Importance of Graphic Design in Business: For Small Businesses

Importance of Graphic Design in Business

Aside from offering a compelling product or service, the design is one of the most effective ways of ensuring your business by differentiating itself from the competition.

Whether that be a brand logo, online ads for use on the display network or on social media channels, a brochure showcasing a range of products, company-branded merchandise, posters or newsletters, it’s important to focus on producing a professional-looking design.

Graphic design: ‘an artistic profession or process that relies upon visual communication for the purpose of conveying information to a specific audience.’

Although there are plenty of online graphic design courses to be found on YouTube or freely available as part of MOOCs, professional graphic designers spend years honing their skills, building their technical knowledge, and exposing themselves to hundreds, if not thousands, of creative graphic design works.

Graphic designers bring together their skills and creativity in visual arts, typography, and layout techniques to persuade, engage, and entertain audiences whilst conveying the desired message.

Graphic Design as Part of the Marketing Mix

Graphic design is not just about how it looks. It is beyond the colors, fonts, lines, and symbols that are clearly visible to the untrained eye. Good design takes many more technical aspects into account including kerning, texturing, and of course the overall harmony of the design.

Good graphic design portrays the desired marketing messages whilst creating desired associations in the mind of the prospect.

Marketers are becoming increasingly creative in the way they employ graphic designers; from crafting aesthetically pleasing brochures to announce the launch of your product, incorporating content-rich infographics into blogs or social media posts to different formats of ads for use across the web, the possibilities are limited only by creativity and the ability of the graphic designer.

First Impressions Matter

Consciously, and more importantly subconsciously, consumers are making judgments about your business. Of course, the interactions salespeople or support staff have with potential customers impact these judgments. But, when a prospect first comes across the business the judgments relate to the appearance of elements such as the website, the ad, or the other marketing materials. A design that values the aesthetic is much more likely to create a positive and indelible impression on a potential customer ideally leading to a positive interaction.

Your attractive business card, packaging design, or the recent ad that you posted on the social media page, every design sets the tone and the standard of your brand. Check out some of the Design Work that you might like.

Professional appearance is associated with professional service. It’s important to reassure prospects that they are dealing with a reputable business by building trust through positive interactions but the initial impression is the first step in the process.

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Good Design, Good Business & Increasing Conversions

IBM’s Thomas Watson Jr once remarked, “good design is good business” and we at All Time Design are firm believers in this sentiment.

If you are looking for design services for your business, consider All Time Design’s fixed-rate graphic design service. We offer monthly and yearly plans to suit the needs of various operations from the sole proprietor or early-stage venture looking for weekly output to the more established company in need of daily output.

Graphic design need not be extortionately expensive or labor intensive, our platform provides a direct connection with our professional graphic designers, unlimited design requests, and unlimited revisions to those requests until you are happy with the final work. You can also check out top graphic design companies in the United States.

From the overall strategy to the specific campaign and then to the visuals, marketing is a matter of design!

July 13, 2020
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