drag it across your canvas. Type your text in the box and center it. Align it to the canvas and center it using the buttons in the Character tab. Use the align tool again to center this to the canvas.

Make the final adjustments

The final adjustments is all about giving a special something to your YouTube logo. You can add background, shadow, and reflection and use similar masking techniques to add fade.

When you are happy, save the image in whatever format you would require. You can use RGB for web format and can also save it in PSD format to edit it whenever you would like.

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Examples of Logos from Popular YouTubers

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How to create a logo if you don’t know Photoshop?

If you aren’t a pro in Adobe Photoshop and would like to create a YouTube logo for your business, here is what you should do. Go to the Logaster website.

Click Create logo and start off.

Step-1: Enter Name

In this step, it is the best thing to pint your YouTube channel’s name. The logo for your youtube channel can be also be used as a watermark for your videos, which is an instrument for your promotion and boosting traffic.

Step-2: Specify the theme for your videos

This will generate the most suitable logos that match your business or service.

Step-3: Choose Logo

Choose your logo from the suggested ones and click “Preview and Download” to save the created logo in your account, or you can proceed to purchase.

Step-4 Edit the logo

All the logos which has been suggested for you can be downloaded, but before that, you can edit it as your version and add the necessary elements for your Youtube logo.

Step-5: Save and download the logo

After your logotype is ready, you can purchase it or just have the logo and think about the design and come back to editing if you are very sure of it. Also, you can try the logo by downloading it in a smaller resolution.


An eye-catching YouTube logo is what can help your videos stand apart in the YouTube search and impress your followers and your channel subscribers. It’s just not only through YouTube; you get subscribers. Even social media platforms play a prime role. So having a powerful branding tool is very important. Your YouTube logo should definitely have an effective color palette, color scheme, typography, and graphics implemented. All of these communicate essential information about your digital persona.

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